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Black Friday Mystery NVIDIA RTX 3070 Gaming Graphics Card $889 + Delivery @ Shopping Express


From their Black Friday sales starting today. https://www.shoppingexpress.com.au/GCBVHG79-Black-Friday-Sal...

Random pick of RTX 3070 between Asrock, Asus, Galax, Gigabyte & MSI. Starts @ 10PM today.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • +78

    Aka a pallet of Galax with one of each of the others thrown in.

    • +1

      Who said there was more than 1?
      Still, over 900 delivered, no deal here.

    • +13

      My galax has been solid, I'd not be unhappy with a decent priced galax 3070.100% agree with your diagnosis though haha. Are there any Zotac 3070s?

      • +2

        Yeah the Galax cards are fine, nothing wrong with them. For budget cards though I think colourful are the choice I'd go with. I already have my 3000 card though so I'm not in the game.

    • +2

      Galax cards I've used are surprisingly good. It's resell value is not as good as ASUS or MSI, though.

    • +1

      I think it is a okay deal ($900 delivered here), as it is unfair to compare with other brands that are not even available, even for a Galax I couldn't find anywhere available for this price.

    • +1

      Gotta hope so!

      Galaxy was an amazing brand back in the p3 days, and from a quick google are still the same company; just dropped a letter to make them more googleable.

    • Is there any reason why I should not get a galax card?

      • Not that I know of. Do you need one, can you afford it, will you swap it for magic beans on your way home from market?

  • +6

    I didn't think Asrock did Nvidia cards… also yes given the stock levels of Galax cards compared to others have a guess what you will be getting :-D

    • +1

      Only as of recent.

      • I did not know that. I will have a look at them, thanks!

      • +1

        Are you sure? I can't see any nvidia cards from asrock after a quick google search

  • +22

    Gotta love the current price of $1799 … 😂😂😂😂
    That should be illegal to price like that make the plebs think omg look how much i can save 😂😂😂😂

    • +3

      They've even got RX 6800 for $1249, $300 above everyone else !

    • +1

      Oh I thought I was seeing wrong, because sale page still says 889 and then you click on buy nowand see 1799. Something smells fishy

    • +1

      It is illegal, if they've just recently put the price up - this is a false sale; they've never offered 3070 cards for this price.

  • +1

    It seem mightape sell NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 for 941 so this would be roughly about 52 dollar saving?

  • -1

    This is the opposite of a deal

    • +9

      Perhaps this should be a comp since you don't know what you are getting

  • +22

    Random pick? Seriously? I need to know if it fits in the ITX case or not.

    • Amen.
      What case are you rocking? I got thermal take suppressor F1

      • +1

        H1…not easy finding something compatible

        • I went with a cheap qbx cougar case and a huge Zotac rtx3090 2.5 slot card fits perfectly!…

        • I went for the Zotac Twin Edge. Only 2-slot card I could find. Need to go pick it up today. Hope the cooling is sufficient.

          • @fxxxit: Be careful that card is tall, I had to sell it and go with the Gigabyte Eagle, it's 2x Slot, shallow height but 3 fans so it is longer.. I have a different ITX case tho.

            • @toddwas: Thanks I didn't even notice that but I have a Node 304 so have huge amounts of space. Only limitation is max 2 slot width.

    • isn't it only the EVGA base models and Zotac that will fit?

  • +1

    But I don’t want a shitty 2 fans card though…I will skip and just wait for a quality 3 fans to drop to this price

  • +2

    3060ti 2nd of December

    • Does the 3060 have FE version? If not then the $399 est. price should be for 3rd party price right? If that's the case we might see it going for around $700, maybe a little higher? Just guesstimating of course.

      Edit: seems like there are leaked images of 3060 FE so maybe actual prices will be higher.

      • Keep in mind it's the 3060 Ti, and that the 3060 won't launch until January.

    • How much roughly

  • +14

    FYI…Shopping Express have marked up the 30 series card about $300 compared with majority of Aussie retailers.

    • +6

      Yep and on that principle, they wont be getting a cent from me. Anti OzB behaviour I know, but I'd rather give my $ to companies pricing fairly.

    • +1

      that's not true actually, they marked up the 3080 but not 3070 or 3090 and is sometimes cheaper too

      • Maybe their website is busted. Still shows $1799 for me for the 3070?

        • the sale is not till 10pm tonight

          • +2

            @Gabbatron44: Thanks Gabbatron44, my point is that Shopping Express has marked up their retail price compared with majority of other retailers. i.e. their base price for 3070 being $1799? what's up with that?

            • +2

              @anthoman: Yep, agreed, $1800 is a price hopefully no one would ever pay

            • +2

              @anthoman: go back out to their normal GPU page and they don't actually offer 3070 for that price at all - they're blatantly lying on this offer, and this offer only - and it's a blatant breach of consumer law.

              • @CapnBloodbeard: this is a completely different offer to the other card, here's there is the thrill of not knowing what you would get and that could be considered as a service and however much they want to charge for that service is up to them if they believe that there is a customer base at that price range, in no way a breach of consumer law.

  • What time does this start?

    • 10PM today, i've updated post.

  • +2

    If they're all the same price just have individual pages so people can pick which card fits their purpose. I.e. smaller cards for itx builds or larger one for those who want 3x fans etc. Not a fan of the random draw. Will pass on this I think.

    • +2

      They're using the spread to average the card price, the majority will be the cheapest option to supplement selling 1 of each of the others at a discount without falsely advertising.

  • I would go for it but i need a card that will fit nzxt h210 looks like im waiting for 3060ti

    • +1

      yeah also running a H210 - Looks like founders or Zotac only for 3070.

      • Yeah 3070 cards are not great for us h210 itx users hope we get more compatible cards with 3060ti

  • +7

    Lootboxes have gone too far

  • +5

    To the OzBargainers that had purchased this card, please report back which brand you have received. Let us see how random this is.

  • +26

    Shopping Express reserves the right to fulfill Mystery RTX 3070 orders with a random model from selected brands. No remorse returns accepted

    Unless they’re going to be 100% transparent about the stock levels they have of each card, this is a no no for me. If they have 500 galax and 50 Asus/Msi/Gigabyte that’s not a ‘mystery box’, that’s gambling

    • nvm looked at the 2 fan models

    • I'm pretty sure there's a shortage of Galax card atm, and it's not listed on the website either, I think your odd is actually not bad here

  • +7

    Can someone finally call the ACCC on these clowns?

  • Funny how amd assisting Nvidia on preparation settings and optimization for smart access memory, that's not on intel.

    • They're doing the same with intel cpu + amd gpu

  • +21

    Dodgy business practice. Seriously, random pick on a $900 (barely RRP), product. Get stuffed Shopping Express.

  • +1

    is it false advertising? (i.e. using FE card in promo where FE is not included in the deal)

  • if these are the cheaper 2 fan cooler models I would be wary, for an extra $50 to $100 you can get a triple-fan much larger cooler 3070

  • uMART HAS INNO3D AT $869

    • It's not in stock, and won't likely be for a long while yet.

  • +2

    I don't believe its as bad as people are making it out to be.

    This is a luxury item and the world is experiencing a shortage.

    This is a fair offer to obtain one if you have a lot of leeway regarding fitment, cooling and power needs.

    My concern is that not everyone can pick a random GPU.

    E.g an SFF build can't pick a random graphics card AIB model due to variances in fitment, cooling and power needs.

    • -2

      This is a luxury item


    • Luxury item what? It will start depreciating the day you get it?

      • +1

        Not true lol, at this price, it will appreciate immediately after you get it

        • Ok it's like $100… and honestly if its used i'd rather buy it new… Also it still doesn't dispute how it's luxury? IMO luxury would mean if appreciates over its lifespan this item will not..

          • @Importmonster: Don't know about you, but not all luxury item appreciates, say my friend bought a Burberry iPhone x case for €300, I don't think you can sell for $100 aud these days, or maybe this is not a luxury item to you

            A luxury item is not something that appreciates but is more than necessary, say why 1440p when you cannplay 1080p, therefore 1440p is a luxury in comparison to 1080p and therefore this card is a luxury item

            The only things that generally appreciate is limited edition products

            • +1

              @ln28909: I see your point, all comes down to a matter of personal perspective i suppose.

  • +1

    Is Galax really that bad? It has 3 fans right.

    • +1

      But I would be so upset if they give me a 2 fans card. I don’t mind galax 3 fans though. So there is a risk, they should at least tell people what models people are getting not just the brand name.

    • Galax is run by Palit, who are in general very good. Don't get the hate for them. 2 vs 3 fans is a legitimate worry for people though.

  • I highly doubt there's more than a few cards here… Definitely doubt it meets the minimum qnty required it to be a deal (which I think is 10 right?)lol

  • $80 more than rrp for a black friday sale

    a sad state of new gpus

    • More sad that this is the cheapest deal going, often by $100.

  • +3

    Dodgy and misleading website, these were never sold at $1799 and is in breach of ACL

    • +5

      anterior cruciate ligament?

      • Fine, you made me laugh. I gonna report to ACL NOW

      • its like afl, but a different league

    • +1

      lol, they are selling it at $1799 now

  • +1

    it's not quite a bargain but if they have plenty stocks I'll give them Kudos, otherwise people can also consider 6800 which is 10%~20% better performance with about 10% higher price ($949 Gigabyte @MWave, OOS atm)

  • +1

    I think I'll give it a go, but read the terms carefully. If they are going to hold your money into december you run the risk of stock getting better elsewhere (and you can pick your card!) and the 3060ti is about to be announced on Dec 2nd too.

    It's a bad time to buy gpu's for sure.

    • +1

      It is and it probably will be until like Feb onward.

  • +1

    This is like lottery buying sunglasses with some no name brands and a couple designer pairs thrown in. But for the price of the designer brands. Shouldn't be allowed

    You could argue they're pretty much the same but they're not. People pay more for brand names for a reason

  • +1

    This is possibly the worst lucky dip in the history of lucky dips.
    Also, I am boycotting MSI for their dodgy business practices
    Also, everything Gigabyte I buy tends to die.

    • +1

      What dodgy business practises are you talking about? I haven't heard about this

      • +3

        Scalping their own video cards, screwing with reviewers and trying to pay them off.

  • For anyone that wants and is willing to pay $1099 for a higher quality MSI RTX 3070 Gaming X Trio, I just cancelled my order because I'm going to wait for the 3080 Ti and prices to drop. There's 1 in stock if you look here, it's from Harris Technology via Amazon AU and was supposed to come this week for me, but hasn't shipped yet when I cancelled the order. So if you order it, you might still get it by Friday or probably next week. But there's only 1 in stock, that's the one I just cancelled.


    • Oh I just get the same model $1059 from Capital Square yesterday…maybe I am just lucky

      • Nope that's the price, even on their own website Harris Technology they sell it for $1049, but on Amazon they sell it for $1099 (I'm guessing that covers their delivery cost, free with Prime, and their cut to Amazon).

        The problem is there's little to no stock locally for any of these cards. And the RTX 3080's are now like $300 to $500 over priced. Even these RTX 3070's are over priced compared to what nVidia promised.

        • +1

          yeah that's what I mean, I was planning to wait but my RX270 die on me a few days ago - I walked into Capital Square to purchase other items and lucky enough to see it's in stock at a normal price lol.

  • This easily may not fit in certain cases. Risky for little savings

  • Direct link to the 3070:

    But why it says 1799 (instead of $889)?

    • The deal only starts at 10pm, so the price should change then!

      • My bad, I thought it was 10am.

  • +3

    This company is very scammy. I've bought twice , and both times item is in stock according to website. Both take a month to get here, and then they do some fake courier delivery thing, where they don't actually use couriers. memory card stuck in an envelope, and my other item hasn't arrived yet, ordered 28 days ago, but I suspect it will be come by cheapest au post delivery, as it can't fit into an envelope

    There name is 'shopping express' real comedians

    • I just don’t like the idea that they charge percentage on credit card and recommend using bank transfer which is the most risky payment option for buyers.