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Black Friday Sale 5% off Storewide @ The Saibamen


G'day Everyone!
I have recently opened a store selling Dragon Ball Super Card Game products and accessories. We are having our first sale today which includes in stock product and pre orders for 5% off with the code above. If the store is successful we will be moving into other card games and hobbies! Thanks for looking and let me know if you have any questions!

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  • My personal guide to discounting
    0%-10% really why bother (unless high end goods) 10%-20% you have piqued my interest, I shall visit your store. 20%-50% should be a bargain here let me see what i dont need and buy it anyway. 50%-90% I dont like it or want it or need it but I will buy it anyway. 90%-pricing error Buy it all, buy every one of them I dont care what or where I am getting it.

    • couldn't have worded it better myself!

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      Thanks for the tip! Thing is even with just a 5% discount that makes this the cheapest you can buy these products anywhere locally as far as I know. I guess it will mostly only appeal to people who would buy the product anyway and want any discount they can get. I suppose I could list at RRP (which is almost 40% more than I have things listed for) and then give a massive discount, but I prefer to have low prices to begin with. Thanks for the food for thought, I'll definitely consider my options!

      Edit: the 90%-pricing error part of your post made me lol

      • So it falls into the high end goods category. Good luck with your business.


          Thanks :)

          • @Rusty4: From one tcg fan to another; is your business a labor of passion?

            Yugioh and Magic are still big enough to hold weekly tournaments in most cities; but its been a long time since ive seen a dbz card game advertisement. Even pokemon still invests in tv advertising.

            Why this game specifically?


              @MasterScythe: It's definitely a passion, I play this game religiously (and am actually pretty good - current SA regional champion :). We have a decent sized community in Sydney with 5 different "locals" running weekly that get 10-20 players each. Advertising is where the game is lacking though. I run a youtube that helps promote the game and try to spread the word as much as I can (even get exclusives straight from Bandai sometimes!), but that only really helps if you know about the game already. It's a hell of a lot of fun to play! Feel free to check my YT out if you like!


              I want to start selling Pokemon also as I am an avid collector myself, but Banter (distributor) is being very difficult atm, so that's on the backburner.

              • @Rusty4: Neat. Didnt realise it was still that big.

                I remember back in 2004 or so, when every table at supanova was DBZ tournaments.

                Come 2007 or so, I never saw it again :(
                Glad to hear its still popular for those who enjoy.

                I wish the mature Pokemon scene was bigger; I love the TCG for its strategy element; because unlike say, magic, you can predict your opponents deck slightly, so theres much more skill.

                But being a 30ish fella schooling the kiddies with cards that you submitted eratta on, but was 'denied', is just cruel :p


                  @MasterScythe: Ah this is actually a new tcg not the original DBZ one! This game has only been around for 3 years, but is growing steadily!! I deal your 30ish pain haha. Finding time for everything is impossible sometimes.