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EB Games Christmas Sale 2020 ($1 Games and More)


EB Games are having their Christmas Sale and there are a lot of good deals this time too

Anthem - $1 (PS4)
Call of Duty: WWII - $9.95 (PS4)
Rage 2: Deluxe Edition - $9.95 (PS4)

Have a look at the links below for all items on sale:

Xbox One

Delivery is not cheap at $15+, depending on amount.

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EB Games Australia
EB Games Australia

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  • thanks, it hard to find any stock at stores.

  • Same here no local stock (adelaide)

  • Instead if stock take sale, eb’s doing no stock sale.

  • I picked up so many games for the switch for $10 or less that is awesome !

    • They're mostly crappy games though…

    • Just be warned EB is notorious for having inaccurate stock amounts, and sending you emails after the purchase has gone though saying none or most of what you bought in the sale is out of stock and cancelled.

      In earlier similar sales they've cancelled 9/10 of the items, but then still charged the postage for all ten. You have to chase them for a refund.

      • Yep, never will I go postage again. Only click and collect.

        • this, been screwed when ordering multiple items and you either get a pre-owned with the case or they're can't find it and you still get charged the same postage rate for the entire order.

      • Only time I ever bought online from EB they sent me preowned copies when I bought new. One had a bluray case instead of a PS3 case and three of them the case was broken. Safe to say I've never bought online from them again only instore

  • P5 Royal for $50, Judgment for $47 and Catherine CE for $50 are pretty good… if you can win the stock lottery.

  • Even at $1 Anthem is still not worth it.

    • +14 votes

      I get it's the meme response, but for $1, it's more entertaining than a 7/11 Slurpee or Maccas small fries. If you get 30 minutes of "oh flying like iron man is kinda cool" it's money well spent I think.

      • I total agree for $1 which is already a crazy low price this game will provide more than enough entertainment.

    • I see the Anthem hate train is still full, looks like there's no room for me…
      I genuinely had a great time playing through the campaign with my bro.

    • scroll down to look for this, did not disappoint

  • Damn was going to buy but then shipping kills the deal

  • So this is what they did the copy of FIFA15 that I traded in last console upgrade deal…

  • Do we know if Amazon will price match these games?

  • I’m not getting suckered into buying a handful of $5 games and having the pile of shame sitting there looking back and judging me.

    I see you EB Games, I’ve learnt my lesson.

  • 60 day WoW time card for $21 is pretty good especially now that they are increasing sub costs for Aussies.

  • These seem good for PC:

    Doom (2016) $5

    Wolfenstein 2 - New Colossus $2.50

    Dishonoured 2 $2.50


    Almost worth bothering with physical copies for once.

  • Thanks, $15 for Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle

  • What does only Dvd compatible mean? do i need the dvd to play the game?

  • Anthem is not worth $1 when Destiny 2 is free imho. EA has abandoned this game also

  • Thanks, snagged a couple switch games. Valfaris $14.97 and LA-MULANA 1 & 2: Hidden Treasures Edition $36. Been wanting to get them a while and was only one in stock locally.

  • Best part about EB is the $15 delivery… Per store the item is shipped from…
    Had 3 things in my cart, $45 delivery. Nice!

    • Yeah, delivery totally kills it! Wanted to get a few games, but with that delivery cost, I rather not buy.

    • you'd think they'd offer one flat shipping fee as those stores are all under one EB games company but no, they don't want to shoulder that expense.

      • Still dunno how they come to $15 regardless, considering they send it in a folded bit of cardboard.

      • Shipping used to be a lot cheaper over a year ago.

        A flat $10 I think at one stage regardless of how many games you got.

        • I do recall that, only 6 months ago that was the case I believe. Maybe 'rona changed things.

  • Thank you OP! I was looking out for this sale and bought nine games (mostly niche JRPGs) for click and collect, hopefully they have stock given that I know that the stores only had one or two copies left.

    • I did the exact same thing you did - bought out all the niche JRPGs at my local store asap.

    • Which games did you pick up?

      • I know you're not asking me but I bought all this on PS4:

        x1 Citadel: Forged With Fire
        x1 Azure Striker Gunvolt: Striker Pack
        x1 Age Of Wonders: Planetfall
        x1 Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD
        x1 Redeemer Enhanced Edition
        x1 Date A Live: Rio Reincarnation
        x1 Another World x Flashback
        x1 Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Complete
        x1 Control
        x1 Kingdom Majestic Limited Edition
        x1 Streets of Rage 4
        x1 The Wonderful 101 Remastered
        x1 Trials of Mana

      • I grabbed Dragon Star Varnir ($20), The Wonderful 101 Remastered ($28), Oninaki ($28), Arc of Alchemist ($28), Azur Lane Crosswave ($28), Conception Plus ($15), Trials of Mana ($28), Guacamelee 1/2 ($15) and Sayonara Wild Hearts ($28). I had to split between three stores, but they are all really good prices. Other decent prices I saw (but I already have those games) were Code Vein ($23), Trails of Cold Steel 3 ($25), Atelier Lulua ($15) and Tokyo Ghoul ($23).

  • Dreams for $25 is worth a look.

  • Finally got Tetris Effect!!! That PS theme just puts me in a trance.

    And Wonderful 101 is cheap too!

    Never pay RRP folks! :D

  • eb sale prices can be higher than standard prices of other retailers

    • Especially when you can trade in a second hand game for much more than you buy it brand new…How do they continue to be in business?
      For as long as I remember I go out of my way to not give my business to them…or Harvey Norman.
      They simply are rip off merchants to the vulnerable and clueless..

    • Note those are D-Pad Controller made by HORI, and lacks alot of the features of an actual Joy-Con.

    • Yeah be careful, they don't have wireless so it needs to stay attached to the console to work.

  • Some of their games that cant do click and collect only have priority delivery for $15 making the deals (profanity) pointless.

  • I highly recommend you guys get the Shovel knight game for the Switch as they still go for $70-80 at most places.

    ITs at only $47 brand new.

  • looks like a couple of good preowned PS4 deals here - God of War, Unchartered 4 & Last of Us

  • No stock for anything I clicked on haha.

  • Got a few good deals. I got so frustrated with the out of stock handling at checkout, that I started doing multiple orders (checking out as soon as I had a couple of items in cart). My local EB guy called me up and "asked" me to do all of it in one order, as he had "other things to do in the day as well, apart from picking and processing my orders". I'm not sure I should be offended or amused :D

    • Always amused. Don't worry about it. Get what you can and run!

    • What did you buy so I can check my local if you know what you are doing ?

      • Got these:-

        Ary and the secret of seasons - $15
        Planescape Torment & Icewind Dale - $15
        Ghost Parade - $5
        AI Somnium Files - $20
        Age of Wonders Planetfall - $5
        The Division 2 Lincoln Steelbook - $15
        Date a Live - Rio Reincarnation - $15
        Neverwinter Nights Enhanced - $9.97
        NBA 2k Playgrounds 2 - $4.97
        Owlboy - $4.97
        Trine 4 - $9.97
        MXGP - $9.97
        Train Sim World 2020 - $9.97
        Disgaea 4 - $9.97
        Super Money Ball Banana Blitz HD - $4.97

        A bit of a mixed bag, but good enough to strike off most of my gifting.

  • AFL Evolution 2 for $57 is the first time I've seen it go below $79.

  • 13 sentinels: aegis rim for $47 is a steal.

    • That 15 for shipping though really sucks almost considered driving an hour to a store that does have stock but hoping it pops u somewhere else for cheap.

  • Thinking of COD BO4 on PC. How is the player count?

  • Posted a couple of weeks ago the EB Game deals. Wanted to do something similar but the prices of 1500(!) games have changed. So I dumped it into an Google Sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1az4T2Vogz04G15AYG4J-...

    As usual, some good deals if you can find stock.

    EDIT: Soz, this only contains Switch, PS and Xbox. No PC games.

  • Thanks OP! Picked up Catherine CE, Yakuza 6, and Wonderful 101 :D

    • Catherine CE

      what's CE?

    • Yakuza 6

      I thought $28 was a pretty good price but then I saw it was going for $16 via the PS store so I'm going to grab it there instead. I won't be able to resell it though.

      • I prefer physical copies so was alright with the price, that'sa really good price for digital. Only downside though was that the copy I picked up was pretty beat up despite being "new" :/

        On the plus side though Catherine was fully sealed and in perfect condition :D

        • Yeah, new copies especially the final unit in a store can be hit or miss - I remember picking up Pandora's Tower on Wii years back, and it was missing its cover completely.

          • @Ventak: It sucks that they do this, I understand for preowened that it's a gamble, but for anything new it shouldn't look like someone's played footy with it.

            Think I'll just pick-up a preowened copy at another time and switch the case out and give the beat up copy back…

  • https://www.ebgames.com.au/product/ps4/257248-apex-legends-l...

    $5 is a steal. Comes with 1000 coins which is worth $11.95 ingame

    • I take this back….this and the bloodhound edition are $4 at JBHIFI….now that a steal :p

  • Hey guys am I misunderstanding something.

    Two awkward Joycon are ~$100+ but I can get a single full controller (albeit wired) for $23 each, is that a much better buy?

    Does Battle controller mean anything specific?

  • Decided for $5 I would get Red Dead guide..Three stores close to me had stock. First two stores, had no idea where it was, slight apology and move on…third store tried to charge full price and I had to explain they had a sale on and produce proof…Wow, this is a well run business…probably should update their systems before they release prices to the public..

    • Surprised eb still around as stuff is always overpriced and only time i get stuff if offers are to good to pass up.
      One store local to me about a year or so ago was the only store to have an item i wanted.

      So drop past store they could not find case but had game and it was a $20 game at time. I said i pass they wanted to give me just the disc.
      I ended up going elsewhere and did a price match job done.

      In this same store i placed an order and had a missed call so called back they said have disc but cant find case lol. What is with that store.
      I said im not interested in just a disc so refund me, he then said i can give you a blank case or one used with stickers all over it? This is not a preowned i said its new and he said it is new.

      Yes im aware the disc will be new but nothing else is and that's what we are all after really just disc. But not me for me it needs to be complete and at least look all new.

      I said im not interested in and part preowned case and new disc etc just return my money. Said cant do this blah blah, would need to contact head office i said go on then or i get paypal involved.

      Said he call me back, he then calls back and says sorry all his fault etc about what im not sure, but he was able to locate one from another store not far and said he pick up and i can grab this from them tomorrow which is sealed.

      To be honest i like buy my shit new sealed but if prices are low enough i dont mind as long as the cases are not trashed.
      But it does annoy me at times some places just unseal most copy's and not keep stock sealed.
      Obviously the older the titles the harder it is to get sealed..
      But many stores unseal new stuff and bugs me feels like your buying a used copy doing this. Sanity is bad for this also on movies.

      Sometimes the best places to get sealed is online retailers and its hit and miss with online but click and collect what you end up with.

      Im sure the other 5 titles i ordered that are from different stores will not be sealed but be nice if they are but they are cheap so not too fussed. But i was on the more expensive one..
      God knows where this would have went if he was not to get the other elsewhere its like he or eb did not want to refund and was going to force me to take what was offered.

      I must try and not order from that store again as last time was same but i never paid i asked for a remaining copy of something, very unorganized to be honest.

      Who knows amazon might price match some i ordered but nothing was priced down yet.

      3 items are local to pick up which includeds the one i had issue with.
      The 3 others are a little further away.
      But i would have got paypal involved for sure had there not been a result what i paid for was not really what i was getting or being told my choice was.

      • I've had that issue, they believe the case was stolen off the shelf. It happened once when I ordered a steel book edition.

      • I don't understand EB's refund policy. I've had orders which they can't fulfil for Click and Collect (eg I order a new copy of a game and they only have used copy), so I ask them to cancel over the phone. They say they can't do that and force me to come into the store to get a refund.

        Anyone understand why they do this and if it's legitimate they can't refund without needing to come into store?