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Breville BES920BSS The Dual Boiler $899 @ The Good Guys


$50 cheaper than the David Jones post yesterday. Unfortunately no eBay listing to take advantage of the additional 5% off but don't forget cashback

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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  • Still cant find one in black! :'(

  • 795 other ebay sellers?

  • This is most likely the cheapest it will go. It cannot be compared with the prices from 3 or 4 years ago when it could be purchased for even cheaper. Good guys also have the Smart Grinder pro for $199. I just picked up mine today. I have been waiting for 6 months for a deal like this. Got 5% off gift cards, so managed to get it even lower

    • Any experience on how long it takes to receive gift cards? I'm looking at AGL rewards and they're saying 3 business days

  • Can someone explain the key differences between the Dual Boiler and The Barista Pro. The Pro I've been holding out for a price similar to back in 2019 but I'm wondering whether the dual boiler is still worth it at this price.

    The Barista Pro - Slightly more compact, has grinder built in, instance heating via ThermoJet.
    Dual Boiler - More precision with temperature control.

    I've come from a household that previously used an Oracle and I was happy not having that extra temperature control so I'm curious if there is something else I'm missing with the dual boiler that makes it the more expensive model? Is it just the extra precision?

    • Simultaneous ability to froth milk and extract coffee is useful if you are making multiple coffees for guests and/or have a big household. The other benefit I've picked up from comments is that not having the grinder built in means the beans aren't exposed to heat when the machine is operating.

    • You're comparing two different products, the dual boiler has a 58mm group versus the 54mm group on the barista pro.
      Having the jet warm up is nice but you sacrifice things with it, thermal stability is one

      • Two different models, yes. Not two different products. They are both similarly priced Breville coffee machines.
        I didn't know there was a difference in the group heads for these models, thanks. I'll read more on this to see if it affects my purchase decision.

        In the end it sounds like the Dual Boiler gives a bit more flexibility and control.

        • My barista friend recommended me the dual boiler strongly.
          He says its almost comparable to commercial level machine, with higher stability and consistency. While the barista pro, according to him, is considered as a "toy".
          I got it yesterday from HN. Played with it a bit. What I found is that milk frother is much stronger than the Delonghi one I had previously (of course they're not in the same price range.). It delivers much smoothier milk foam than my friend's barista express.
          And the pressure meter that built-in with the dual boiler is much instructive for casual domestic use (I'm not a barista, just a one-cup-a-day normal user). I can easily adjust my tamp pressure. And now my home-make coffee flavor is almost the same as the barista coffee…

          Hope this will help you.

  • Hi everyone,
    I am hoping someone can confirm the actual width of this machine. The measurements I have seen online are all over the place ranging from 37 cm Harvey Norman and 41 cm to 64.6cm on the Breville site. It's going to be a tight fit in my place, so needing to know the right measurement.

    Thanks in advance for any help!

    • I just measured the front base of the machine and it is around 38cm. The back is narrower.

      If you include the water (on the left) and the steam (on the right) dials, it is around 41cm.