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Palit GeForce RTX 3070 8GB GPU $941 + Shipping @ MightyApe


A bit better pricing than the standard retailer, no over the top RGB and backplate looks solid :)
2 minute unboxing video

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Mighty Ape Australia
Mighty Ape Australia

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  • It's $941, no it's not free.

  • How many years before 8gb vram is insufficient for 1440p ultrawide gaming? Only thing holding me back from pulling the trigger.

    • Zero years, the time is now, assuming you mean UWQHD (3440x1440) not just normal WQHD (2560x1440).

    • Since most AAA titles already hit 6-7gb at 4k, it'll probably be another 2 years when the performance begins to tank. But it'll still be a good card, you might just need to turn down textures.

  • Didnt need this, price is alright, none in stock anywhere else, impulse bought thanks lol

  • The Nvidia tax is outrageous in Aus… These are supposed to be $500 USD right? Conservatively add tax and shipping costs etc let's say it's $600 USD which should be around $825 AUD. Why another $120+ on top?

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      They don't add GST to their prices so you have to add 10%, and I guess another 5%-10% or so for import / shipping / handling stuff I guess

      • Yea GST and import shipping etc is what I am allocating that extra $100 USD to…. Still doesn't add up. Once stock availability becomes better with both the new RTX 30 series and RX 6000 series, I expect there will still be a big discrepancy between the US and AU NVidia and AMD prices (NVidia's margins much higher)

        • Oops sorry I misread your comment, yeah I agree with you. AU has always suffered from higher prices pretty much for every Nvidia release, although I expect the 3070s to stabilise around ~$850 once stocks are normalised

    • $500 USD is RRP for a FE card, card partners can charge whatever they like, usually slightly more than a FE card. So it justifies a few more of those price gap.

    • You forgetting that this isn't a FE and American's pay Tax ontop and we pay GST?

      We aren't getting screwed by Nvidia, we were getting screwed with short supply and shops bumping prices as a result.

    • AIB's will always cost more than founders edition. Only the 3070 Founders edition price will RRP at $499 USD.

  • I dont understand why people Compare 6800xt with 3080

    According the price, 6800xt should compare with 3070, and WIN WIN WIN..

    • For Aussie prices thats true. Not sure why or how Ati avoids the Aussie tax but it’s very tempting.

    • I'd have to disagree, you're comparing the reference card pricing. You'll see in 2 days the real price through the AIB releases which are rumored to be $1350+ just like 3080

      • Only really matters if any of them had any stock. I think a lot of people will be willing to buy either a RTX 3080 or RX 6800 XT for $1500 now if there was a stock.

    • not entirely true

    • Performance without RTX and DLSS, they are on same tier. RX 6800XT trails around 2-4% average on 4K which is pretty much error margins.

      RX 6800 is slightly fastee than RTX 3070 but again within margins of error. That is of course without Ray Tracing which RDNA2 at the moment performs worse than both RTX 2000 and 3000 (approx 15% worse).

      • One thing I didn't like was seeing some Youtube side by side comparisons with the actual colour tones and the like of the AMD Cards. Each to their own though.

        • That's because of the encoder, they look the same when you are actually looking at the screen. NVIDIA shadowplay is obviously a bit better.

      • Add to that, most games aren't optimised for the AMD cards yet. Look at Dirt 5 which is - and it destroys the frame rates.

        • You can also say Dirt 5 isn't optimised for NVIDIA. Look at Wolfenstein and DOOM Eternal, AMD put money in those games and NVIDIA still come out on the same.

          In the last 3 years or so AMD has heavily sponsored new games development in general whereas NVIDIA has focused more on Ray tracing and DLSS e.g Death Stranding or Cyberpunk 2077. NVIDIA has stopped pushing normal frame rates as DLSS and RTX are supposed to be the main selling point now.

          • @Bigboomboom: Hopefully it will pay off for NVIDIA and their implementations of DLSS/RTX actaully become the gold standard. It remains to be seen what AMD will do with RTX/SS in the future so i wouldnt exactly write any one off right now. Since neither implementation is widely implemented/accepted, its not really a selling point for me.

      • Nah I think 6800 was roughly 8% faster than the 3070 when averaging all the reviewers benchmarks. Not within margin of error.

    • because the 6800xt is supposed to compete against the 3080 according to amd. the 6800 competes with the 3070 and 6900xt competes with the 3090.

  • Grabbed it, can't see a better price happening for Black Friday

  • I'd be worried at this point they have left it up and they have already ran out of stock. Be Careful.

  • These are so expensive, my GTX970 was only like 400 bucks when I got it back in the day.

  • Just a note that they don't allow you to pay through Paypal and even though there is an option to pay with credit card I still received an email from customer support asking me to do a bank deposit instead.