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Pioneer SP-FS52 Tower Speakers - $399 a Pair + Shipping @ Kogan


These have a reputation as great cheap floorstanding speakers for music lovers, performing way above their price point. As three-way, four-speaker towers almost 90cm high, they're also good for home theatre. They were designed by probably the world's best-known speaker designer, Andrew Jones, before he moved to Elac.

I have not tried them, but know them by reputation in the hi-fi world, and the price caught my attention. RRP seems to be $399 each. Of other retailers, Melbourne Hi-Fi seems the cheapest at $698 a pair.

"The Pioneer SP-PK52FS breaks new ground for quality sound at a budget price." - CNet

"If I were new to this hobby and wanted to try my hand at building a home theater but didn't want to go broke should things not work out, I'd start by taking a serious look at the Pioneer SP-FS52 floor-standing loudspeaker." - Andrew Robinson, Home Theatre Review

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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    Just look like they'd take up so much space tho!

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    Remember the cool dudes who used to sell these out of their white vans?

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      I bought his last set, suckers what a deal I got


    What happened to pioneer….. can’t even be bothered to google it.
    It seemed to be universally known that they went from respected to irrelevant something like 10ish years ago.


      pivoted into the higher margin and more stable B2B world… except in USA where there's still a good market with cheap logistics.

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      They bet their fortune on in-car technologies and lost.

      They sold their AV business to Onkyo in 2014 after it was no longer viable without plasma TV which was their bread and butter in the late 00s, and then sold their DJ business to capital venture in 2015.

      Even after selling those key businesses, they still pumped it into car technology and as of 2019 delisted from the stock exchange, and would have gone bankrupt in 2018 if a capital venture group didn't bail them out to the tune of the loans they were about to default on.

      They still own their car audio business that consumers can buy, but the rest of their efforts is stuff like OLED staging (lighting). I think they've dabbled in medical equipment too.


        They're market leaders in digital DJ equipment and have been for a decade or so

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          Just mentioned that they don't even own the DJ business anymore. They sold it in 2015.


            @BradH13: Totally missed that on mobile. Who owns their DJ business now?


              @Mentok: KKR, an investment firm, but they sold it again this year to Noritsu.


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    if i buy this, I may need a sub and a middle at least. that's extra cost.


    Bought the same model for $300 delivered from Amazon US over 2yrs ago. Sound quality is very nice for gaming and music with high clarity, although lack of low frequency. Need to pair with a subwoofer. Overall good speakers.


    So is it worth it? I still got Kogan first


      Based on all the reports, if you want decent new floorstanders for under $400, these are the ones to get.


    These are good speakers. I think the series were designed by Andrew Jones before he left for Elec. I own the 2-way model just because don't have enough space for the pair to speak loud though.

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    Why do I need two soundbars?