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Qantas: Book Any Eligible Flight, Get Frequent Flyer Status Extended by 12 Months @ Qantas.com


Who is eligible for the Status Extension?
Qantas will extend the status for Qantas Frequent Flyer members who reside in Australia or New Zealand who:

  • hold Platinum One, Platinum, Gold or Silver status and have not been able to earn the required Status Credits to retain their status;

  • have a status end date between 31 March 2021 and 31 December 2021 (inclusive); and

  • have made a new booking to travel on at least one eligible flight. The booking creation date must be between 23 November 2020 and before the member’s current status end date of between 31 March and 31 December 2021. The flight must be booked to travel before 31 December 2021.

Members who have received complimentary Gold status, or complimentary Platinum from a Platinum One member and those on Status Hold are eligible to have their status extended if they meet the above criteria.

What flight do I need to book to be eligible for Status Extension?
To be eligible for status extension, you need to book, pay and have the ticket issued on at least one of the following:

  • Any Qantas operated flight with a QF flight number, or

  • Any Qantas Points earning Jetstar international booking with a JQ flight number including Jetstar flights within New Zealand (JQ), Jetstar Japan (GK) and Jetstar Asia (3K) flights. Jetstar domestic flights within Australia are ineligible.

This post on Beat That Flight - and if you need ways to earn Qantas Points without flying, read 32+ easy ways to earn Qantas Points.

Information for those outside of AU/NZ

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  • are reward flights eligible

  • So am I correct in assuming you don't even need to actually fly to qualify for the extension? Says you just need a booking, not to earn any actual status credits or do any flying.

    Fits my situation, because I don't want to do any actual flying and have flight credits I can't even really use. Status is fairly useless to me now, but would like to keep my status for when I do need to start flying a lot.

    I guess the question might come down to Qantas considering using travel credits from cancellations as a new booking, sometimes they don't. Wouldn't like to discover just before my status expiry that I've not qualified.

    And for anyone else considering a "dummy" booking, I think you'd get the best value asking in the classifieds for someone to use their somewhat less valuable AMEX travel credits. I'd help out, but I've already used mine.

    • you're not wrong in that the terms seem to say book and pay for, but doesn't mention flying. Usually you don't earn status if you don't take the flight, but again, that's not mentioned…but I'd want to get it in writing from them before doing it myself…

      • Yeah, I might give them a ring. Or just wait it out, and see if I do want to do any flying next year before my status expiry.

        Those instant SA border closures highlight just how much risk there is with traveling. Would love to book a family holiday, but the thought of being stuck in quarantine somewhere with 2 little kids and a screaming mrs…. no thanks.

    • I've written them an email - I'll reply if I get a response

      • So they called back. They said you do not have to fly, just book it and not cancel. They also confirmed that it could be a Classic rewards flight (ie not paid money).

        It would be nice it were in writing though

  • +4 votes

    Now just need Virgin to match this deal……

    • Can't even make many bookings with Virgin at the moment.

      • Plus they are closing a lot of their lounges at regional airports which I am not happy about…have always been a loyal Virgin flyer, but seriously considering switching allegiance.

      • Not sure what this means - can't make 'many'? As in, reduced route availability ?

        I've been looking at (and in some cases) making bookings on the mainline routes (MEL-SYD-BNE) and haven't had issues with VA (except for flight cancellations for some times causing issues.. (e.g 3 flights a day from SYD-BNE was down to 1.. but I assume that will change again as things open back up)

  • +10 votes

    Dear Qantas,

    If you are out there listening… Offer a status match program first, and then I'll make all the bookings you like.


    Every VFF

    • I did wonder about that, now would be the ideal time to mop up all the big-spending VA flyers as they aren't even operating. Esp considering they're more likely domestic flyers, which are higher profit ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    • A friend moved from VA to QF last year. Rang them up and they status matched over the phone if he could show he was travelling more than a handful of times by a particular date (he travelled for work so that was easy). Might be worth trying?

  • Always the case, just booked 16 reward flights last week.

    • any of them cancellable and re-bookable? :D

      • They are, but I think the clause states the booking date.

        No biggie though, I have lifetime gold but it's handy to keep the platinum ticking over whilst I still can as don't fly for work that much these days :)

        • All you need to do is cancel just one of your reward bookings and re-book it. But if you are already flying 16 times then there will probably be a 17th time which you can use to qualify.

        • Absolutely, the food is much better in the first class lounges. I love the Japanese restaurant in the huge Dubai lounge. Ahhh the good old days.

    • EDIT : just read this point

      'If I have already made a booking before 23 November 2020, will it still contribute towards the one booking condition?
      No. The booking creation date must be on or after 23 November 2020 and before your status end date as per the table below.'

      • It says is in what you copied.

        "The booking creation date must be between 23 November 2020 and before the member’s current status end date"

        Bookings made from 23 Nov.

  • It's a bit strange to exclude Qantas Frequent Flyers residing internationally isn't it?

  • Looks like I'll be able to retain my Bronze status. That is a relief.

  • Jetstar international flights that earn QPs only - no Jetstar domestic flights. I wonder why they did that given we're trapped in the country for now.

  • So am I reading this right: If you're currently Silver or above, and you book to fly any QF flight from today at least once before your current status ends, then you get another year?

    That is a super low threshold. Awesome though!

  • Excellent news! Thank you Qantas!

  • New to this Qantas FF points, could some one please explain me what is the benefit being silver or above?

    Edit: I have checked my status is Bronze :)

  • Free jab with your status upgrade?