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Google Nest Hub $75.05 + Delivery (Free with eBay Plus/C&C) @ The Good Guys eBay


Original Coupon Deal I think Good guys priced match with JB hi fi deal. With 5% off Good guys deal comes down to $75.05

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  • $79 delivered on store.google.com ( if not a ebay plus person)

  • Can you watch apps like netflix in this?

    • Yes

    • Yes, but it’s a bit crap.

      You can’t navigate the Netflix library like you do with the full app. You either need to cast to the hub display from another device or try your luck with google assistant.

  • Bought with the $10 Afterpay deal so worked out $77 delivered. PAY4AP

  • Unfortunately no camera

  • got it for $69 delivered thanks to the afterpay code.


  • this or wait for black friday sales?

    • these are the black friday sales….

      I imagine TGG are price matching Google….

      So everyone will have it on for this price

  • These are awesome by the way, if you're a user of Google photos, then this on your countertop is pretty amazing. Thoroughly recommend.

    Yes there are better models, and yes it doesn't have a camera, but for $80 really its a pretty sweet photo frame, search engine, music player and timer

    • i agree with this. we got it mainly for Google Photos function so the kids can see random photos of moments and they can cycle through. If we want to video chat, its on the phone or ipads so we didnt think the camera was necessary. Nowadays its used as much for photos as it is for settling disputes with a 5yo & having Kayo running on the side while the family are watching Netflix on the TV next to it lol. It's good for traffic reports as well and if you choose a route, you can just beam it over to your phone.

    • What's it like for listening to music? At 79 I'm bloody tempted to grab one anyway for the kitchen, replace the minis that are in there

      Bugger it, 69 I'll just buy one to have a play with

      As long as we can watch or listen to Hamilton on there it'll be worth it

      • tbh, i think the Nest Mini's have a better sound but at this price it's a great buy

      • The audio is terrible for music. I think it's worse than original Google home Mini, and agree with other reply that Google nest mini is better quality audio. Google hub max gets the speaker right, but lot more expensive and also it's a bit to large to have in some of places you might have this

  • would this suit a bedroom for clock/alarm use?

  • Damnit! paid $129 a month or so ago for this :(

  • I like mine, but literally only for the following (it lives in our kitchen):

    Spotify (not the best sound quality) or music casting
    Youtube (Kids love it I guess)
    Pictures (which it is awesome for via google photos)

    And thats it.
    It's pretty slow and painful to use for anything else, and the touch interface is fairly rubbish so you try and voice command it all with mixed results.

    At a good price it is excellent.

  • Can you make an alarm open a Youtube video with the nest hub? Have a google mini and they only go to youtube music which has much less choices.

    • You can't navigate to YouTube directly on the Hub, you can only stream YouTube videos from your phone/other device.
      Alarm needs to be set with voice command.

      • Yeah that was what I was worried about thanks.

      • You can get it to play youtoube videos, no casting, but it's painful, can't easily search for videos etc.
        My toddler gets it to play MC Hammer all the time.

    • I'm pretty sure you can set up a time based routine in GH which includes a typed command to play a YT video. It might be tough to work out exact command to open the specific video though. eg. "Play Seinfeld Season 3 Episode 7 on Lounge Room Display using Youtube".

  • This or lenovo smart display 7 link?

  • How does this compare with the Lenovo smart clock?
    Sound, display, functionality?

  • Would it be more worth it to save a bit and buy the nest hub max?

  • Lots of deals for this at the moment… Are there any deals for the max anywhere?

  • had a search but couldn't get a clear answer, hoping someone could clarify - does this nest hub support on demand music for free without needing a subscription? dont want to hear the kids asking google to play songs they want only to get random suggested songs… (currently happening with the google home mini)

    thanks in advance

    • you can still use Sportify but it will have ads now and then so you will still pay for subscription but I don't have any problems with ads break anyway

      • thanks daywalker, but if I connected via either spotify free or youtube music free (dont mind ads at all) will they play the actual requested songs? on the google home mini, i get the ads but they also dont play the requested songs… but 'here's a station similar to xxxxx name of the requested song'

        • it is similar to your mini anyway, I have hub max and it plays some but some will requires subscription

        • nope, google wants us to pay for youtube premium to allow playing our own songs now
          pretty shit device for streaming your own music now.

          As for music I only use it to play the radio nowadays since you can't play your own songs anymore.

    • Nothing free that includes song selection unfortunately.

      e.g. Play Britney Spears Sometimes……….Playing a station with Britney Spears.

  • i see… so no real point in getting it then :( it'll be the same as the google home mini, thanks for helping with the answers

  • I was thinking of giving one of these for wife and have it in kitchen after looking at max that’s way better but too expensive.right now. Do have a mini set up which wife and kids use often for asking time, playing music and timer. Still another mini in box we need to set up which would be good for bedroom as an alarm and music etc.

    But is this really worth it. $69 is a good price much the same as what mini was when first come out which obviously I’m sure got free or at reduced price ages ago from deal posted on here.
    But by sounds this is not as good as mini or is it.

  • i got the lenovo smart display 7 as it comes with camera

  • Is the Google Nest the best out of the lot? I didn't realise theirs so many options.