Burning Feeling on Eyes When Playing Game. How to Fix It?


I get a burning feeling in the eyes when I play for more than 10 minutes on TV+Console. However, Watching TV passively is fine as well as working on Computer for 10-15hrs continuously.

It gets worse when I concentrate on the combats. I am afraid that If I go to a doctor, he/she is going to ask not to play games. I tried the Tear drops, blinking a lot, and Colour blocking glasses - Nothing seems to work.

If I continue playing, it takes a week for the burning feeling to go away. I paused playing for 2 years due to family commitments and now unable to restart. :(

Anyone had similar experience? Should I consult an eye specialist?


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    Stop playing and go outside.

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    See a doctor? Yes not playing games is the worst that could happen…..losing your eyesight is not………..

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      Not many doctors would take this seriously I bet. They would definitely ask me to stop playing or prescribe me some tear drops. Anyway, I am going to see GP this weekend and get a recommendation. Never been to an optometrist. Thought of asking here to see if anyone had suffered the same and found a remedy.

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        Go and do an eye test, a good one will test your under eye blood vessels and the health of your eye.

        Dad being find our one of the vessel is very narrow and get an eye surgery done within 1 month and being told if this is not being found,he may lose part of his eyesight and it will be too late

        • Damn. Thats scary. This week it is.

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          Dad being find our one of the vessel is very narrow and get an eye surgery done within 1 month and being told if this is not being found,he may lose part of his eyesight and it will be too late

          Huh? Do I need an eye test too, or does this not make sense?

          • @Scrooge McDuck: You can do eye test once a year which Medicare cover it. It has no relationship if you need glasses or not.

          • @Scrooge McDuck: Go to any optometrist like specsavers have an eye test they will cover all the checks it is covered by Medicare then you can go to your doctor with results in hand. There are many reasons for this problem so having a test first will give you the answers you need.
            ( I have no connection with specsavers but use them all the time.)

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            @Scrooge McDuck: The way it's written is hard to understand, but since I have to wear glasses, I know they can check the back of your eyes and such to check for disease and other issues.

      • Never been to an optometrist.

        Skip the GP and just go to the optometrist, they're more specialised in eye issues. Get an eye test at Specsavers, they'll take photos of your eyes and it's all covered by medicare.

        • Just did book with Specsavers for tomorrow. GP prescribed me an eye drop that is sold in Woolworths. :-/ I have tried that and many.

          • @amazonaddict: Which one? Woolies has a very limited range. Try systane complete.

            • @Ughhh: Yes It was systane eye drops. He did not mention anything about ‘complete’. Will get the complete one. Thanks.

          • @amazonaddict: What does it matter who sells it? Woolworths also sells ibuprofen and I prescribe that for so many things. I would have prescribed you to stop playing the game. 😋

            Also recommend you see an optometrist.

            • @jazoom: Oh you are a doctor? Respects. Yeah, you are right. I was expecting something that was not an over the counter medicine. I actually worked hard and saved up a lot so that one day I could stay home and play games all day. Now I am almost there and all of sudden my eyes giving up is very upsetting.

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                Oh you are a doctor?


                I was expecting something that was not an over the counter medicine.

                A common problem with patient expectations. If you go see a witch doctor and they perform some big ritual you'll feel much better about paying them than if they just wave their hand over your head and send you out the door. How complex or obtainable a remedy is doesn't necessarily correlate with how efficacious it is. Sometimes I prescribe water. Sometimes I prescribe to stop doing something. Sometimes I prescribe a super expensive medication. It doesn't matter, as long as it's the right treatment. I don't know that what your doctor prescribed is the best treatment, but that's irrelevant to my point of it not mattering where you buy it.

                I actually worked hard and saved up a lot so that one day I could stay home and play games all day. Now I am almost there and all of sudden my eyes giving up is very upsetting.

                I guess it's good you've had this goal you're working towards. Unfortunately you're in for a bad time, physically speaking. Your eyes are not the only thing that will suffer. Probs your spine too. Probs other things. I recommend you get some good advice on exercises and be diligent in doing them.

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    What's your sleeping pattern like? My eyes fry like crazy whenever I (profanity) mine up playing video games.

    Drink more water, less coffee, sleep better and take breaks (admittedly i tend to skip this one) and make a concious effort to blink more.

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      I get 8 hours sleep, drink good amount of water. I am to take breaks every 10 mins, I would rather not play. :D Anyways, I'll try the "conscious effort to blink" thing. Thanks.

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        Yeah its terrible lol I've been to an optomitrist and an ophthalmologist and that's what they told me.

        Maybe try turning your screen brightness down as well, I play dota so I cant really focus too much on blinking hahaha so what I do is just close my eyes for a couple of seconds and force my eyes to tear up.

        Good luck

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          I just think about my dear kitty passing away in my arms and it gets me every time. :'(

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          I tend to have those issues when I'm overtired from a lack of sleep too, I think turning down the screen brightness would really help, most people have the screen brightness up so high it's like staring into direct sunlight.

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      I read them articles. Second one might have some point. I will try reducing the brightness. Thanks.

  • i get motion sickness when playing FPS games. I just avoid that genre completely.
    I would see a doctor if your eyes are actually burning, not sure on when your laying are you already tired and trying to play?

    • I don't play for the sake of playing and I only play when I feel fresh. If I am tired I just goto sleep. As you said, a visit to the doctor might be the best solution.

  • get a pair of those blue light protection glasses or download f.lux to get rid of blue light if on pc.

    • I already have those glasses. Yellow tinted and plain blue light blocking glasses. They did not help.

      • Have you had your sight tested?

        • After reading zekamashi's comment above, I just called my GP and booked an appointment at 2.15 pm today Hope they can recommend an eye specialist.

      • Have you different distances from the TV as well maybe you're too close or too far?

        • Yes I did :D. I tried different distances. Seem to have no effect.

  • Have you tried a handheld console or phone game?

    • No. I only play games that have great scenes and advanced graphics. And only play one game a year.

      • I think you should play a game you hate to see if it's caused by your concentration level.

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    Just go get a free eye test - I needed glasses for computer work, as the eye strain was giving me head aches after an hour on the computer.
    I don't notice a huge difference with or without glasses, but I guess that tiny bit of extra sharpness / clarity I get from glasses reduces the eye strain :)

    • Hmm.. I am not sure where to get free eye test. But, I found some bulk billed eye test places close by. Will book one after todays GP appointment. Thanks for the tip.

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        Yeh, specsavers and OPSM etc bulk bill as far as I know

    • Yeah I agree with this. I've got a similar story. The glasses help a lot with the headaches, and I can see now that the vision that I THOUGHT was fine, was actually a bit crap.

      I wouldn't say I felt like I had burning eyes, but they did feel tired and weird after looking at computers for awhile.

      Getting the glasses has been so good though. Eye problems have gone.

  • What game are you playing now? And which console?

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      Xbox Series Owwwmyeyes :(

      • Speak of the Devil. EB Games just called me and told that I could pick up my XBox Series X. :D

        • Get your GP/optometrist appointment brought forward cause you'll want to have those eyes working in tip top condition asap :)

    • This is year it is Horizon Zero dawn. Wanted to finish this before the next one come. Beautiful game. Still PS4 Pro. Could not secure a PS5. :)

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    Get a TV with a higher refesh rate or even better a 37" computer monitor. You will find that your eyes will deteriorate or may have already deteriorated due to the eye strain you are having by playing on a TV.

    Yes get your eyes tested. Should be free as test are covered by medicare (conditions apply).

    • i have that sony a8 oled tv from 2018. games Looks pretty good on that. I am not sure what frequency rate is optimal for my eyes. Will read up on that.

      • most TVs are 60 hz I just switched from a sony 4k hdr 43" TV to a dell 27 curved gaming monitor running at 144hz Much better for me

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    Visit a doctor, your eyes are far more important than playing video games.

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    Blink man.

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    Get tested for diabetes and Macular degeneration
    I'm a diabetic and have same probs having macular accretion getting laser surgery every 3 mths on r eye waiting now for another 2 to see if its cleared up

    • Oh god. New diseases. I Pray you get better soon and I don’t have the same issue.

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    If you're playing Godfall, that's normal. The developers have already apologised for not making the game more fun.

    • I am not in to those type of games. Only open world RPGs. :)

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    Just returned from GP. He wrote me some eye drops claiming my eye looks dry. Going to book a eye test like others suggested.

    • Best of luck 👍

    • Get your eyes checked at an optometrist like spec savers, not a doctor

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        Yes I did. Appointment with Specsavers tomorrow. Thank you.

  • I get burning eyes if I'm engrossed in a movie or game, then find my eyes are burning and it hurts to blink.

    Make sure you blink regularly, and take regular breaks too so your eyes get exercise focusing at different distances.

    • Hmm. I did not experience this in 2018. I gave gaming a gap year and this problem came out of nowhere. It is comforting to see other people also having this problem and managed to find solutions. But, will update you incase I find out anything from my Eye test.

  • Lay off the gunja? lol

  • Where do you live? It may hayfever.

    • Blacktown NSW area. nah.. No allergies to nature. And The good thing about working from home is I have not contracted any fever or cold in the last 8 months. :)

  • Dry eyes! Get some preservative free lubricating drops, any brand, from chemist or supermarket and pop them in before and during playing. Try to blink a little more and take short breaks to close your eyes and look in to the distance.

    • I tried those drops. My be I am not using them right. Yesterday GP also recommended those over the counter Ear drops and asked me to use twice a day.

      Even if it solves the issue, how long should I have to keep doing it? The tears are gone for good?

  • Burning feeling?? Dont touch your eyes after using hand sanitizer lol

    I learnt my lesson the hardway

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    Are you blinking? Have you remembered to blink?
    Is there an aircon/ fan pointed directly at your face?
    Do you or others, smoke?

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    Dry eyes are a common issue with gaming — you need to blink / look away from the screen regularly.

    More importantly, if you are using a screen late at night, in a dimly lit room, at close distance, your eyes will be subjected to far more bluelight, causing eyestrain, migraines, and longerterm eye damage — computers/tablets/phones are the biggest culprits, TV not so much. Just ensure you have enabled the blue-light filtering / night mode on your devices, and set it high enough to see a yellowish tint, to ensure it is effective — you will not regret it. Bluelight blocking glasses work but they are annoying to wear every day, and you will find it hard to keep using them.

    Of course, take a regular break, every 15-30min too!

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    Ok. I am back from optometrist. Man, I should have done that instead of going to GP first. They spent 30 mins with me, did all the tests in world with very fancy and scary equipments and then explained everything like a great teacher and provided a solution. Cost me nothing.

    The condition I have is Meibomian Gland Dysfunction. That means, my tears will only consist of water and no oil, therefore they evaporate quickly and eyes develop dryness. There is no medication for that. I have to live with this.

    But, to reduce the dryness, the Optometrist recommended to apply Systane Balance 4 times a day. And use Warm Compress and do lid massage every day for 5 minutes. I have to make this as a habit.

    How do feel? Ok I guess. I am relieved that it is not some critical issue, however, bit disappointed that I'll have to spend 10-20 mins a day ding this.

    That's the end folks. Thank you all for your feedback.

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    You aren't blinking enough and your eyes are drying out. Try some visco-tears or similar.

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    If I continue playing, it takes a week for the burning feeling to go away.

    Your body is telling you something.
    Listen carefully.
    And act accordingly.

    Should I consult an eye specialist?

    Yes please, as soon as possible.
    Meantime no video games.

    You only have one pair of eyes.
    When they are gone they are gone and so will be life as you knew it.

    EDIT: two posts up and we got all answers.

    WELL DONE!!!!!!

  • Maybe the TV set is crap, ghosting, blur, input lag, etc etc. ?

  • Its obvious to me


  • Everyone experiences this to some level - young healthy people using high quality monitors might not notice it, but I have no doubdt the damage is being done.

    My own experience, I spent a whole night playing age of empires, when I finally went to bed a woke up blind. The scariest experience of my life - I thought I'd fried my eyeballs. They came good promptly (within hours iirc) - well good apart for the undoubtable damage done.

    But gaming isn't just an abuse of your body, it's a terrible abuse of your time.
    I know people reading this thread aren't going to like it, but I think it's more that you don't want to accept it than that it's not true.

  • Seek medical attention from a doctor rather than the interwebs?

  • I get really bad eye-strain trying to play things at low frame rates. Especially anything with combat.
    I would visit a friend with ~144hz monitor and beefy PC to see if the issue is related to that.

  • Blink more.