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Samsung LC49RG90SSEXXY 49" Curved QLED Gaming Monitor - $1486 + Delivery @ The Good Guys Commercial (Membership Required)


SEXXY deal is back from 6ish weeks ago. Some of me says yes do it, the rest of me says no, work from home won't last forever and you've already bought 3 monitors this year.

Edit: my order was processed. Backorder. Fail.

That's 2 times in 2 orders via TGG commercial

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The Good Guys Commercial
The Good Guys Commercial

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    Such a great screen, using it now and I can see into the future.

    • I can see into the future.

      Can you pm me the winning powerball numbers for this thursdays draw?

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        You'll receive them on Friday, my browser is open in the future side of the screen.

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    already bought 3 monitors this year.

    What's a 4th? amirite.jpg

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      This one is as much as the others combined lol

      • +1

        time to ditch them 3 and get 3 of these.

        • +2

          I folded and ordered, thanks. Peer pressure, I'm far too sensitive

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    Does TGG Commercial accept TGG gift cards?

    • +3

      no. CC or paypal

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    Sorry gonna ask a dumb question, i dont have TGG commercial and what's the best way to get access to it?

    I know many here have access and i've seen some been kind enough to offer some help, my question is, with all due respect, how do you trust the guy who you send the money to buy something this expensive for you? How is this normally worked out with confidence?


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      I do see this question asked a lot. Wonder if posts from TGGC should always just have this linked at the bottom.

      I got mine through a Gday Rewards deal.

      • -1

        Thanks mate, i checked and it costs $50, i reckon still stack up for me, will get it and go from there, thanks a lot for your help!

        EDIT: By the way for whom wants to do the same, a fair bit of warning that after you paid $50 and became a member of G'day, you need to then apply for the TGGC access which will take 2-4 business days to confirm so you're not able to use it straight away!

        • I used "GDAYBLACKFRIDAY" to sign up for G'day today for 50% off the membership. Have you received your TGGC access yet?

          • @qctan: FYI: I also signed up specifically for this deal. However, I did so on the evening of the 24th of November. Immediately applied for TGG Commercial access.

            Recieved login details and instructions today (2nd December). So the 2-4 workday seems a bit optimistic. By my count, this one was 6 work days.

            For me, perfect timing (although obviously I would have liked it to be quicker), since the current Harvey Norman deal ends today as well I believe, and I was tossing up between whether to wait on access for TGGC or just go the slightly more expensive option and consider the join a sunk cost that didn't pay off.

  • -2

    no access no deal for me. Otherwise It would be a great deal

    • good deal need to put in some effort , have a look up how to get a TGG commercial account

    • Feel the same way every time I see Samsung Education/Enterprise deals

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    Paid $400 more for mine and no regrets here, been great for productivity and immersive for gaming at least on HZD/RDR2/AC:V.

  • Temped to buy but then realize my vega 64 wont be able to run it

    • time for video card upgrade.

      • I’m using a hackintosh rig so not really much choice

  • Ordered one - been waiting for this to drop for a while!
    35 Dollar delivery to Melbourne and no pickup option.

  • Wait so is this "the" G9? I can't seem to find any comparisons?

    EDIT: I think this is the "regular" G9, and there's an even higher end Odyssey G9? Can any pros confirm?

    • +2

      CHG9 = 2018 (3840x1080 144hz)
      CRG9 (this one) = 2019 (5120x1440 120Hz)
      G9 = 2020 (5120 x 1440 240 Hz, more aggressive curve, slightly better response time)

      That's the gist of it - all quantum dot VA panels

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    Awesome monitor, just FYI for those newer mbp users. Only works with display port to USB C for 1440p

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    Any ideas how long this deal is likely to last? I really want to see one in real life before I commit to buying one.

    • Got one. Thanks OP.

  • This is a great price!

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    Very tempted with this deal. But this Philips 49" 5K also caught my eyes, with EBay 20% and Shopback 10%, it comes out ~$1520 delivered. The pluses are USB-C, speakers and built-in teleconf camera. The minuses are HDR 400 instead of 1000, and lesser refresh rate.

  • This is a bit of a shot in the dark, but will jb price-match The Good Guys Commercial?

  • Trying to get access to Good Guys Commercial now, does anyone know how long will this deal last?

    • Don't bother, they don't have any.

      I cancelled and got one from Harvey Norman. Wasn't that impressed tbh. Returned it the next day.

      • For the benefit of those interested in this, what was not good about it?

        • Hard to put my finger on, was a bit of flicker, wasn't a fan of the window arranger, and I had the worst evening of csgo id played in ages.

          Just didn't think it was going to work out for me.

    • I've ordered mine from GGC in the last week of November and it's been back ordered. I've called the store that the order was assigned to and apparently it would be sometime in January before I'd get it. :facepalm: So, I am sorta in a limbo looking for similar deals to pull the trigger on and cancel my GGC order

      • Or you can get the AOC AGON AG493UCX $1549

      • I received a surprise call from Good Guys today saying that they've got this back in stock and can deliver the monitor tomorrow. Early Christmas present!! :)

  • Useless Good Guys. Called today to say no stock and it won't be in until late January…..

    • if you are still looking for it maybe give them a call back, they might have got it back in stock