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Apple MacBook Pro 13-Inch with M1 Chip, 512GB SSD (Space Grey) [2020] - $2069.10 @ JB Hi-Fi


Probably part of the Black Friday not sure looks like 10% across the new MacBooks M1.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • Wow cheaper than education prices.

  • 8GB RAM :(

    • Apple generally do a lot better on memory management than Windows does (like how iOS devices tend to do a lot better with less RAM than Android does, the benefits of controlling everything from top to bottom), so it's less of a day to day issue

      Like how iOS feels smooth but has some very noticeable exceptions, like how Safari constantly has to reload entire pages because it has dropped them out of RAM. Whereas on the Windows PC I have right now, somehow Chrome has 4 browser windows open (two news sites, a login screen for a work app and ozbargain) and it's using 1.5GB of RAM. Probably because it hasn't been closed/reopened in 4 days.

      I'm weighing up the Mac Mini option right now. 10% off on a 512GB mac mini saves me $140, plus moving to 16GB costs $300. I'd rather just buy the 8GB version and sell it in 2 years when Apple get their shit together and offer an easier option with more RAM or upgradeable RAM. Selling the old one plus the $440 I save now will probably pay for it.

      • Upgradable RAM? Like user upgradable? If so, thanks for the laugh.

      • iOS needs less RAM than bloated, JAVA VM running Android. Windows is completely different.
        It is also completely irrelevant to compare it to Windows, other Macs had more RAM and they are running MacOS, thus they are what you should be comparing to.

        • Yet you are comparing it to "JAVA VM running Android" when convenient.

        • True, although that's where the hardware gets interesting and Big Sur is a lot more like iOS than anything that came before it. Apple have also designed the M1 to work better with the OS (not just the other way around).

          MacOS and iOS are both better at memory management because they use common frameworks (or NSObjects) that only load once into memory and are used across multiple applications, and reference counting to track what memory is being used then dumping it rather than garbage collection. No such thing exists in the Windows world (or any other OS), but it reduces memory usage simply by not loading the same items into memory over and over again. Basically every app with a GUI will reuse some of these items, when a NSObject isn't being used by anything it's freed up. That's much more efficient than garbage collection used on Windows and Android.

          On the flip side you have hardware. x86 was never designed for such a setup, the M1 is, so things will also drop in and out of memory way faster than they ever did on x86 (5x faster according to Apple engineers). Because Apple retains such control over the OS and apps running in it it can do it in very seamless ways, such as moving your many Safari tabs to swap (where the impact will be a lot less noticeable) when your active app starts sucking up RAM. And because the storage is so fast along with the time to shuffle things, using swap is a lot less noticeable than it has been before.

          Because it's so much better at handling memory than x86 macs, it can get away with less. Also, Apple love money, they definitely love charging idiots for 32GB of way overpriced RAM because it was simply a matter of slotting in more. But because it's unified with the SoC now that's not the case. I imagine the M2 will have more options, but it's definitely harder for them to add more now, so they've gone with the most common use cases.

          That's not to say you'll never run out of RAM and never notice it. If you have an app that simply uses a lot of RAM it'll still do that and it will go to crap. But I assume those people will continue buying the more expensive machines.

          But if you're thinking a Windows environment with a whole lot of browser tabs open, 20 applications with a bunch of them badly coded, using Slack (Electron can die in a fire), you probably won't notice. Whereas on Windows you'll get blasted with messages about running out of RAM and Android will just slow to a crawl because there's no systematic way of freeing up memory.

          • @freefall101: Windows running out of RAM? What was the last version you used, ME? Android slowing because no way to free RAM? I don't think ever happened from lollipop. Have you ever heard of swap?
            Any laptop on this price range can run all the apps you mention and more. These days it all comes down to user experience and no by raw power.
            There's so much disinformation in your comment. I recommend you start trying other platforms instead of criticising for no good reason.

        • Lol, this is dumb… Android app doesn't run on Java VM since Android 4.4 where Google rolled its own Dalvik VM.

          and Java VMs (yes there are different types of Java VMs optimized of different purposes) are beautiful things, don't trash talk thing you don't know anything about lol.

          • @od810: The Java runtime was not used in Android releases.

            Dalvik was used in versions of Android up to and including 4.4. Android Runtime aka ART replaced Dalvik.

            • @trongy: My bad referring to JVM and Dalvik. I know android stopped using Dalvik a long time ago… I was replying to the guy who said Android is bloated due to JVM. The guy just doesn't know crap about Android runtime, let alone talking about JVM.

    • anyone doing serious software programming would know this is not enough.

      • +6 votes

        Oh I know but I'm getting negged for saying anything bad about their precious apple product.

      • I thought the Pro would have higher RAM by default, at least on the higher model. At this point the Pro doesn't offer much over the Air. The M1 Macbooks get me really interested, but I'll have to wait for the next gen chip that hopefully supports 32GB configuration.

        • It has a fan so it won’t eventually start throttling until much later in a process, and a better screen. Oh, and that Touch Bar thingy. YMMV.
          Personally for most use cases for these low end macs, the MBA will do from the reviews I have seen. The fanless MBA seems to cope just fine.

      • Agreed, my current work macbook pro is 16gb ram and it's not enough. My last Dell work laptop was 32Gb and it was right amount.

    • Tbh a lot of reviewers have said you can get away with 8gb ram given Apple have managed to optimise memory sharing so well.

      • yeah lot of reviewers don’t use xcode and other development tools running all day.

        • And hardly any end-users.

          I'm not defending Apple. Their usury prices on RAM is like a salesman sticking a "kick me" sign on you after you bought the most expensive suit in the store at full bottle.

          • @Daabido: for everyday use it’s fine. i’m talking specifically in software development.

            • @nsuinteger: As a developer. Depends on what you're developing and how. I'm personally more worried about external device compatibility and the fact that, for now, I run a lot more stuff that doesn't target ARM. If I was targeting ARM this would be a great device to have, and if I needed more I'd be remoting into a more powerful server anyway. I've got colleagues developing on iPads remoting into 4GB ram Raspberry Pi's :o

              For me, I'm more cautious of this being a 'gen 1' device, I expect in a year or two this will look very old, and I'm waiting for 5G and Wifi 6E to be integrated which is at least 2 years away. Also better displays etc, they've kept the same chassis etc when it's really due for an upgrade.

              Also worth noting that the M1 laptops only support one external display. (Two for the M1 mac mini). That's a bigger deal for most developers than the RAM.

              • @jkart: Does it support Ultrawides? I guess that'll be the only option then.

              • @jkart: Given how long it took for Wifi 6 to appear (relative to Android mobiles and Windows PCs), I think 2 years away would be on the optimistic side :P And if Apple ever offer integrated mobile data in one of their laptops I'd be pleasantly surprised :)

                I don't think there's enough distinction between the M1 Air v Pro and agree with the external display limitation, the "pro" should have supported multiple displays at least.

              • @jkart: There appear to be ways to attach as many as 5 monitors using DisplayLink USB 3 adapters.


            • @nsuinteger: Why would a software developer buy a low end machine?

    • If running first party Apple apps or sticking to lighter workflows you'll probably be fine for a couple of years, which will be the vast majority of users who buy these things.

      However if your workflow involves heavy use of Adobe apps or other 3rd party apps while multitasking 8GB will likely become a problem. Those adobe apps are very unlikely to be as optimised as Apple's apps

      Remember that the 8GB is pooled system memory functioning as both system memory and graphics memory for the integrated GPU.

      Seen quite a few 'tech youtubers' comparing the 8GB vs 16GB models but only testing one app at a time to see if there is a performance difference (there is obviously no difference in those simple scenarios) or just opening a bunch of apps but doing nothing with them. Some of them not even looking at memory pressure or Swap usage at all during their 'testing' (what a bunch of twits, it's not rocket science to open up Activity Monitor or to test multiple heavy workflows at once which will be the main reason to get more RAM).

      • Here’s a 20 minute video proving you 100% wrong.


        You’re uninformed. please stop commenting.

        • Thanks for linking that video, the reviewer did a better job than the people I watched by actually showing RAM usage, and by talking about Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom performing fine. Nevertheless she ran only each app alone, without significant multitasking - e.g. simultaneously running commonly used ram gobbling apps (e.g. Chrome) and a few demanding pro apps at the same time. For those interested the most relevant part of the video regarding RAM starts at around 11:30

          The key point of my original comment was that "if your workflow involves heavy use of Adobe apps or other 3rd party apps while multitasking 8GB will likely become a problem"

          The main problem I had in mind is alluded to by the reviewer herself when she mentions it hitting the 8GB RAM limit when she was using Apple Final Cut Pro previously (not the part shown in the video) causing the mac to use virtual memory/swap memory. While she says that it feels fine, it is best to avoid using large amounts of swap memory regardless. This is because it dramatically increases writes onto the SSD, significantly increasing wear and reducing the potential lifespan of a key non-user-replaceable part. She herself even recommends getting a 16GB model if you don't want your Mac constantly hitting the SSD for swap memory/virtual memory when running pro apps (at around 13:19 in the video).

          From her statements the M1 Mac's SSDs seem to be fast enough to avoid stutters in her testing of Apple Final Cut Pro when it started memory swapping previously. However, we cannot definitively say that in every very heavy workload with multiple apps running that 8GB will not lead a reasonably significant reduction in performance when compared to the 16GB models.

          There is a significant possibility in certain workflows that there will be performance differences when you consider that the super fast SSD still only provides a fraction of the speed of DRAM (sub-3GBps transfers vs well above 20GBps for current gen DRAM). This could be exacerbated particularly if there are other factors at play (e.g. significantly raised memory pressure leading to even greater swap utilisation, having a nearly full SSD that can reduce the performance of the drive, having software that heavily relies on utilising fast memory bandwidth etc.). This has not been extensively explored or definitively proven one way or the other by the reviews that are currently available.

          Nevertheless, as I originally said, the vast majority of users will use this for lighter workloads and won't need to run multiple highly resource demanding professional applications together along with RAM gobbling apps like Chrome simultaneously. It will therefore perform great for the vast majority of people buying the 8GB model.

          I must highlight that your statements including 'proving you 100% wrong' (which was not backed up by that link) and 'You're uninformed. please stop commenting' is quite a rude and somewhat childish attempt at shutting down discussion. I think it may be you that needs to stop commenting for a bit to think about the garbage tone of your comments and (hopefully) ditch the trash attitude

          • +2 votes


            I must highlight that your statements including 'proving you 100% wrong' (which was not backed up by that link) and 'You're uninformed. please stop commenting' is quite a rude attempt shutting down discussion. I think it may be you that needs to stop commenting for a bit to think about the garbage tone of your comments and ditch the trash attitude

            Sadly this has been the state of affairs with apples user base. Holier than thou. Tim apple could do no wrong, blame the consumer attitude. It fits my use case so therefore must be something wrong with you if it doesn't.

            Instead of having a conversation/discussion why one who thinks they may need more than 8GB of RAM in this laptop. I agree for the vast majority of those who will buy this 8Gb RAM will suffice. There will always be those that may need more. Hence the discussion.

            • @xoom: Regardless of whether someone is an Android fanatic or an iPhone fanatic, Mac fanatic vs PC fanatic, it irks me when the reply is quite rude and demonstrates an incredible resistance to discuss things further or properly consider alternative viewpoints or considerations. I use Macs, PCs, and an iPhone currently everyday (previously android) and can appreciate the various strengths of each while not being blind to certain downsides (no platform will ever be 100% perfect)

              • @AussieDeals: I agree. Rather than having a meaningful conversation/discussion about viewpoints. They go for the rude and dismissive statements.

                I mentioned shrinking battery sizes in phones and why I would like the battery sizes to be larger. Shut down by comments oh it "optimised you don't need a bigger battery." Rather than being open to consideration why anyone would want or need both optimisation and a bigger battery they just become dismissive.

                The other time I mentioned right to repair and device serialization. Shut down with comments. You don't need to replace the camera. Why you need to do that? Or I will never bring my device to a non authorised repairer. When I said you don't have to. You can choose to continue to go to the manufacturer. Got the unnecessary "try harder comment"

    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PP1_4wek4nI

      M1 memory architecture is different to X86.

    • Yeah I know iOS doesn't require as much RAM as Windows, but I like to keep my MacBook for long term, still using my 7 year old MacBook Pro with 8GB RAM, but buying a brand new MacBook Pro now with the same 8GB RAM again just does not give me much confidence at all. Minimum 16GB RAM or bust.

    • So many people defending 8GB…. Can we just accept that Apple are being cheapskate in this area?

      • But you don't need more than 8GB of RAM. Even when you do. You still don't need it. The Apple people have spoken. Got it?


    • Here is a comparison of 8GB vs 16GB, as you would expect, geekbench benchmarks don’t really cover prolonged heavy workloads.

      Anyway, in most cases the 8 GB does pretty well and only suffers for activities most buyers of what was the lowest end MBP wouldn’t have used them for anyway. Buy the 16 GB version though and it competes with a top end i9 with a discrete Radeon Pro 5500M which costs two and half times as much

      XCode compile
      8GB M1 MBP13. 136 seconds
      16GB M1 MBP13. 122 seconds

      8K R3D RAW to 4K export
      8GB M1 MBP13. 13 minutes 57 seconds
      16GB M1 MBP13. 5 minutes 59 seconds
      16GB i9 5500M MBP16. 5 minutes 30 seconds

      Lightroom 42MP export
      8GB M1 MBP13. 3 minutes zero seconds
      16GB M1 MBP13. 2 minutes 43 seconds
      16GB i9 5500M MBP16. 2 minutes 50 seconds

      It was the 8K export where the 8GB was a big limitation.

      Conclusion: Notably, during these benchmarking performance tests, Max Tech saw low performance temperatures that didn't often require the fans to kick in, which was a huge difference when comparing the M1 MacBook Pro models to Intel MacBook Pro models.
      Max Tech's video is worth watching in full for those who are trying to decide between a machine with 8GB RAM and a machine with 16GB RAM. There appear to be some minor performance differences when it comes to benchmarks, especially with system intensive tasks, but in day to day usage, the 8GB model holds up well and most people may not need the 16GB upgrade.

  • stack up 15% discounted gift cards from Coles tomorrow :)))

  • Do I miss anything? I checked apple’a website. Do they only have the 8gb version for Australian market?

    • 16gb is an option on both Air and MBP models, just add it in the options through the Apple website

      JB do special order Macs too but you won't get this pricing

      • That’s the reason why we are here at OzBargain in the first place, to get the special discount on MBP. If I am to pay full price, I might as well just get it from Apple store, would not bother with JB Hifi.

    • I guess you check on the phone. Desktop apple website gives you very obvious place for RAM upgrade. On the other hand, mobile website looks like there is no way to customise.

      • I did check on my phone and was very disappointed. Thanks. will check again on my computer when I get home.

  • This is the exact price for Staff price at Officeworks, combine with vouchers or pricebeat at OW.

  • With Coles 15% discount cards , will jb hifi allow to swipe 18 of those Coles gift card ?

    • This thread seems to suggest no. And you might not be able to get 18 gift cards either.

      • Why not? Just buy x5 $100 gift cards at a time from Coles in separate transactions.

        Then walk into JB and buy a $500 JB GC with x5 $100 Him/Her cards. Repeat at JB if they let you or go to another JB.

        Buy your MacBook with the $500 JB GCs.

        • Was planning for that, but now that posts suggests you can have max of $500 as gift card per transaction. Bummer