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Olympus OM-D E-M1X Camera Body $2517 (+ $500 Prepaid Visa via Redemption) @ CameraPro


This top of the line camera is now suddenly more affordable. The CameraPro promotion brings the camera down to $2,517, and Olympus will provide a $500 prepaid visa card with purchase of this camera (effectively making the cost of the camera $2,017).

Details of the Olympus cash back promo can be found here:

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  • its amazing to me that they would try to make a super professional mirrorless with a 2x crop ratio…

    at this point why not just go FF?

    • portability… thinking about the size of olympus 300mm f4 and Sony 600mm f4- even 200-600mm

      • i do get that

        2x makes telephoto shooters happy given your 300 is now 600

        dont you lose a fair bit of aperture/stops though

      • Interesting decision to give it the unremovable battery grip when portability is the main reason people go the M4/3 system. I'm not sure why they didn't just make it removable and include it in the box or something.

        But yeah, I moved to Sony and have the 200 - 600 and it's miles bigger and heavier than the Panasonic 100 - 400 (which gives a max equivalent focal length of 800!).

      • I'm not sure the claim a 300/4 on m43 is worth a 600/4 on ff really holds… OK at this price (hugely discounted as the system has all but failed) but the a7r4 is 61mp vs this at 20mp.. So that cropped pixel density advantage of m43 is lost IMHO, as you can crop the a7r4 images down too, or not if you want true glorious 61mp FF..

        I went from this same sensor (long time oly/panasonic user, I even had original 43 too) to the a7m3 and friend went from the same to a7r4, there is just no comparison when it comes to ISO performance or DR.

    • I am sure olympus is not targeting those who prefer bigger cmos (and hence bigger lense) than other features they offers such as AF, IS, other dark arts of the m4/3.

      But… I am with u, no way for me to pay the similar amount of money (say sony a7 III or even the a9) for a sensor a quarter of the size (and similar body size) … cmos size does matter.

    • The crop doesnt affect much for practical purposes and it's a lot cheaper. The real weakness is in the low resolution letting down basically the entire olympus line up. Shame we never got to see the 47mp mft sensor and i doubt we will now that panasonic has moved to ff.

      • The crop doesnt affect much for practical purposes and it's a lot cheaper.

        2x crop doesn't affect much? That might be just me, but I'd rather stick to my old 5d which is around 20MP but full frame.

        • Yes, for practical purposes all those explanation images you see where theres actual crop occuring dont happen because of ff equivalency.

          • @Jenny Death: Fair, I'm still using my great EF lenses. But I'm convinced it's just a different quality (DOF, bookeh, sharpness) when shooting full frame, just like it is when shooting middle or large format. Correct me if I'm wrong!

            • @bouncybear: They are different to some degree, but most aspects can be controlled to the point that AB testing is inconclusive (the same for some ff mf tests), plus the cinematic results of a p4k or gh5s beat out almost all apsc and a lot of ff cameras for video work (where ef lenses are often used with a speedbooster). In saying that theres cases where mft straight up can not compete with with ff, mainly super low light. Of course theyre still more portable (even this model when compared to the ff equivs), even if the margin is smaller these days.

              • @Jenny Death: Fair enough.

                What AB testing though?

                • @bouncybear: Have a look around for different comparisons in real world settings. In studio conditions with a fixed target most tests arent at the same resolution so its not the fairest of tests. Regardless i woulsnt really be buying into mft right now unless you managed to get a killer deal, which was actually my reason for getting the em10mkii.

    • As a long time micro four thirds user, I totally agree, the size goes against what the format is all about. That said this is still the best micro four thirds camera available, so for anyone already invested in the system this is an appealing camera.

  • Don't forget to activate Shopback 2%.

  • This top of the line camera is now suddenly more affordable

    I believe this has to do with them selling their camera business sometime ago?

  • It's less than 1kg, and apparently built like a tank. Those that have it are very pleased with it, including photographers that I've spoken with personally. But, yeah, for me personally it's too big. The new E-M5 III is more my style.

    • I’m very happy with mine. It’s about 200g heavier than my E-M1 mk1 with the grip attached and two batteries on board. I never took the grip off my old EM-1 so for me that is a valid comparison. YMMV

      • Yeah….I like my cameras gripped. I took the grip off my Pentax K-1 recently to do some walk around, and hated it. The K-1 is huge, so I shouldn't really need the grip on it, but it feels better to me.

        The E-M1 ii I have fits into a small casual camera bag I have, with the grip attached. Again, it feels far better to me with the grip, and for good reason since the bottom of my hand is holding nothing without it. I don't think it will come off very often - I prefer to find the room to carry it with grip. If I really need smaller, then I pick up the GX9, or even GM1!

        I understand that the E-M1X is a little bigger, but I can see the benefit. If you want better (professional) control of the camera, that size/shape will probably suit most people. You still do away with a lot of glass, so size/weight is still a saving.

  • Anyone know if this is this local stock? or grey? And not sure if this shop is reputable…


  • They've hiked the price to $2999

  • It's down to $2699, so far the lowest since everyone jacked the price back up