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AmEx - Spend $300/$250 Get $60/$40 Back @ Qantas


Hi all,

Saw this in my offers this morning but I believe it's targeted.

Hope it helps someone.


  • Only valid for flights that are within or depart from Australia, which are paid for in Australian Dollars at qantas.com.
  • Not valid for round-the-world flights, flights paid for via Qantas ticket offices or airport locations, and flights paid for via third parties such as travel agents, online aggregators or payment processors.

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  • +17

    I got Spend $250 get $40

    • Ditto; on my DJs Amex.

    • Same, on explorer.

    • Same deal on my Platinum Edge.

    • Same here

      • Same on reserve.

    • Same. Plat charge and plat reserve

    • Same here. Westpac Altitude Black

    • Same. Platinum edge.

  • +1

    There is another offer about MyDeal.com.au Spend $100 get $20 back.

  • Can I use this offer to book hotel?

    • +1

      Only flights

  • -1

    Qantas Branded Amex got the $250 get $60

  • Ah damn. I bought a flight yesterday.

  • I got spend $250 get $40 on all three Amex branded cards.

    • Same here. Don't think many people would be able to take advantage of this promo though

  • It might be timed to go with the current status credit extension that they put out yesterday where people need to book one flight to have their status extended…

  • Listed on my Amex page but pops up as unavailable and try again later if I try to save to my card

  • Weird I thought it would be targeted at people that don’t use Amex at qantas much but I got the offer and book flights with qantas on my Amex fortnightly

    Oh well - yay!

  • won't work for purchasing gift vouchers?

    • It literally says in the T&Cs: Only valid for flights that are within or depart from Australia, which are paid for in Australian Dollars at qantas.com.

      • +1

        Yes, but to be fair Qantas has run these types of promos in the past with the same T&Cs and purchasing Qantas vouchers on qantas.com still seemed to trigger the credit.

        Is someone brave enough to test out if this still works?

        • +5

          I am brave enough, boy!

          After purchasing the gift voucher I received the standard automated email, just like every time in the past.

          Thank you for using your Qantas Amex Offer with your Card ending in *****.

          If your transaction meets the offer terms, your redemption should appear on your statement within 5 business days (however it can take up to 90 days from the offer end date).

          Will post when the statement credit comes through.

          • +2

            @the splingee: $60 received.

            • @the splingee: Hi, did you buy Qantas gift voucher or like other retailers gift card purchases through qantas store?

              • @Ceri: Qantas gift voucher.

                If you buy something from the Qantas Store let us know if it works.

      • +2

        The T&Cs say that, but it was discovered long ago that gift voucher purchases qualify. Evidently the system cannot distinguish.

        • Thank you. I stacked this 300/60 with 450/450. Got 2 campaigns' confirmation emails at the same time.

  • +1

    Got this offer. Would anyone know if you can claim an offer for purchases before the offer itself is activated? And does this need to be a single purchase? I booked some classic reward flights yesterday and spent around $200.

  • +1

    Got it, but not going to use it

  • I also got :

    Furla Spend $600/Get $100 back
    MyDeal.com.au Spend $100/Get $20 back
    The Fred Hollows Foundation Donate $100/Get 2000 membership rewards bonus points

  • +1

    Includes free Covid-19 vaccine.

    • +1

      Yes, it is an interesting approach taken. At first the government said it would be mandatory, and there was some community backlash. Now they are hiding behind Qantas who will be enforcing the no jab no fly policy.

      *Note: This is general commentary on how the push for mandatory COVID vaccines has progressed. I am not commenting on if it should or shouldn't be mandatory.

      • The Federal Government may also make it a requirement for entry/re-entry to Australia so they’re not completely hiding behind Alan Joyce’s comments.

    • +1

      Singapore airlines and Singapore are also looking at enforcing the vaccine. They are even promoting an app on their website that creates a secure confirmation that you have had the vaccine that is recognised worldwide.

      Reminds me of travel in the 70s when we used to have to carry booklets which were stamped by your doctor of having had cholera, typhoid and other vaccines before entering the country.

    • If this occurs, I'm out of here!

  • How much CC fees you need to pay to get that $60 ?

    • Zero. The Qantas American Express Discovery Card has no annual fee.

  • Does anyone know they view a return trip that commences before the 22/12/20 but the return leg is after that date? This is assuming the booking is made under 1 booking.

    • All you need to do is save the offer to your eligible Card and spend $300 or more on flights within Australia at qantas.com by 22 December 2020 to receive one $60 credit.1

      You only need to book by 22 December 2020, not travel by 22 December 2020.

  • $300/$60 here.

  • Does anyone know if it's including booking Jetstar flights but on qantas.com?

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