This was posted 1 year 1 month 24 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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25% off Plex Pass Lifetime Subscription R$375 (~A$94.38) @ Plex


To get the price in the title, you need to select Paypal as payment method and then change the country to Brazil.

If you choose to pay via $A then the lifetime pass is $119.99.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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    This can be helpful for those new to Plex or thinking about Plex Pass

    • Thanks!

      So what use case would require the Plex Pass?

      • If you want hardware encode (intel quicksync/nvenc) or if you don't want to pay for mobile apps piecemeal

        • Is hardware encode used for like streaming videos locally on the network? Do I need Plex Pass for that or can I do that without?

      • We have different profiles for different family members, much like you can do on Netflix, Disney+ etc.

        Back when I set it up, that was only available on Plex Pass (haven't checked lately).

        • Still requires plex pass to have different profiles

          • @DoubleWookie: Not true, I've set up 2 users to have different watchlists since I joined Plex about 4 months ago. No Pass.

  • I just did this worked a treat.


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    Had a monthly sub and couldn't work how to change to Brazil, but still applied the code for 25% off and now on a lifetime sub, thanks.

  • What extra features does this enable?

  • jellyfin = free.would like to know any benefits over something like jellyfin?

    • Jellyfin isn't really ready for sharing with friends/family outside your house unless you want to go over there first and setup, provide compatible devices etc.

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        my parents 6000km away can login into my jellyfin just fine, using caddy v2 as reverse proxy and was pretty easy to set up too (i'm not exactly a super technical guy)

      • You say that… but these days I have to disable all the free ad-supported crappy content now in Plex so users can find my hosted content.

    • +3

      Lack of clients, no skip intro feature, not enough compatibility for API, no mobile sync, etc. I like Jellyfin but it still needs a lot of improvements to catch up to Plex/Emby.

  • Thanks OP! Grabbed one FINALLY

  • For someone that has Netflix, amazon and youtube premium account what are stuff I am missing out without plex?
    live tvs?

    • Plex is primarily for hosting your own media, so basically anything you have that isn't on those services. I've ripped my movie collection to a server so I can access the films anywhere and any time. You could include family videos or whatever.

      It also has ability to share your media with family and friends who can connect to your instance.

    • Plex is for playing media you already have (e.g. mkv or mp3 files etc), although it does have a small selection of streaming shows/movies you can also watch. Plex can play these files with a nice TV-friendly app at home or you can use your mobile device/laptop when remote.

      If you don't have a way of getting new media then Plex is probably of little use to you.

  • I just did this worked a treat.


  • Doesn't appear to need to be in Brazil or use PayPal. I just did it from my regular account using my card, worked fine. $119'ish AUD

  • Now that's a good price!!

  • How do you change the country to brazil for checkout?

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      On the checkout screen, choose Paypal and then you will see a dropdown box allowing you to choose the country.

  • Have you tried Jellyfin before buying Plex pass? It is opensource fork of Emby, supports lots of client and is in active development.

  • Excellent, I've been waiting for a $100 plex pass for a while now

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    Thanks, OP! Upgraded my existing year pass.
    Got a refund for the remaining year, entered the code, got 25% discount and paid by credit card.

  • I selected paypal, changed to brazil then reselected credit card and used my 28 degrees card. Total $96.65 aud.

  • Thanks OP!

  • $95.91 using 28 degrees card thanks OP.

  • Damn, been waiting for a sub $100 lifetime, and recently opted into the Month free trial, which won't let me change the country to upgrade (even though I already cancelled).

  • Selected country (BR) does not match PayPal country (AU)
    Please correct and try again.

    • Can you try using a VPN? Of you have one and settle country to Brazil?

    • same thing happens to me. Do I need to register Plex account VIA brazil VPN?
      It didnt work under brazil VPN (windscribe)

  • I had to change my VPN to Brazil before I got the option to change country.

    • Does it let you complete the purchase?
      Selected country (BR) does not match PayPal country (AU) —— For me.

  • Thank you OP for posting this, have been waiting for this and grab this :)

  • Ended up getting it for $99.22 using a standard bank credit card with conversion fees ($2.89) from Brazilian Real.

  • @OP - you don't need to select paypal. Simply add the code, change the country and click next/proceed. Not sure why the instructions say to do so?

    The page where you put the coupon in and add your details will say AUD. That is completely fine, add the code, change the country below it, add a random Brazilian zip code (google it), click submit (or whatever the button is to proceed). You will then see the confirmation page with amount as "374.99R" which is what you want.

  • I got the "invalid or expired" message when I try to apply the coupon code. Is it expired? I tried with VPN as well. Thanks.

    • nvm, I tried again today and the coupon works. No need of VPN, but I cannot checkout with Paypal as my account country is Australia.

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