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Facebook Portal Mini 8” (2nd Gen), Facebook Messenger Video-Call Device w/ Alexa Built-in (White) $99 Delivered @ Facebook


Warning: Need to have genuine Facebook account to use this device.
New accounts may be banned after signing into the device according to this review (and Facebook support ignores you).
(Review 2, Review 3, Review 4 )

Notes: Alexa Built-in is limited in ability compared to Amazon Echo products. User experience / features are affected when using with WhatsApp account only.

Requires wireless Internet connection and Facebook or WhatsApp account.

Some features, including "Hey Portal", Facebook Watch, Facebook Gaming, Facebook Live and display settings aren't available when you set up your Portal with WhatsApp only or when a WhatsApp-only login exists on a shared device.

Same as previous cheapest ever deal (also was White only).

- Portal Mini 8 inch (White) $199 $99 Delivered

  • Smart Camera (13MP - 114° field of view): Portal Mini's Smart Camera uses AI to keep everyone in the frame – panning and zooming automatically no matter where the conversation goes.

  • Display (8 inch): HD adaptive screen matches colour and lighting of room

  • Smart Sound: 4-mic array

  • Speakers (10W): Front-porting stereo speakers and a rear woofer

  • Privacy and security: Mic and camera disable switch, integrated camera cover.

  • Comes with: Alexa Built-in

  • Dimensions 15.01cm h x 21.46cm w x 12.7cm d (landscape)

  • Rotation: Works in portrait or landscape

  • Input: Touchscreen

  • Wi-Fi: 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz

  • In the box: Portal Mini, power cord, quick-start guide

- Portal 10 inch (White) $279 $179 Delivered

  • Same as “Portal Mini” but Display (10 inch)

  • Dimensions: 17.85cm h x 25.98cm w x 14.12cm d (landscape)

- Portal TV $229 $199 Delivered

- Portal+ $449 $349 Delivered

13.2 Products purchased on the Site may require the use of an active Facebook account. In order to use the Products, a user may be required to log in to the Product with an active Facebook account. In the event the user’s Facebook account is suspended, disabled, or deleted, the Product may not be useable by such user until the user has an active Facebook account again.

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  • +26

    Here's an object that has no business existing!

    • -2

      Why? How is it any different to "smart screen" devices from Amazon, Google, Lenovo and others?

      • +2

        ..ahh, they're actually semi-useful..

        • +1

          Man, so many people taking offence, was actually a legitimate question. Isn't this just an Alexa smartscreen?

          • @p1 ama: Amazon’s “Echo” products will have more Alexa function.
            From memory of review this Facebook product with “Alexa Built-in” is limited with Alexa function.

            You: “Alexa turn off lights”
            Alexa Built-in: “Ok lights off”
            You: “Alexa set lights to 50%”
            Alexa Built-in: “Sorry, I can’t do that right now”

        • Whatsapp and facebook is free for large chunks of Africa and SEA when your mobile plan doesn't have credit, it is useful.

          Go to free.facebook.com, "free.facebook.com is not available in your country. You'll use data to browse Facebook"

    • -1

      I dunno, I think video calls have finally got their time. 5G internet, the Coalition has backflipped on letting people choose fiber NBN now too. Every has a Facebook account. This could be good for people who don't want to use their phone or tablet for a video call for whatever reason.

      • +7

        Far from everyone has a FB account, and their membership is declining.

        • I guess there's no way of knowing what the West will be like for social media in 20 years. But this product is only for use over the next few years.

    • This is an exciting product!

      I am also looking out for their upcoming emoji sender. It has a finger sized display to view emojis and swipe for contacts.

      I think their overall vision, is that mobile phones are jack of trades master of none! Which I agree with!

  • +21

    (profanity) Facebook

    • +1

      I'll second that

  • +8

    Good of you to put the warning of accounts being both required and often banned - the same issues are plaguing the new Oculus headsets which turned me off buying one completely.

    • +1

      Yes and apparently if you want the full experience unique to Portal (Auto zoom / panning / framing / Face-tracking / voice-tracking etc) you will need to buy at least two (one Portal on each end).

      I guess that’s how come the name “Portal” (need one on both ends to work).

      Also read on a website review: depending on the device at the other end (Android phone / iPhone model) the video call can have certain issues with lag / low resolution / orientation (I guess this one you can fix by rotating the portal).

  • +4

    Why would you buy this when you probably already own a tablet, laptop or phone that will do the same job?

  • +7

    Yeah, nah (expletive) faecesbook

  • +1

    I'd go for a nest hub (google) or echo show (amazon) instead. Facebook is shit.

    • I'd buy a real tablet. Those devices aren't quite real tablets, which is what people expect of them the first time they buy one.

  • +1

    I wish they would give portal tv a decent discount

    • Yes I added the crossed out prices to the links so you can see the discount.

      Only “Portal Mini” is half-price discount.

  • +1

    My mother has one of these (10 inch) and she uses it to chat to grandkids living overseas.
    With a portal at both ends, it really does work well - the panning/face tracking is great and the kids love the filters they can play with.
    If you’re not concerned about a FB device in your living room, I can recommend giving it a try.
    There is a hardware switch that blocks the camera, I’m not sure about the how much it is listening to you all day though.
    Personally, I don’t even have a FB account ;)

  • I’ve used a Cisco telepresence system that was set up to demo the technology capabilities, so I can appreciate that better confencing gear makes a huge difference.
    But this looks like it could be a stranded device in six months if Facebook decides it is no longer worth supporting.

    I hate gear that requires online accounts to work at all.

  • portal tv was 169 last year end sales , hoping a better deal than 199

  • +1

    New accounts may be banned after signing into the device according to this review (and Facebook support ignores you)

    Paying $99 to the criminal enterprise, only to be treated like a criminal is… criminal.

    • +1

      … aren't available when you set up your Portal with WhatsApp only or when a WhatsApp-only login exists on a shared device.

      This sounds greedy.

      I translate it to:
      “You must setup & connect your Portal to a smart-phone with the Facebook App installed and signed in to have fully functional Portal.”
      “If we detect any device signed in with WhatsApp-only we will block features on your Portal.”

  • Hmmm the “bargain” begins with a detailed warning and several reviews declaring of such.

    Not exactly the best way to spruik a product…

  • -1

    Be better off with any cheap tablet than this crap, what's with the Facebook account requirements?

  • I tested this device before it launched in australia. My review: STAY AWAY. FARRRRR AWAY.

    Terrible quality connection, questionable privacy practices, thoughtless app implementation - just a pointless device. If you have a genuine reason for a device like this (staying in touch with grandparents etc) there are MUCH safer options out there…

    • I tested this device before it launched in australia.

      To be fair, they could have updated the firmware / software and solved some basic software issues / bugs since you tested it.
      (Some issues like genuine FB account requirement are obviously are still there)

      I also read somewhere they added “Zoom” video-calling but it is missing from the product page.

  • +2

    Another Spyware Device…

  • I’d be curious about how many of the anti-Facebook posters here still let CashRewards track their activity across the internet?