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Apple MacBook Pro 13-Inch with M1 Chip, 512GB SSD (Space Grey) [2020] - $2069.10 @ JB Hi-Fi


Probably part of the Black Friday not sure looks like 10% across the new MacBooks M1.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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          • @ozshopp3r: Damn, already bought $1500 gift card via Suncorp. Wanted to buy an iPhone until realised there are some serious quality issue with the first batch and decided to wait for a few weeks

            • @aec: Hello, confirmed, you can do the full amount in gift cards in store, online its $500, but you may need to provide the photo-ID for verification if card value is more than $500

      • I've seen conflicting information regarding the number of gift cards you can use in a single transaction, but there might be some ambiguity regarding which gift cards (JB v TCN) users are talking about. i.e. might be able to use 18 JB gift cards but not TCN cards?

        Assuming you're able to find 18 TCN gift cards, you're able to use 5 at a time to buy $500 JB cards right? If so can you do that instore or does it have to be online?

        Edit: I see BargainSnatcher answered my question above!

  • Do you find yourself thinking, I could get by with this iPad Pro if only it had a keyboard instead of a touch screen? Then this is the machine for you! If you only work in a browser and/or use Apps that are within the Apple ecosystem and frequently updated this is a decent machine. For everyone else, wait a year or two.

    Also if you found yourself considering the previous base models then this is a fair bit of an upgrade, but if you were looking at the more expensive models then this isn't there yet.

    • +3

      No need to wait a year or two, the M1 is amazing.


      "The new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro won’t be the perfect laptops for everyone, especially if you rely on huge, GPU-intensive tasks or specific developer tools. But when a $1,000 M1 laptop can outdo a maxed-out, $6,000 MacBook Pro with quadruple the RAM and Intel’s best chip, while also running cooler and quieter in a smaller and lighter form factor and with twice the battery life, where do competitors even go from here?"


      "Xcode 12.3 beta unzips in 5 minutes on an M1, vs 13 minutes 22 seconds on an Intel i9"

      • Basically what I said. Those reviews don't really cover the edge cases, edge case which sure, most people won't come across, but most people will also be the sort that could have made do with an iPad anyway.

        (eg, it only supports one external display)

        • +2

          I disagree that it's only a worthy upgrade for those people considering previous base models, or even some kind of iPad alternative. As I linked above, the 13" M1 macbook pro is performing better than the $6k previous model.

          It would help to better inform potential buyers if you could mention some of the edge cases. The dual external monitor issue is one. The limited memory another (however it hasn't proven to be an issue for comparison testing so far) and the GPU not being cutting edge. Apps are a non-issue, as Rosetta is running them better than the intel machines.

          I feel like there's a veeeery limited range of people that are greatly affected by those edge cases, but still think it would be worth letting people know if there are more edge cases I'm not aware of.

      • +1

        Unless you use all Apple apps, some wait is still needed. Microsoft and Adobe are working on native apps. Docker is not working yet. It's more about getting the first gen product. Are we certain it has zero issue whatsoever? Getting M1 now (if it is for long term) means you believe M2 will offer little or insignificant advantage over M1.

        Also, with WiFi 6E + BT 5.2 starts to appear on consumer land (and we are talking about ~$30-~$35), it is hard to imagine Apple won't add that in next year. Even next year's iPhone is quite likely to have that. Assuming Android makers don't screw up, that should be there in 2021. Lastly, how long can Apple continue to chuck it a subpar Webcam in Macbook… I reckon an upgrade will happen.

  • Is it better to get MBP 2020 upgraded to i5,
    (non M1 version) , as opposed to M1 version?

    • +1

      Not unless you need to dual boot a windows OS. The M1 is way more powerful, runs cooler and has double the battery life.

    • +2

      If you need to ask, probably not.

      It depends on what you 'do' with it and what you connect to it. The M1 chip is quite fast, but as it was only just released to the public there is going to be (external) hardware and software compatibility issues for a while.

    • +1

      Only if you:

      • Need to need to run Windows on the Mac from time to time (i.e. you travel a lot and just want to bring 1 laptop).
      • You somehow need 16GB and you can get that MPB 2020 with i5 / 16GB at a heavily discounted price. (You can get 16GB custom built M1 based Macbooks I believe)
      • You need it right now and you happen to need to do some development that involves some form of virtualisation (i.e. docker) or certain special apps that somehow doesn't run or run stable enough on M1 yet.
      • Somehow, you need 4 USB-C ports.
  • Has the Mac App Store caught up to the iOS App Store?
    If you already own apps from the iOS App Store, do you have to buy them again on the Mac App Store?

  • +1

    Really good price and I want one of these badly. However I am hoping that the new M1 chip 16' MacBook Pro isn't too far away.

  • Purchased this last week with some BTC turned JB Gift cards.
    Would JB refund me the difference? lol

  • Bought a base M1 Macbook Air (8gb/256) from Apple's online store with student discount and collected in-store as reviewers I trust have shown it to be more than adequate for editing the kind of video I use in light projects.
    This cinched it for me: "Holiday Return Policy:
    Items purchased at the Apple Online Store that are received between 10 November 2020 and 25 December 2020 may be returned until 8 January 2021." Confirmed this was for a full refund so I'll give it a couple of weeks and either keep it/return it/swap it out for one with more ram and the extra gpu core based on where I personally find the edges to be.

  • +3

    Got it at OW pricebeat on spacegrey for $1965.

    • What spec??

      • Same one as the op hence the price beat.

  • It's the same price on the apple website…

    $1439 on apple for MacBook air 256gb
    $1439.10 on jb for MacBook air 256gb

    • Maybe they are price matching JB?

    • +1

      The price you mentioned is for the uni students on the apple website, normal is still $1599

      • Yes, sorry, I was logged into the edu site.

    • MacBook Air 256gb shows as $1599 on the apple website for me. $1439 on their Education store where you need to prove your student/staff status.

      (edit: beaten)

  • JB Hifi has traditionally offered educational pricing.

    Does anyone know if I will get an additional educational discount on top of the 10% discount offer if I show them my university staff/student card?

    • Nope, already cheaper than edu pricing

      • Yes the current offer is 10% compared to the 7% for the educational discount.

        I was just thinking that if JB can offer 10% off the RRP, they might also offer 10% off the educational pricing too (ie 10% and additional 7%).

        • TRS for another 9% off

          • +1

            @nanoxz: Yeah. Except where are you flying overseas exactly?

            • @xoom: That's ture. Hotel quarantine bills could be thousands

  • The price looks good. Would have buy it but my current 2014 MBP is still going strong and refused to die, and still have normal USB ports …..

  • +1

    I've been smashing my base MBP M1 13, YouTube tabs, 30 safari / chrome tabs etc. no issues, no fans coming on, has not missed a beat with 8gig.

    my surface 2 laptop though, different story.

    • +2

      Surface laptop 2 fans sound like a Jetstar a320 hauling ass down the tarmac.

      • I've given my SL2 to my 7 year old. I feel sorry for him using it tbh.

        • +1

          Hello DOCS. I would like to report a severe case of child abuse.


  • Has anyone tried connecting the MBA M1 to two external monitors? I’m reading several sources claiming that it only supports one external monitor.


    “The MacBook Air with an M1 processor can connect only a single external display at a time, in parallel with the internal display. It supports up to 6K at 60Hz so monitors like the Pro Display XDR will work fine.”

  • -1

    Its actually cheaper to go through education store and get 5% cash rebate

    • +1

      Can everybody get it through education store?

      • -1

        My point is still valild. Just wanted to clarify that its not the cheapest.

        • +1

          M1 doesn’t have cash rebate

        • Like Tim Cook can get it for free?

  • Has anyone been able to get them to drop out any further whilst the sale is on? $50-$100 further off??

    • no, but you can try to PM apple education store.

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