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Tefal Multi Size Lid $17.97 (Save 40%) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Suitable for 24 cm to 30 cm pot or pan
Non-stick coated lid with glass window
Unique and versatile multi size lid
Steam escapes to release vapour
Suitable for aluminium or stainless steel

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  • brought similar product from aldi weeks ago for $6 or $7, of course this one looks nicer, but i think they both get the job done.

  • Thanks OP. I've been looking at this on Amazon and had not noticed the price drop fron$24 for the last week.

    This is a lid with just one slot for ventilation but the also one has many holes throught is is rather an anti-splash cover rather than a lid.

    Also, the ALDI one can cover pots/pans up to 28cm bit this one can cover larger and is 33cm in diameter.

  • I got one from Myer last year in the clearance section for about that price($18 I think).
    My frying/cooking is less messy and I
    love the vertical stand option

  • I have this, cant remember how much I paid but totally worth it. Easy to clean, doesnt get impacted by high heat or long overnight boiling and the handle and size makes it usable in almost all scenarios

  • I also bought one from Myer for a similar price, when they had Tefal sale (40 or 50%off, can't remember).
    I actually don't really like to stand the lid upright cause the water and oil from the lid make mess on the bench.
    Probably comes in handy for people who have small bench space.
    Another thing about my lid is that the handle gets loose so often, and we have to tighten it with a screw driver. Bit annoying.
    Lid itself is very good, I can make perfect sunny side up every time.

    • But still available for $19.90 at Victoria's Basement in store (if you can find stock) otherwise $9 postage (which is a killer) - same on their eBay store.

  • i got one of those, it won't cover the pan properly and hard to clean.

    • what is hard to clean exactly? Never had an issue, and it covers lots of different pans, what do you mean by "properly"?

      • depends on what u cooking , the gap between the metal and gass sometimes ar painful to clean.

        to covers the pan "properly", im expecting it to not to leak;
        with other lids when you boiling waters the steam hits the lid and turn back to water, it will drip back to the pan.
        but not with this multi size led becoz it use the "steam escapes" instead of a "curve", which is not that reliable water will leak from the side.
        im just talking about boiling waters here, if going to boil something sticky, then its a chaos.

        of coz if u only use it to fry something then u won't have those issues.

        • If you are using it to boil water only, then it should be a piece of cake to clean.
          I mostly use it to prevent splatter when frying, a/o to increase the pan temp. When boiling water I use the pan's lid as i do not want the steam(heat) to escape.

          • @GregFiona: srry when i said "water" i should say liquid or soup,
            if u use it to cook something contain lots of waters, then u know what i mean.
            i once made stewed beef with it, spend half hr to clean it and it still smells.