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Free Shipping on Orders $50+, Pro Tech Toolkit + Magnetic Project Mat Bundle $125.98 (Was $135.98) Delivered @ iFixit


With shipping free and the slight discounts it works out about the same as previous years.
iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit + Magnetic Project Mat Bundle probably the best offering

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • Code for purchases over $50. Please update the information. 'Use code FIXSHIP to get Free Shipping on orders over A$50.00*' Thanks

  • Thanks, bought the Pro Tech Toolkit for $95.99.

    Had a lil trouble finding where to enter coupon on the mobile version of their site, until I set to desktop version of site which showed it (mayb I'm just blind tho).

  • Anything you recommend apart from the Pro Tech Toolkit?

  • Code doesn't work for me in regional VIC.

    • Worked for me earlier, I'm regional Vic as well (Ballarat). Just make sure code is entered as it isn't applied automatically.

      I have trouble as mentioned above with mobile site version, code needs to be typed into coupon box. (Also strangely my Honey plugin on pc failed to work.)

  • On mobile devices if you use express checkout (e.g. ApplePay) there’s no option to enter the code. You need to do slow checkout, drop down the ‘order’ view at the top of the screen after you have entered name and address and a field appears to enter the code.

  • US store appears to be cheaper initially, but free shipping doesn't work. Also don't know if that affects warranty :(

  • Thanks for the heads up!

    I've been meaning to order more Tesa 61395 2mm tape rolls but the postage really put me off.

    I've ordered The Tesa 61395 from half a dozen different sources all around the globe and the quality has been shit everywhere expect Ifixit.

    Different story for Ifixit kits/bundles and other assorted tools though. They are overpriced and their drivers and bits are cheap garbage. Look elsewhere (either Aliexpress or Aussie based parts supply companies like MobileHQ, ThePartsHome, PimpmyGadget etc.) cheaper or higher quality drivers/bits/prying tools & other consumables.

    The magnetic project mats are an absolute must have.

    • IFixIt wins out for me just because it's all in a single kit I've cobbled together parts from AliExpress and other places and it's very hit or miss honestly.
      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qo_vwhunO7I < Is a good review of that, similar experiences

      Start with something like iFixIt and just start replacing things you find better from AliExpress, is probably the way to go.

      As for bits Wiha is the way to go, but iFixIt does the job for now. Hopefully Wahl have some deals, I've got some good kits from them though as well.

      • Yeah, I get the "single kit" thing.

        I've been in the industry for 5 years so maybe my view doesn't apply to the average joe or hobbyist just starting up.

        But I've found that you can find kits on Aliexpress of the same quality (for most parts) for at least half the cost or less than iFixit.

        You're bang on the money with Wiha though. At least for dedicated/non-interchangable drivers. I just use cheapo magnetic bits/kits for the less common screw types. But for the most common screws (pentalobe, iPhone Y, Phillipshead 00 and 000 I use dedicated Wiha PicoFinish drivers. Wiha PicoFinish is the absolute gold standard for drivers. Have to be wary of fakes though. Even through my more reliable suppliers I get fakes that are absolute dogshit quality. Surprisingly I've found eBay sellers to be the best source of decently priced Wiha PicoFinish drivers (although that mind have changed since COVID)

        The biggest problem I've found with the Ifixit magnetic driver bits is that they just aren't tough enough. All the bits I have used have been cheap, soft steel that leads to lots of stripped screws (one of the single biggest problems you can encounter when repairing phones)

    • I was thinking they were overpriced, I guess it "pays/sponsors" to have many/most PC/Tech You-tuber's flogging them.
      I just looked at their site, seems to have some good info tear downs, etc.

      I'm using a 61pcs Jakemy kit Model M-8166 (from PCCG), until I can get a high quality set at a good price/sale, how good are the XIAOMI Mijia Wiha 24 set?
      I also like the Xiaomi Mijia Electric Precision Screwdriver Kit, don't know how good they are thou.

      I'll check out PimpmyGadget.
      Any other brands worth looking into?, mainly after commonly used screw bits (Phillips/slotted/hex).

  • just wait for the black friday sale

  • FIXSHIP discount code isn’t available for your shipping address

    Sucks. I'm in regional WA. I'm not even getting a dollar off shipping when we're the ones who need it most.

    Edit: I tried an address in Perth CBD and got blocked again. Is the whole west coast locked out of this promo?

    • +2 votes

      I contacted support (through the form on the AU store website) and they refunded the shipping for me (just over $50).

  • much more expensive than previous years

    • pretty much everything is :/

      The Hakko very sharp/fine point tweezers were about $20 AUD inc freight when I last bought some in 2018. Now they're over $40 AUD