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UsenetPrime - Black Friday Deals - 4TB Block US$16 (~A$22) + More


Reseller of UsenetExpress
Retention up to 3000+ days

Prime Unlimited | $3 Monthly Lifetime Rate
Prime Unlimited | $30 Yearly Lifetime Rate
1TB Block | 4 for $16 | 4TB Total

These BF deals go through the end of the week, expiring at 12pm EST Sunday night.

I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable holiday and thank you all for the continued support. There are many great Usenet providers out there and I appreciate everyone given me a chance.

Happy Holidays…

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • Hey guys can someone summarise this for me or link to info on Usenet? I’m looking into VPS and Seedboxes and have seen Usenet mentioned just haven’t had time to jump into it all.

    • Usenet isn't P2p, you don't need seedboxes or VPNs. What's available is dependent upon what people have uploaded over the past 10 years or so. To find what you want you generally use an NZB search engine; you load the NZB into a client like Alt.binz. Certain programs also let you download headers from groups, but I would only recommend this for smaller focused groups like a music newsgroup. usenet is prone to DMCAs so a lot of more popular content that was posted to Usenet isn't available any longer (eg episodes of "Game of Thrones").

      Easynews is the most user friendly because it has a web frontend, but is usually more expensive.

      • Thanks for the quick run down. I will consider it a bit more / look into easynews too. Ideally trying to build something that can be automated so I need to look into sonarr and a few other things.

  • Hi OP, what would happen to an unused block if your business were to close? Would we still be able to access Usenetexpress's backbone?

  • Says "hurry sale ends in 13 hours x minutes x seconds" is this meant to be one of those things that creates fake urgency?

  • Usenet is a worldwide distributed discussion system available on computers. Users read and post messages (called articles or posts, and collectively termed news) to one or more categories, known as newsgroups. Usenet resembles a bulletin board system (BBS) in many respects and is the precursor to Internet forums that became widely used. Discussions are threaded, as with web forums and BBSs, though posts are stored on the server sequentially.
    If that doesn't float your boat, then Usenet is not for you.

  • Guys, stop breaking the 1st rule of Usenet. Sheesh.

  • What backbone do these guys use ?

    • Who is the moron who downvoted myketa for asking whats a bloody valid question? :-/

      They don't state it on their website at all - and if you're buying a block account it's generally as a backup to your main one and therefore it's CRITICAL that you make sure it's on a different backbone network/supplier.

      FWIW just went looking and based on this map they're on UsenetExpress's backbone:

      Alas this review makes them sound pretty crappy - maybe avoid and wait for better options:

      • I didn't downvote them but their question was answered in literally the first three words of OP's post (and reposted in the comments).

        And you must be new to Linux isos as Usenetexpress is great and one of the most recommended providers. I use a block account in conjunction with Eweka and Farm and it often fills in missing articles.

        Also the review you linked is a joke.

  • Shit doesn't work and their support are slow as hell