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Samsung S20 FE 4G 128GB $748 @ Officeworks, JB Hi-Fi & Amazon AU


The current price is actually cheaper than Black Friday deal on catalogue $789.
Please see skido2's post below for links to JB and Amazon.


This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • TobyDeals has the 8gb ram, 5g and dual sim model for $759, way better value. Comes in a few colours.

    • Let me know how the warranty goes, if you need it…
      And TD doesn't provide a tax invoice, there's no GST in that price.

  • This or Pixel 5. Can someone help me here. Thanks.

    • Personally, I'm after the Pixel 5. I prefer stock Android and have never liked the bloat on a Samsung. I also prefer rear fingerprint sensors.

    • Few things to consider (just my opinon after reading/watching a bunch of reviews):
      - Battery life is close: pixel 5 better life when watching videos, but s20 overall. But both are great so unless you had both side to side, you wont notice.
      - The pixel is smaller, imo perfect size, not too big not too small
      - S20 FE has 120hz, vs pixel's 90hz, but if you have a 60hz right now, you wont notice the difference as they both look smooth, but the FE will obv be smoother
      - Pixel has stock android, which is very clean (Samsung OneUI has come far but stock is always best)
      - Camera is better on the pixel (more real colour tone, whereas samsung leans towards vibrancy), s20 fe's cam is good but not great
      - S20 FE has the more powerful processor, which will be better for any graphic intensive loads, but in daily life its only a tad faster (to a noticeable standard)

      If I was in the market for a new phone (I upgrade once a year , sometimes twice but I got my current phone 4 montsh ago :/), I'd personally go with the pixel.
      Good luck on your decision :)

      • Cheers for this comparison.

        The pixel is smaller, imo perfect size, not too big not too small

        I think this is a great call out, it is a really easy size to hold and with a decent screen size too.

  • Are all these the single-sim versions?

  • Do they price match?

  • Welp, with the pricing at JB I've come out of the Telstra $600 ETC deal with $400 in gift cards.