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MacBook Pro 13.3" Intel 1.4GHz 256GB Space Grey - March 2020 $1599.21 - The School Locker ($1519.25 Officeworks 5% Price Beat)


Hi OzBargainers,

I was searching for a deal on a March 2020 Macbook Pro and found a great deal at The School Locker which has the MacBook Pro 13.3" Intel 1.4GHz 256GB Space Grey (MXK32X/A) on sale for only $1599.21.

I've arranged a Price Beat via Officeworks which has taken it down to $1519.25 which is a steal. The Good Guys is selling this model for $1799 on sale/clearance and JB Hifi is still selling this model for $1899.

With some Gift Card trickery, you could get for $1359 if you hold off until Wednesday and buy ~$1600 worth of Home gift cards from Coles. Just remember it's a risk if School Locker sell out by then or if JB Hifi refuse to price match.

Some may prefer the November 2020 Macbook with the Apple M1 chip but I'd like something that I can dual boot into Windows 10 with as Bootcamp isn't supported on the November 2020 models.


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    I would rather pay a little more and get the M1 MBA

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      Me too, but wanting to dual boot Windows is a valid reason

      • Isn’t this being killed in Big Sur?

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          Windows virtualization might be comparable speed wise- not sure if anyone's tested this yet though

        • Boot Camp is still available for Intel Macs on Big Sur.

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    Yeah M1 chip is the way to go for a huge performance boost and runs for day to day task.

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    M1 is way faster on specs…. also my source says there will be 10% off Macs at The Good Guys starting tomorrow. Price beat early at officeworks to save further or price match at JB and use gift cards

    • gonna have wars in Coles for those GCs

      • I nearly missed this deal until you told me so thanks for the heads up. guess who's gonna be zooming to Coles early in the morning :D

      • I feel like I'm missing out on something here. Is Coles having discounts on their giftcards or something?

    • Hope M1 aren't excluded from the 10% off Mac sales

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    Got an M1 yesterday and holy sh*t is it good. The OS still has bugs so be warned. It’s still giving me issues after spending the day resolving issues over the weekend.

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      Those two things contradict..

      • -1

        not really…
        hardware is good, but software needs fixing.

      • As was mentioned below- hardware is good, but Big Sur has Big Bugs.

    • What issues?

      • Glitches and bugs. I can’t change my user picture because it keeps crashing. I got stuck in a boot loop last night when reinstalling Big Sur. Took me 4 hours to fix it and needed to use my 15” Inch MacBook Pro to revive the M1. The OS also crashes at random for me when browsing the internet.

        • would be good if Apple can iron these out.

          I haven't faced any of these yet.

          • @sridhar: Yeah, from what I've read- different people get different issues. Depends on the models as well. Had different issues on my 15" MacBook Pro and iMac

        • Yeah unfortunately standard X.0 OS release issues. Time (and apple devs) will heal these.

          The M1 macs still sound amazing.

  • M1 is more powerful and faster, but note that the current limitations:
    * Max 1 external monitor (instead of 2)
    * Max 2 USB C/Thunderbolt ports (instead of 4)
    For people whose needs exceed the above, will have to stay with the Intel Macbook Pro for now.

    • Can I utilize the existing OWC Thunderbolt 3 dock? Or it will be crippled/ not compatible?

    • Note also no eGPU support if that's something that people want

  • Cool aid guys, you need to read the Forbes review this morning on the new M1 chips. It doesn't look good based on the number of software issues with rosetta2.

    This was exactly what I thought would happen. Sure buy the M1 when the software issues are worked out but before this stick with the Intel versions unless you like trying to fix things.

    Basically Apple is having the exact same issue with translation software windows did. There will be some really painful times ahead until the software catches up.

  • Space Grey


  • M1 is good. But it is over hyped in my opinion. Most comparisons are made between mac m1 v mac intel 2019. But 2019 version have 8th gen intel while the latest one is 11th gen.

    But not to undermine M1. It is amazing move to future. Great CPU and GPU with lower power consumption. But I would wait to see until next gen. Third party support is also important.

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