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2000 Points (Worth $10) with $100 Swap Celebration / Entertainment Card (Redeemable on eBay / EB Games + Others) @ Woolworths


Seems like a great offer on this from Woolies :)

Essentially 10% back in points on eBay, EB Games, Xbox and other cards.

Thanks to RichardL:

Swap Entertainment: Xbox, Hoyts, EB Games, Binge, Kayo Sports & Adrenaline
Swap Celebration: Sephora, eBay, Foot Locker, Dymocks, The Iconic, City Beach, Lorna Jane, Red Balloon, Barbeques Galore, iSubscribe, Marley Spoon

As always, enjoy!

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  • Based on Image

    • Swap Entertainment: Xbox, Hoyts, EB Games, Binge, Kayo Sports & Adrenaline
    • Swap Celebration: Sephora, eBay, Foot Locker, Dymocks, The Iconic, City Beach, Lorna Jane, Red Balloon, Barbeques Galore, iSubscribe, Marley Spoon

    The SWAP Gift Card is issued by Blackhawk Network (Australia)

  • Any limit to how many times you can redeem?

  • So we are going to have 15% off JB and Nintendo from coles, 10% off eBay and eb from Woolies. Like them in time for blackfriday.

    • 2000 pts for $100 is not really 10% off, it's 9.09% (10/110) at max (assuming 2000 pts ~ $10). Coles deal is exactly 15% off though.

      • It's also arguable that the 15% off is cash-in-hand, which is a lot more valuable than Rewards points which can only be spent at Woolies.

        • And you can buy gift cards at Coles using discount Coles e-gift card (currently 4% off at AGL), but you can’t use woolies gift card to buy gift cards.

          • @Cyclingaus6: Do you just directly pay with coles gc, does it need to come together with grocery purchase?

            • @Meovel: Can use Coles e-gcs to buy other gcs alone (at self-serve check-out, coz you may be told you cannot use gc to buy gc at manned check-out), but it doesn't support split payment though.

              • @Supermari78: Does it not support split coles gc payment only or not split payment at all (no split card payment)?

                • @Meovel: I have done split payments at manned checkouts if they allow you to use GC. Have not tried at self-serve as it has been widely reported here that it cannot be done. Also at the self-serve I do not allow them to see I am using a GC as some stores have a policy against it. At one stage the operator has to come and authorise purchase but I put away the GC and have a CC sitting on the counter.

                • @Meovel: The self-served check out doesn't support split payment if you use GC to purchase GCs alone (or mixed with some groceries), the manned check-out support split payment either way, provided they allow you to use GC to buy GCs.

                  • @Supermari78: I wanted to split with card payment for HSBC 2%, not sure if feasible?

                    • @Meovel: I am confused. I was talking about split payment when you attempt to use GC to purchase GC. You can try at either self-served or manned check out with your HSBC credit card to buy GC and please keep us posted if OK.

                      • @Supermari78: Sorry for the confusion - was thinking about pay by HSBC debit card with 2% cashback for transactions < $100 to save some hassle.
                        Will report back if can split into multiple card payments.

          • @Cyclingaus6: I can't find the 4% off Coles gift cards, this is through AGL Rewards right?

        • Can't you use the points to buy another gift card? e.g. Buy 10x gift cards, get $100 in points, use points to buy another $100 gift card.

      • well, to me it is 10%. i think you are confusing this with $100 +$10 bonus (normally david jones or myer gift card).

        $100 cash - $10 cash (2000pts) spending at woolies= $90 cash ($100 spending at ebay)

        therefore that's 10/100=10%

        • +4 votes

          $10 in points is not $10 cash. You can usually get discounted woolies gift cards so worth $9.50 or so :)

        • You pay $100 out of pocket, you get $110 (assuming 2000 pts =$10) -> $10 off $110 ~ 9.09% off

          • @OrangeBJ: No you don’t get $110, you get $100 and $10 cash back ( worths around $9.5 depends on where you buy your woolies gift cards). $10 Woolworths credit is not the same thing as $10 SWAP card as you can’t buy groceries using SWAP cards and you can get SWAP gift cards cheaper than 95% in the current deal as opposed to 95%+ Woolworths gift card.

            • +2 votes

              @Cyclingaus6: You get $100 gift card + $10 worth of woolies goods (total of $109.5 value if you consider the $10 woolworths goods to be worth $9.50) for $100. 1 - (100/109.5) x 100 = 8.68% off

              You are not getting $10 in cash back.

              • @ko0l: Yes you do not get $10 “cash” back. But it is not the same as spend $100 and get $110 worths of eBay cards either. To me that extra $10 has an equivalent freedom of buying power of $9.5 cash as I shop at woolies frequently anyway, if not with the $10 credit, I would have spend my own $9.5 cash to pay for that. But to someone else it could worth nothing if they don’t shop at woolies at all or it could only worth $1 if they think woolies overprice things 10 times more than what they can get elsewhere. So I guess the percentage off is really depending on your personal circumstances and to majority population who do shop at woolies or Coles, it is 9.5% off in a practical sense.

            • @Cyclingaus6: But you don't get $10 cash back, you get woolies points which are not cash.

              Another way to see it is that it's 10% off $100 gift card and 0% off $10 woolies.
              Or 0% off $100 gift card and 100% off $10 woolies.
              So when you average you get 9.09% off.

              It's the same way you don't call a "Buy one, get one free" promo as 100% off.

              • @lorikeet: Can you use Woolworths dollars to reduce the cost of future gift cards? Does it work if you add other things into the basket?

                I'm with the opportunity cost argument here given that you can generally get these at 5% off but if you can buy more gift cards with the Woolworths dollars as a discount then I think it's closer to the 10%.

                • @paultiffen: Technically this seems to be excluded:
                  On what purchase can I not enjoy my balance?
                  Everyday Rewards dollars cannot be enjoyed on purchases made in-store or Online for all smoking products, gift cards (including Woolworths WISH Gift Cards, e-gift cards and iTunes), mobile recharge, Woolworths Mobile, travel cards, tickets, cash outs, delivery charges, donations, lottery products, Carpet Care, Pre-Order Kiosks, BIG W Photos, BIG W eBay, lay-by-fees and purchases using a Caltex StarCard, a Country Age Pension Fuel Card or on a charge account.

                  I will try later on today and report back as to what happens in practice with a mixed basket.

                  This does seem to make it better value on an opportunity cost basis to convert to Qantas points if you value them ie say you have option of 1000 Qantas points or $10 off a shop and you can buy gift cards for future at 5% off. You can either choose Qantas at a value of $10 say for the points and purchase a gift card at $9.50 for the $10 of shopping you could have redeemed for or you can get $10 off the next shop. It would scale better if you are doing a lot of purchases given the time taken to get the gift cards.

                • @paultiffen: If it is buy something and get the equal value of woolies card I would consider the thing I bought is “free” or 95% off as like I said for someone who shops at Coles and woolies frequently, woolies card is treated as cash by me or people like me.
                  But if the promo is buy something and get the equal worths of Pet store cards, I would consider it is no discount at all as I do not shop at pet store (Excluding any reselling scenario).
                  And I don’t think averaging is a fair method as I weigh the versatility of eBay and woolies currency differently.

                  • @Cyclingaus6: Yeah I agree so the general rule would be that as long as the amount you get in rewards is less than what you would buy anyway it's a genuine discount. I also shop at woolies at lot as it's by far the most convenient.

                    It's gone downhill over the years though from the days of being able to buy visa cards with gift cards, to the 10% off for having the Woolworths credit card not including gift cards any more to not including beer/liquor to not being able to use WW dollars for gift cards…

                    I actually prefer Coles for this reason now after battling through the 10% off from Good Guys it adds up over the year and I normally shop at Coles while I'm there. ie on margin I'm giving more business to Coles because they still allow gift card purchases on gift card.

                    • @paultiffen: Agree! But I am actually converting my points to Qantas miles for business seats to travel overseas (pre-COVID and post-COVID ) plus the flybuys to velocity miles is useless now, woolies still gets my business:). Also Coles usually has one bonus points per account promos while at woolies you can buy whatever you want.

      • Doesn't add up.

        To me I get $10 worth of shopping so its 10%. I will easily use this credit too.

  • Gonna be busy runnning between Coles and Woolworths on Wednesday.

  • Not sure I get this. So these are gift cards that you can use to buy other gift cards?

    • They're essentially the same as Prezzee swap cards. You buys these cards and then go online and redeem them here for any of the vendors which are advertised on the card. That then swaps them into the respective vendor gift cards.

  • How do you redeem your points? Do they expire?

    • When you check out at Woolies you get a prompt asking if you want to use your points for $10 off, assuming you joined Woolies Everyday Rewards.

  • Don't forget the Ebay T&C.

    Restrictions 6 - No more than a total of $1,500 in Gift Cards may be redeemed per transaction, no more than a total of $2,000 in Gift Cards may be redeemed per day, and no more than a total of $5,000 in Gift Cards may be redeemed per calendar month. Further, you may only redeem a maximum of eight Gift Cards in any single transaction (and fewer if you are redeeming Gift Cards in combination with other redemption codes, such as coupons or vouchers).

    See Here.)

  • Can I buy the Swap Entertainment card and go to EB Games to buy a Steam Wallet code?

    • Should work fine. They actually have PSN and Xbox wallet codes on their online store (But not Steam or Nintendo for some reason) and you can indeed buy them using gift cards at checkout. I imagine buying in-store would be the same.

    • I assume this works at jb , they have 15% off at coles if I'm not mistaken

    • Yes as I've tried, also it can collect the carrots from EB Games as well.

  • Can we get this online?

  • Never seen this card at my woolies, is it a common card they sell?

  • If everyone redeems it for eBay, it might be out of stock. All the other choices are pretty crappy so you might be stuck into a trap.

  • No $100 eBay cards at Woolies Rowville. About 30 x $100 eb game cards. A few each of the $50 card

  • Does woolies support split payment for GC purchase?

  • Is this new stock from tomorrow onwards? Couldnt find any in any stores nearby.

    • It seems so, the best I could find is $50 ones, which I guess it's not included by the sale

      • Going by the previous woolies sales, all denominations should be included except if stated specifically in the terms. The points earned just change. So for a $50 card u get 1000 points for a $100 card u get 2000 points.

  • Is 2000 bonus point per transaction or per card?

  • Subway, the food store is also under Swap Celebration when I trying to redeem.
    eBay Gift card is available for redeem too.

  • Where was this deal advertised?

    Any T&Cs?

  • I had another promotion on my account. Spend $100 receive 5400 points. Didn’t think gift cards counted as an eligible spend, but $500 in gift cards got me 15400 rewards points.

    • Whaaaat…. it got to be a glitch:) lucky you!

    • Really???? That got to be a glitch… Woolies dont give the usual points on gcs let alone special promotion points…..

    • I had the same offer on one card, but it did not show/give the 5400 pts on the receipt. After 2 days, 5400 pts turned up surprisingly.

      I think it is due to a new product that has not been classified properly in the rewards system.

    • Big thanks to this comment.

      I have another two week offer: Two $50 spend in two weeks and earn bonus 3500 pts. Bought two $50 Swap cards in these two weeks and got the bonus pts.

      Basically, this Swap card is an eligible item to be counted towards spend X earn Y pts offer, but it does not yield base pts.

  • Does this stack with the ShopBack 10% CB promo?

  • Hi, I’m a bit confused about all these gift card and cash back deals. I have to pay approx. $1500 to eBay for some stuff I won on auction. I have a $200 gift card already. What’s the best deal I can get to pay the remaining $1300? Should I buy these Swap Cards for $1300 and then swap for eBay?

    Note: I already used up the Suncorp offer.


  • Didn’t bother going to Coles reading all the fails. Went to 2 woolworth and second one had 20 on the shelf. Bought 5 but probably go back for round 2 later. The points showed up straight away soon as reward card scanned.