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De'Longhi Magnifica S Fully Automatic Coffee Machine - Black $508.83 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


My wife entrusted me with the task of finding a coffee machine.
I am the coffee maker in the house and the mornings are getting harder as I get older.
I have been researching this for probably a month while our old machine slowly cracks and dies and our pod supply dries up.
We drink ~3 cups a day each. Did the maths on 5 cups a day and we will save approximately $300 a year going from pods to beans, ROI = 2 years!
This machine can do beans or pre-ground, it does 2 cups at once, you just push a button.
It has been $750-799 for a while now.
This just popped up this morning and I pulled the trigger!

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  • Good machine. I believe it won a Choice award last year. Sold ours recently after 18 months of use. So much better than a pod machine.

  • $599 from Myers on eBay right now.


    I'd prefer local stock over ordering from the UK.

  • Can confirm it's a solid and reliable machine. Ive had one for 2+years.
    Easy to clean, but also seems to put up with a very extended period between cleans.
    It can use ground or beans.
    For better flavour, use beans.

  • Awesome machine, so much easier than cleaning after a manual and the flavour is just as good in my opinion.

  • I have this machine (in silver). Love it! My only gripe is that it asks me to empty the grounds container too frequently (there is barely any in the container anyway), but I suppose that's good habit anyway.

    • Same here but the bottom pucks are often mouldy. I wonder if there’s also rule in the machine to empty them on a maximum time interval.

  • I love mine but the milk frother is really only designed for badly prepared cappuccino milk. I leave the metal attachment off it and I am able to steam nice flat white milk but every few coffees the plastic part pops off into the jug as it's obviously not designed to be used that way. Otherwise it's top notch and great value!

    • Yes great machine and I’ve used manual ones for years but won’t go back now (at least for home). I did the same with the wand but got sick of the black part popping off. Went back to the silver attachment and after a lot of trial and error can make really silky milk. You do need decent milk and beans.

  • Very solid machine and great price.

  • Is this the best automatic machine for the price range?

    I'm thinking of using up all my pods, then selling my free pod machine that I received and buying something like this and which I can use beans.

  • Assume this comes with a British plug. Does anyone know if the power cord is replaceable?

  • +4 votes

    Thankyou OP for giving up on pods. I appreciate people enjoy the convenience of pods, but as an eco-minded person I am bothered by the waste of energy through manufacturing/distribution and the trash when they are thrown out. I know there may be some new recyclable initiatives recently with pods, but a LOT must be thrown out. Also all the organic matter of the used beans are not going back to the 'earth' properly. At least with your new machine, you can throw the grounds out to compost/gardens.

    • There are some good ones. I've been using 100% reusable stainless steel pods compatible with the Aldi pod machine. I grind the beans, fill the pods, use them then scoop out the used grounds and store them to give to friends for their gardens. Nothing goes to waste.

  • Had this machine for over four years. No complaints, unlike @mitch01 ours froths the milk well.

    • Mine produces a lot of froth with big bubbles no matter how I hold it with the metal part attached. Without I can get velvety smooth flatty milk (disclosure: I have worked as a barista). What's your experience with the metal attached? Tons of foam or not?

  • I’ve got the ECAM 23.460 which is similar but has an automatic milk dispenser. It’s a great machine!

  • I got mine as a factory second from Delonghi here: https://www.delonghi.com/en-au/factory-seconds/seconds-shop/... $529 delivered. And the Mrs would only accept a machine in silver, which is a bit more expensive.

    None avail at the moment, but they pop up every now and then.

    Love the machine, took a while to get the bean/dose/grind setting correct and the instructions are a little bit lacking, but now it's running really well. Produces a great espresso.

  • If you're getting older probably better to have an automated milk frother especially if you're spending $500

    The factory seconds post above this is a good way to get a cheaper one

    I got a similar one to this (no auto milk) but for $280 or so last time there was a sale

  • I have had this machine for 6 years now.. lately, the water does not flow via the coffee powder, but via the side straight back to collection at the bottom. Tried to get a quote and they quoted $250 + parts.. I think it may be wise to go for a new one. For people who are thinking of overseas model, warranty is important as it is not cheap if you need to have it repaired (I also had it repaired once under warranty)

  • Came here for Coffee but stayed for the stories.

  • Recently got the Delonghi Eletta for around $850 on amazon prime day… should i return it for this deal? I do like the added milk container with the Eletta however for the ease of use when lattes, caps etc

  • Bought this machine for $559 in March 2020 and would highly recommend it. Milk frother is not the greatest tbh but it's so much more convenient than a manual machine and flavour I'd say is pretty equal.

  • In June 2018 Amazon had a deal on the the De’Longhi Magnifica for $247. I'm just waiting for something like that to pop back up!

  • All please note this is an espresso machine not an automatic cappuccino machine, it only has manual milk.

    "Automatic" and "fully automatic" seem to be rubbery terms these days.

    • This has automatic grinding, tamping and brewing; but not automatic milk frothing.

      Auto milk frothers are not that great though are they? [ Looks at my BES920 and Breville smart grind ]

  • Will I still get warranty buying from Amazon UK?
    And will the power plug be the UK type?

    • It’s $580 at EBay for eBay plus members.
      I rather play it safe and canceled my amazon order and got the local one because you never know what will happen with warranty.

  • Does anyone know how I can find the same posting routing through amazon.com.uk - because amazon au doesn't ship to UAE, and amazon uk does, but the price is coming up as $680 AUD (when I google the same model on amazon uk)