iPhone SE 64GB $549, 128GB $629 (+ Min $35 Plan) @ Vodafone


Noticed that the iPhone SE is $150 off, similar to this deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/550568 but it wasn't discussed there and I thought it worth attention.

Usual caveat that it is technically purchasing with a payment plan linked to the contract. Factor in that you'll need at least one month (unless you're lucky and get prorated) at a minimum $35. Still makes it $634 which, ignoring the oddity and mental gymnastics of the Optus flybuys deal, makes it a good price.

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  • I can't see a $35 plan. Minimum of $40.

    • It's currently discounted. When you go to add the plan, it discounts from $40 to $35. The $50 plan is also reduced to $35.

      • Looks like the $40 and $45 plan is discounted to $35, the $50 plan is $40.

        • Doesn't seem to be discounted any more. I go all the way through to Checkout where I need to start entering in personal details and it still shows $40. Same with $45 plan. Am I missing something?

          EDIT: Actually I tried with a different browser and with no ad/tracker blocking, and entering through Cashrewards and now it shows up as discounted. However now the CAMSPM coupon isn't being accepted…. seems like one or the other??

  • I can cancel the plan in first month without any termination fee? Is there any T&C?

  • At first I thought this required a full contract for $35 per month so I was thinking I’d rather buy it outright for only a little more. But seeing that u can cancel after 1 month makes it pretty good. The CPU in this phone is actually superior to the flagship galaxy phones worth twice as much. And Apple is meant to be more expensive haha

    • The CPU in this phone is actually superior to the flagship galaxy phones worth twice as much. And Apple is meant to be more expensive haha

      This is Apple’s budget model, you trade in the screen size, Face ID and Camera features for a faster phone.

    • And the phone looks like its 2016 and they say people copy Apple.

    • Well if you reduced the galaxy screen by almost 2 inches and made it LCD, took away 3 cameras from the back and one from the front, reduced the battery life by more than half, used older gorilla Glass, removed Universal USB C, any many other things…. But yes, the CPU is better. Otherwise I'd rather pick up a pixel 4a for less than the Apple, which makes the iPhone se look expensive again.

      • Not sure about the battery life on that one. Battery capacity, yes. Battery life? Not so much.

      • So why doesn’t Samsung do that so they can claim they have the fastest phone on the planet? Why does Samsung choose year after year to let Apple take that claim. Why don’t they just hire you.

      • Factor in android fragmentation.

        • This. Samsung's additional UI layers is bloating, which increases battery use. I think iOS is just a bit more efficient on battery consumption. The old Microsoft phones were awesome like this, would last days - hardware was previous generation but they ran smoothly and efficiently. That also made them cheaper. I had one.

        • Okay, current Samsung has the latest version of Android. Now explain how that point is relevant

      • 3 cameras from the back and one from the front

        You say that as if everyone actually needs & wants more than one camera on the front and back of their smartphones.

        Besides that, you've also missed the whole point of the SE model, which is to provide an affordable, simple phone that anyone could own and operate.

        • Who said that though? If someone asked me to recommend a simple phone that's easy to operate I doubt their budget would be around $600 - $700.

        • You missed the whole point that no galaxy s series is comparable to the SE. I like the SE, and love its value, but you can't compare it flagships.

        • not everyone, but camera is the thing I pay for in a flagship.
          I hate myself for wasting money on a Samsung flagship when a Nokia can do almost everything I need for half the price. I see myself paying that 50% extra so my videos would always be best possible.

      • Funny thing is that the 3A XL is STILL hasn't budged in price since it was released 15 months ago?
        4a is $200 cheaper with better specs. What a time to be alive.

    • Yeah, but what can you do with the CPU without a larger screen or USB 3.1?

      That's the problem with the se. It's blazing fast, but no app will ever need it. Small size is great for one hand usability, but budget CPU is usually fine for this category of phones.

      • For me it's web browsing in a few years time when websites are even more chunky and bloated. Currently it might be 'over spec' but as time goes on, software becomes bigger and more complex.

        I currently have an Asus Zenfone 5z which when it was released had next gen Snapdragon 845 CPU, same as the S9 but cost half as much. Now it's still speedy and lasts days on battery. Bit some websites that have heaps of multimedia and complex scripts aren't snappy and world be much slower on an older CPU.

        • 100%, but doing that on a 4.7" screen seems crazy to me.

          Also keep in mind a lot of this has to do with optimisation, chrome is a resource hog, and lags even on pixel 4a.

      • But why would you bother putting in an inferior CPU if you produce the chips yourself? If you look at the breakdown of the cost price of an iPhone, it is estimated that the A13 chip cost them US$25-$30. Older chips are not going to be much cheaper. Controlling the supply chain likely means they produce what they need, so why would you then put in a A11 or A12 chip instead? Without the A13 chip, they wouldn’t be able to offer portrait mode which would mean it would be an iPhone 8S at best. To me, it makes perfect sense that they released it this way. It also makes complete sense that some people don’t want this phone with its archaic 2015 design. That’s why Apple offers multiple iPhones. I can’t wait for the upcoming 5.4” iPhone 12 myself but I reckon it will be > $400 more expensive.

        • If you looked at the price breakdown of iPhone SE, how do you justify the price tag when apple has been recycling the old stuff from iPhone 8? Putting A13 in a years old design and making the phone $750 makes no sense to me personally. I mean, Apple's pricing hasn't made sense since iPhone X. In saying that, I am looking forward to the 2020 release of a variety of iPhones and what Apple has to offer in terms of pricing.

          • @azurell: Don’t forget the iPhone 8 launched at US$699 and the iPhone SE 2020 at US$399. I don’t think that’s too bad at all for an aged design and re-used components, offset by the A13 chip. We’re just unlucky with our currency here.

    • The CPU in the iPhone SE is fantastic. But it's like putting a F1 engine in a shopping trolley. There is absolutely no reason to have that processor running a standard definition screen in 60fps. Like what possible use case does that phone have? Gaming, video rendering? All bottlenecked by that 6 year old screen. I guess you could argue videography but that is a massive stretch with those old school sensors.

      I just don't understand this product at all.

      • The thing is, most Apple users don’t care about CPU, benchmark scores or your F1 analogy. They just want to have a good phone. When you buy a SE, you know the bezels are there and that the screen is perhaps smallish. I would take this ‘6 year old screen’ over most flagship Android screens. It’s crisp and the whites are proper whites. The camera is solid as well and seems to benefit from the CPU. Apple decided to put their best CPU in this entry level phone probably because of software plans they have for the next few years.

        • no idea what you are smoking but as far as I know, iPhone SE comes with the exact same display found on iPhone 8, which is trash.

      • Upgraded from 7 to an SE. Same screen size, but huge difference in speed. Apps launch faster, websites load faster. Absolute pleasure to use.

    • -4 votes

      Superior in what? Galaxy Note 10+ 5G is superior to any iPhone in history.
      These are some of the advantages of Note20u (coming Friday) vs 'best' iPhone:

      It has industry-leading security - Samsung Knox Security Beats iOS, Android, Gartner Finds - InformationWeek, + secure folder when using multiple accounts,
      outstanding S-pen with BT remote control,
      multi-window Desktop Experience -DeX with wireless monitor (eg. 4K) with keyboard/mouse/external SSD/Drives (multiple formats),
      Google's Live Caption feature which will transcribe videos, podcasts & even phone calls in real time,
      Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (>100 games),
      Microsoft Windows partnership, syncing,
      up to 1TB replaceable mSD cards, On the Go external Drives/USBs
      superior Dynamic AMOLED 2X 120Hz screen, adaptive refresh to save battery,
      larger 6.9″ screen (vs 6.5″); 1/3 more pixels, ratio 91.7% vs 83.7%,
      lighter & easier to handle,
      12GB RAM vs 4GB,
      PD USB-C/3.2 vs USB 2 proprietary cable,
      108MP 1/1.33″ 0.8µm camera vs 12MP 1/2.55", 1.4µm,
      5x optical, 50x hybrid vs 2x optical zoom,
      8K video,
      FP under-display & minor camera hole vs distracting notch,
      Fast 25W charger PD3 Qi/PMA wireless & Reverse for other devices vs 5W in box,
      much better SAR radiation vs iPhone 1.17 + 0.47 AirPods = 1.64 > max 1.6 allowed,
      (maybe) cheaper for same size RAM with better discounts later :)

      However, you can find much better value for money Chinese phones if you can live without the S-pen

      • CPU in the SE is far superior over any Android in existence

          • @taki: The thing is any Samsung phone I've owned shows its age must faster than an iPhone. My S7 Edge was unbearably laggy after just 2 years. Google maps was pretty much unusable, the phone would constantly corrupt SD cards I put in it and the camera would take too long to open. If you're going to buy android I'd look at a different manufacturer.

        • For all the benchmarks you run daily?

  • Is the phone locked to Vodafone?Can it be unlocked easily?

  • Anyone know can i terminate the contract after 1 month without termination fee??

  • Can anyone confirm to me how this works please? I will definitely need to cancel the plan as I am with Woolworths 12-month plan still.

    Purchase the phone + 12 month plan
    - 1st month: iPhone SE 64GB $49.91/month + $40 Red Plus Plan (now $35/month)
    - After 1st month: remaining handset instalments ($599 - $49.91 = $596)
    So the Total payment is $599+$35 = $634

    "Red Plus plans
    Your Max Speed means the maximum speed the Vodafone network can deliver to your handset at the time and place you are using data. Red Plus Month to Month Plans are only available if you simultaneously purchase a phone from Vodafone under a Mobile Payment Plan (‘MPP’) of 12, 24 or 36 months duration (“Commitment Period”). For personal use by approved customers only. Inclusions expire after 1 month unless otherwise stated. Plan excludes Premium Services, 1223, & 1225 directory services, 123 Ask-Us-Anything, International Roaming, content purchases, call screen and charges for additional data while roaming and additional standard international calls. Minimum monthly spend is $35, $40, $45, $50, $60 and $80 respectively plus handset costs. Must connect for minimum one month. Total minimum cost is one month of your plan fees plus 100% of the MPP instalments of your chosen device. If you choose to cancel your Red Plus Month to Month Plan, your MPP will auto cancel and 100% of the remaining handset instalments will be applied to your next bill. Recurring monthly plan fee charged until the end of the month in which you cancel. All data for use within Vodafone network coverage areas. Plus Plans include a “Your Max Speed” data allowance (which is data at the fastest speed the Vodafone network can deliver to you, depending on your handset and the time and place you are using data) which will be used first; thereafter, data is available at speeds of up to 1.5mbps until your next billing month. To find out what 1.5Mbps means for you, go to vodafone.com.au/speedguide. Actual speeds you reach will continually vary depending on many factors such as device capabilities, location, network congestion, network coverage and if you are roaming. Fair Use Policy applies. See vodafone.com.au/fairuse."

  • Don't buy this phone, the battery is shocking and using it after 2 year it's going to get worse.

    • I am not sure why peeps neg this guy but he has a valid point and in my experience, and yes the battery is shocking. I had to sell it off at loss and return back to my work phone, iPhone XR.

    • Battery is my main issue with this phone. I have the older SE with mediocre battery and these new ones don’t seem much better.

      Both SEs are supposed to be about decent specs in a mediocre package that will remain usable for ages, but poor battery life hurts usability more than any other cut corners.

      • Mine lasts me all day, and if I forget to charge it at night, it is still alive the next morning.

        • Depending on usage I'd expect, but still worse comparing to many other phones. If I forget to charge mate 20pro, it would last for the second day (unless used very heavily) but would not for the 3rd.

    • Good point based on the reviews.

    • Totally agree but considering battery replacement is approximately $70ish last time I checked, may still be worth considering IMHO.

      • If apple knows this is a product fault they should really offer to do it free of charge within the first year of warranty period.

  • IMO just order pixel 4a for same price $599 and no plan needed (I'm sure you can buy somewhere else with cashback too).

    • You think pixel 4a is better than this?

      • +12 votes

        Well it depends what you want your phone for. But pixel has bigger and better screen (OLED), headphone jack, more storage, bigger battery, impressive camera etc. The iPhone has the better processor, better video recording, wireless charging and more premium material (aluminium) though. Won't debate on Android vs iOS but tbh they're both about the same now, so it really depends on which ecosystem you've invested in more. They're both good mid range phones imo and both would probably satisfy most users, but more importantly, especially in this forum, the pixel is cheaper.

        • iPhone will last longer with 5 years worth of updates. The processor is crazy fast and I'd rather a fast phone with a good build than deal with lag and bugs everyday

          • @bkhm: @bkhm: The battery will not last 5 years in this. I'd rather have a cheaper phone that's more usable day to day

            • @Pigsy3: I have an iPhone 5 and two 6S who's battery is still almost as good as new compared to my pixel 3XL who will power down at 5% or drain 10-20% overnight, the iPhones drain like 1-2% overnight. My nexus 6p and pixel 2xl batteries became trash after 1-2 years but it doesn't matter, they died via bootloop anyways. I know it's anecdotal but I know way more people using old iPhones. Besides, you can always just get it replaced.

              Again, usable I'd still go iPhone. You won't get lag or many bugs. I hate how buggy and laggy my pixels are/have been. I went used my sister's iPhone SE2 for a day and it was like butter taking me back to the days I used iPhones…then back to my pixel where I open an incognito tab and everything freezes, camera takes seconds to load, things crash…You use your phone way more than your camera so you want your experience to be as smooth as possible. MKBHD already said it feels quite slow and that makes me think it won't stand the test of time. His previous pixels ended up lagging as well.

              • @bkhm:

                I have an iPhone 5 and two 6S who's battery is still almost as good as new

                1. when you did purchase the phone?
                2. have you ever replaced the battery since? if so, when?
                3. how often do you use these phones compared to your pixel?

                if you purchased at launch or even 1-2 years after and have been using it since, there is no way the original battery will be "as good as new"

                • @skido2:

                  1. At launch
                  2. Nope
                  3. I used them for a solid 2 years before passing them to family who used them for another 2-3 years then passed on to parents who just wanted a bit of an upgrade from the $30 cellphones you get at Coles.

                  Almost meaning they still get at least a day out of them, maybe I never used them heavy enough but I need to charge my pixel 2-3 times a day. I have several friends who has the same experience, one example has an iPhone 6s who says it still works like the day he got it (no battery replacement) and a 10-year-old MacBook air where he just got the battery replaced. Like I said, all anecdotal but my experience has been the same throughout several devices.

                  Android: Good for a few months, starts lagging, battery starts draining super-fast especially overnight, replace battery, boot loop, dies. But battery and boot loop aside, I'd go apple simply because it's faster, smoother and less buggy for day to day use. The bugs on my phone I swear is going to give me an aneurysm one day haha. The iPhone 5 isn't as fast but at least it's smooth and consistent but I mean it was released 8 years ago…

                  • @bkhm: oh wow it's been released 8 years ago??! so apparently an 8 year old phone that's been used for 8 years with its original battery is still "as good as new". I find that extremely hard to believe. 10mins of usage per charge sounds more reasonable based on the info above

                    • @skido2: Sure, believe what you want.

                    • @skido2: I have the original SE and just replaced it a month ago with the new one. My wife is still on the original SE. I don't know about how close the battery is to when it was new, but it hasn't had any noticeable change. Lasts all day, have only ever stuck it on the charger when going to bed. Not sure how long I've had it, but it hadn't been out long when we got them.

                  • @bkhm: This is BS. I love iPhones, but you took it too far. I've never owned a single iPhone that didn't have bigs, lag etc. Even my 11 pro randomly rebooted while I was on a call yesterday. It's software, not magic.

                • @skido2: apple fanboys will say anything to prop up the brand they are blindly loyal to.
                  LOL 5 year old battery performing like new. That phone must come with the latest and the greatest battery tech no one has ever seen before.

              • @bkhm: My 5 year old iPhone 5S's battery is really struggling these days- battery shows 80% but within 10-15 mins of a call capacity will drop down to single digit. I consider myself a lite/medium user so would say that it's had a good run but will be surprised if battery can last in an 8 year iPhone "as good as new".

                • @Craze: The point more being is that I find iphone batteries tend to last longer and do better. Once you replace it, it'll be good as new. Even if I replaced my pixel battery, lag and bugs will still be there. Looking at this iPhone chipset, replace the battery at 5 years and you can get another few more years if you wanted to. I personally have never had an Android phone last more than 2 years without significant issues or just breaking in general. I remember in highschool (a few years ago albeit) friends with the latest Samsung or Android phones always had issues.

              • @bkhm: I bought 6S last year and the battery didnt last the whole day with minimal usage, it is a known issue with this model and took many calls to apple support and instore arguing to finally get them to replace it for free as it had to be done by end of the year. I only bought the phone less than a year earlier. Am looking at SE2 to upgrade but now concerned about battery life and dont want a repeated story.

          • @bkhm: Battery can last a lot longer than 5 years if you keep it between 20-80% all the time.

            Unless I've misunderstood how lithium battery wear cycles work.

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