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iPhone SE 64GB $499 (+ Min $35 Plan, on Minimum 24 to 36 Month Contract) @ Vodafone


I think it’s a good price who already with Vodafone? $180 off original price 64gb version

Phone Repayment has a Min. cost of $499 when you stay connected with us for 36 or 24 months . Plan cost additional.

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  • Must buy on a 24/26 month repayment plan to get the $180 off. OP, can you just sign up for that an cancel, or will they charge you the extra?

    • If you click on the link, then click the “ Min. cost $499 when you stay connected
      with us for 36 months. Plan cost additional.” there’s a piece that explains it.

      TLDR - if you cancel, you pay the $679 pro rata (no $180 discount).

      Long story:

      What happens if I cancel my service before the end of my device repayment period?

      If you cancel your service early, you need to pay out the remaining balance of your Mobile Payment Plan at the undiscounted RRP as you're only eligible for receiving the device discount if you stay connected with us on a selected plan for the full device repayment period.

      The remaining balance is calculated by taking the undiscounted RRP of $679 divided by your device repayment period (for example 12, 24 or 36 months) and multiplied by your remaining months.

      • Is this new? I recently bought this deal and didn't have to forfeit the reduced price of the phone > https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/558390

        I even called up and asked for the $20 sign up bonus so I ended up paying $230.03 for the initial sign up/prepayment (seemed odd to me at first) and then $379.96 on the one and only bill. Total $609.99 for the 128gb SE.

  • That's not how the math works, you've fallen into carrier's discount trap. You can get much cheaper with sim-only plans.

  • in the CIS for the bundled plans:

    There are no Early Exit Fees on this Plan. However, if you choose to cancel, 100% of any remaining phone instalments will be applied to your next bill.

    • Yep, which means you pay out your month. I got one of these for my daughter a couple of months ago and didn't get any charge at all for cancelling immediately.

  • Other option could be waiting for JB 10% Apple Discount Sales and group them with the discounted Gift Cards which are going on sale tomorrow. That works out to be around $521 with no plan commitments required.

    • Will JB have 10% off on iPhone as well, Noted they had for Mac. I am waiting for Iphone11 deal…noticed there was one 11% storewide…but looks like the system glitch where they didn't exclude Apple from those.

  • From their T&Cs

    Device Discount terms
    Device Discount is a discount off the device RRP and is only available to eligible new and upgrading customers who purchase a device with a device repayment period (12/24/36 months), with an eligible Consumer Postpaid Mobile Plan. Not applicable for customers purchasing a device outright. The Device Discount will apply for the length of your chosen device repayment period (12/24/36 months). If you cancel your Plan or your device repayment, your Device Discount will be forfeited, and you must pay out your device on your next bill at the undiscounted rate (i.e. 100% of remaining device repayments at full RRP x months remaining). Device Discount will not be forfeited if you rate plan change but will be forfeited if you change to an ineligible plan, such as a SIM Only plan. Device Discount may vary dependant on the device chosen and the chosen device repayment period (12/24/36 months) and applies as a monthly recurring credit against the device repayment. Device Discount is subject to change and not a permanent offer. You can only have one Device Discount per service at any one time. After your device repayment period has ended, your Device Discount will also end but monthly plan costs will remain.

  • not bad at all if you intend to utilise their 500GB plan for 55/month

  • 64GB not recommended, most of the apps are more than 100mb. and recently apple started downloading the system updates on the background.

    • IMHO the kind of person who the iPhone SE 2020 appeals to, probably won't mind. I only went 128gb for my Mum since I don't see her ever deleting old messages/photos/etc and this'll just help prolong the inevitable tech support visit.

  • This is part of a bigger sale on handsets "up to 50% off"

    iPhone SE - 27% off (save $180)
    Samsung A51 - 50% off (save $300.20)
    Pixel 5 - 25% off (save $252)
    Galaxy Z Flip 50% off (save $1008)
    Galaxy Z Fold 2 - 12% off (save $360)
    Galaxy S20 FE 5G - 25% off (save $288) - also bonus buds