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20% off Kindle Oasis 8GB /w Warm Light $319 (Save $80), Kindle 10th Gen $99, Kindle Paperwhite $149 @ Amazon AU


Amazon has just dropped their Kindle prices by 20% for a limited time and right before Black Friday.

  • Save 20% off RRP on Kindle Oasis - prices ranging between $319.00 and $449.00

  • Save up to $60 off RRP on Kindle Paperwhite - prices ranging between $149.00 and $189.00

  • Save $40 (29% off) off RRP on Kindle (10th Gen) - priced at $99.00

Direct link to all devices on sale can be found here.

NOTE: some items are listed as in stock on December 12, 2020. but delivery will be before Christmas.

This is only my second post so please let me know if I have missed anything and I shall update it, thanks.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • oasis 8gb is the same price as prime day deal

    • I'm glad they at least kept the same pricing. I was up in the air on whether I would pull the trigger and decided to take the gamble and wait until BF to see if they gave a steeper discount. I figured it would likely be the same or possibly less, so I'm happy it's not less. But considering it's expected to be $175 in the US, which works out to be around $240 AUD… rolls eyes

      • but do consider us price is pre-taxed

        • Their average sales tax is around 7%. So that's not a huge increase off the pre-taxed price. Even at ~9% (which is about the highest they have) it's still not a huge difference on $175. If memory services correct, I was paying about 6 or 7% when I lived there.

    • Prime day cash back was 10% at either cash rewards or ShopBack. Only 7% at the moment.

  • I'm buying a Kindle for my mum for Christmas, is it worth the extra money for the Paperwhite from the OG Kindle?

    • Depends on how much you love your mum ;-)

      Some people complain about the metal being too cold or too hot, but the warmer lights and physical buttons nailed it for me. That, and the bigger screen. Some people prefer the smaller screen but the Oasis is much better for me. Plus it'll be in a cover, so temperature issues won't bother me.

      I read some of the comparison reviews and YouTube comparisons to make my decision, but it might be easier making a decision for someone else. Rumour has it the warmer lights will be added to the Paperwhite next year, but no dates or time frames have been given… just rumours based on the normal 2 year release cycle of the Kindle.

  • Gotta read a lot of books to justify 300 kangaroos - equivalent to 15 ebooks. Also, if you can read 15/year it would take you 3 years to break even assuming ebooks ars on average 7aud cheaper than paper.

  • Anyone is using audible? I wonder if there is a benefit of using audible on a kindle or just use it on my phone or a kobo reader

  • Not upgrading untill they add USB-C

  • I've got an old v3 kindle, just contacted amazon support and said a friend mentioned a discount for existing kindle owners. They offered an additional $25 off as a refund after ordering an 8gb paperwhite.

    • I tried this just last week and they rejected me… let me try again, thanks!

      • Okay - additional info: your device needs to be outside of warranty or faulty for the discount to be offered.

      • I tried first time and they said no cause my old one worked.
        Jumped in again a few weeks later and said the old one was broken and they said they'll give me 15% refund once I receive my new one.

        • Battery is stuffed on my old Kindle, so just did the same and got the same 15% discount.

        • The support person at first mentioned 15% but then said $25 refund after purchase (more than 15% of $150).

          12:40 AM AEDT <amazon>: Since your already a Kindle owner if you will buy a new Kindle directly on the Amazon.com.au we can give a 15% discount.
          12:40 AM AEDT <me>: that sounds great :)
          12:42 AM AEDT <amazon>: Like for example our Kindle paperwhite black Friday deal price is $149.00 originally $199.00 we can give you additional $25.00 off.

  • Has anyone price matched?

  • Thanks OP. Bought one with 10%Zip cash back+ 12%Shopback