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20m Retractable Hose Reel $161.19 (RRP $199) @ Hoselink


Hoselink has 10% off site wide for the Black Friday promotion, but you can stack it with code EARL10 for an extra 10%.

This is a total of 19% off and works with everything I've tested so far.

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This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • I am a newbie to gardening - how does HOSELINK compares with brands like Pope, Holman and GARDENA?

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      Better. More reliable.

      This for $200versus a rare bunnings special for $80 (a brand with a 2 year warranty in particular) is a somewhat difficult choice - i chose bunnings though.

      This for $160 versus a $100 ,"normal special" at Bunnings is a much harder choice. I would suggest this for $160 is, overall, better and unlikely to be more expensive.

      Slight caveat… if its in full-sun, i would be more likely to just buy bunnings ones knowing its probably a disposable product every 2 years.

      • Thanks for the insights… pulled the trigger! :)

        • Bought one a year ago - money very well spent - super happy with it.

    • +1

      Much more reliable and tidier, very solid construction on the housing.

      The fittings are much, much easier to work with than the standard clip ones and are virtually indestructible. I’ve never had one leak, and haven’t had to replace one - I can’t say the same for the eight or so spray nozzles I’ve gone through in the past five years I’ve had this.

      • Not my experience. I have a 30m metre reel. Used it for 5 years pulling out up to 15m and it was ok, but then when I pulled it out the full 30m recently it broke the winding mechanism and it wouldn't go back in right. Also the fittings are easy to use, but the one on the tap keeps screwing on more and more (hard to describe that problem) and the one at the trigger end has worn out so the sprayer (or whatever you use) pops of if you drop it on the ground. Also the O-rings come out when changing a fitting (get spare packs).This is after 5 years though so not too bad.

        Having said that when I rang them all I had to pay was $30 for prepaid shipping (from Tas) and they fixed it (out of warranty period), put a new fitting on for the worn one and even a new weather jacket as the old one had mildewed a bit. For me this makes it worth it (mind you I have spent over $400 with them).

        • +2

          So in summary your experience was great. Things break with wear and tear. Hoselink products tend to last a lot longer and if they break, things are repairable at a small cost but from what I read they tend to fix free of charge (excluding the shipping cost).

      • +1

        Thanks for sharing your experience. Bought one! :)

    • I have bought a few of these for myself and family, and they seem like 5+ years of service without issues, have one that is probably 7-8 years that is still going strong.

    • I was given one of these and I much prefer the $50 Bunnings ones that I have. This one retracts poorly, I need to help feed it back in. Hose connectors work but again prefer the click on fittings as they are quicker to use are more universal, cheaper and more compact. Which makes a big difference to comfort as the cumbersome fittings hang off the end of the spray nozzle which is a lot of strain on the wrist if you use it for a while.

  • Thanks OP, got one!!! Waiting for this for long time.

  • I love my Hoselink, easy to unwind and no tangling hose sitting around in the garden. Get the cover and click on adaptor if you want to use old spray guns.

  • Thanks OP. got one

  • Thanks. Have one for the front yard, just got one for the back yard!

  • is this their best discount usually?

    • +2

      Never seen better.

      Normal is 5%, common is 10%.

      • ta.

  • I have 2 at a commercial site in full sun about 2 years now all good and at this price might get 1 more

  • Been waiting for a special - one of the few hi flow hose reels (larger hose size) makes a big difference

  • I regret not getting the hi flow model. However I use mine literally every day (spraying the grass after picking up my dog’s poo) and it’s been fairly solid. It does get stuck occasionally but just needs to be run out again for a couple meters and then it’s fine.

    • +1

      I got the hi flow - Im not convinced its that much better.

    • The high flow is heavier and stiffer, my older parents had difficulty pulling it out.

    • Yeah I had the same regret, esp after I realised 25m would have been plenty. Got a second one today, hi flow this time.
      Swapping the old 30m one to the front yard where there is better water pressure. We'll see.

      • Mins if I ask you in a couple of weeks what the difference has been?

      • Same, if you could report back, I bought std version and it has decreased flow

  • Thanks OP, got one, legend deal

  • +1

    Had this bad boy in my search alerts for almost a year, thanks OP!

  • Thanks OP, code worked on reel, cover and starter kit!

  • Highly recommend the fitting on the hose end that shuts off flow so you can change the spray.

  • Their hose connections are brilliant but the sprayers are garbage.

    • Got mine from this deal yesterday and the spray gun is leaking from the get go! Think this seam in the rubber washer may be the reason? https://imgur.com/3FIXxX5
      Waiting to see what they have say.

  • Damn - I bought at the 10% yesterday

  • +2

    Thanks OP. I love cheap hoes!

  • +1

    Just bought one thanks op

  • Curious if anyone has purchased or experienced their misting kit? Thinking about it for the deck. Some days it’s just way too hot, and with evaporative cooling no relief inside or out, unless you head to the shopping centre or movie theatre.

    • +1

      I have one fitted recently. Just tried it couple times and overall it is good. Easy to controll. At the end of every misting, there are some drops that is a bit annoyed as I have externel furniture under (not sure if I had done everything correctly). Waiting for a hot day to try it

      • Thanks for the feedback - I read that’s a general limitation of any misting system that they drip when first turned off and not to install above where people sit!

  • Can you sign up for newsletter and get an additional $10 off to stack (for new customers)?

    • +1

      Tried it and it doesn't work unfortunately

    • Can only use one code - so depending on the cost of what you buy use either 10% (EARL10) or $10 (Welcome195).

  • Do I need to buy recommended extras? about $17.91?

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      It’s recommended.

  • Done, bought not one but two. With that workout for my credit card, this week begins!!!

    • +1

      I hear that brutha!

  • Anyone know the measurement of the wall mount?

    • 200mm tall x 100mm wide x 150mm depth

  • 👍

  • Seems to work for other lengths too, 30m comes down to $193.59 from $239 RRP. Thanks OP!

  • Earl10 looks like a bloggers collaboration code. Will likely be expired when hoselink notice due to posting here. You can find others though just google.

    • My order just shipped using the code, cheers OP

  • Thanks OP
    Very Tempting… I had an old Holman 20m reel from Bunnings (which is fairly rubbish)

    Time for a OzB longshot question:
    Does anyone know if the Hoselink Reel would fit into the wall bracket for the Holman?
    Has anyone tried it?

    • I just made sure it's bigger than the previous one. You can always drill new holes but paint is a b*tch

  • Thanks OP, great price - cheers

  • I was eyeing their metal hose reel cart with 30m hose for quite some time and decided to pull the trigger with 10% black friday discount stacked with EARL10 for the extra 10%. Thanks, OP!

  • Thanks OP, was contemplating this for awhile, 20% off on hoselink is brilliant.

  • Bought one with the cover. Cheers.

  • Thanks OP. Been waiting for a Hoselink deal!

  • Bought one hose reel and an additional wall mount with tap connector, to use this for both backyard and front yard :)

  • Coupon doesn't work anymore

  • Hey OP - GREENER10 still works for $161.19

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