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Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein 4.55kg from $115.57 Delivered ($104.01 with S&S) Multiple Flavours @ Amazon AU


Double Rich Chocolate $115.57

Strawberry $118.40

Banana $118.40

Vanilla Ice Cream $126.31

Extreme Milk Chocolate $130.81

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    I don't like cookies and cream but vanilla ice cream is great.

  • Lol I was literally looking at these and got the C&C, amazing flavour!

    Note that the Double Rich Chocolateis also available at $115.57 ($104.01 with S&S)

    • I was just in the process of adding them :)

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        I was thinking of posting the deal too and thought I'd better buy a bag first in case it gets sold out haha.

        For anyone who wants the tubs instead, the prices are not bad either and more flavours available, starting from $61.52 with S&S.

  • Douchle Rich Chocolate vs Extreme Chocolate?

    • +7

      Extreme is way better imo

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      Extreme is said to be better. Only tried extreme myself though

      • It's true double choc isn't that nice. I've only had both with water though.

    • Double rich chocolate is more of a dark chocolate flavor and Extreme more sweet, closer to standard chocolate milkshake.

  • Pls don't neg, is this Ok to consume if I am a diabetic? I searched in google couldn't get a proper answer there were mixed pieces opinions, of information.
    Maybe someone can offer their experiences. Thanks

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      Stick with the real food. Heaps of high protein real food available.

      • Cheers mate

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      Probably better off asking this to your doctor rather than random ozbargainers.

      • agree, thanks :-)

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          Maybe note down the ingredients as well if you're going to ask the doc in case they want to know.

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      This is fine to consume if you're diabetic. Only 3g carbohydrate per serve. Of course there are better things to have but good if you're after something quick.

      • Thanks mate :-)

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      My brother is type 1 diabetic and its fine for him to consume. Only 3g carbs per serve so I would suggest it would be fine, HOWEVER please consult your doctor just to ensure its ok for you.

      • Cheers buddy, I am type 2 and in the mid-XV, I have been going to the gym since the beginning of this year (requested by GP), initially, it was harder but now I go to the gym at least 4 times a week, I can see the good glucose level when I do exercise. The problem is I don't eat meat except, Fish so it is harder to get enough protein and I feel much muscle pain on the forearms and get tired very quickly.

        Love the ozbargainers caring, sharing, and providing opinions

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          Consider looking into a good magnesium supplement to assist with muscle soreness and creatine to assist with muscle repair and recovery (especially if you aren't consuming red meat!), and even the option of EAA's/BCAA's to consume while you workout (again consult your GP if they are ok for you to have first). Also look at adjusting your diet and try to find foods that provide you with a longer lasting energy source. Protein powder is certainly a good/easy source for you if required.

          Hope that helps you mate.

          • @bynum55: Thanks mate, appreciated. It is really good advice, I will take these points and EAA's/BCAA's information to my next GP visit and get his opinion

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          Consider (and talk to your GP about) a ketogenic diet. Ketogenic diets are great for type 2 diabetics as they remove almost all carbohydrates from the diet. Instead your body will turn fat into energy (gluconeogenesis).
          With fish as your main protein source, this is relatively easy. Healthy oils like avocado, olives, peanuts, coconut, fish and eggs are all essential on a ketogenic diet.

          • @thedriver: Thanks mate, I will add this is to my discussion with the GP

    • +1

      Type 1 here

      I use Isopure zero carb protein after weights workout (my bsl spikes after doing weights) but use Optimum N after cardio workouts since I usually drop and have a hypo needing carbs

      Perfectly fine to use depends on how you are with high and lows.

      • Thanks buddy, good to know about the zero carb protein, when I talked to some people they always said, if you are diabetic there is no way to build muscle (I hope for it is an incorrect statement)

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          Definite myth.
          Type 2 is an insulin malfunction; either the cells are resistant to the insulin your pancreas produces, or your pancreas is not producing enough insulin.
          Either way, insulin is not "required" to build muscle tissue within the body, though it can be used in the process. But you can still build muscle without it.
          To build muscle, you need :
          1. to damage the muscle tissue via a progressive overload process,
          2. then provide the environment for greater muscle protein synthesis than muscle protein breakdown.
          The factor above that is often missing for most, is the first, people often don't lift heavy enough weight or total load or create enough time under tension.
          That's not to say you should just go in to the gym (or wherever you're training) and start squatting 240kg; you'll cause an injury. But you do need to stress the muscle enough to cause trauma to the muscle cells, and this starts the repair / fusion mechanisms the occur to increase muscle tissue.
          This will also benefit you by increasing your sensitivity to insulin, which in turn will improve your ability to synthesise protein into muscle tissue after training (with enough overload stimulus).

  • Any recommendations on flavour?

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      - Great taste, goes well with milk or water
      - Mixes well, great consistency

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        • Some monsterism
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    How does subscribe and save work? Will it be the same price every time?

    Can I click it now to save the 10% and then cancel immediately?

    • +2

      No it'll just deliver to you at a set period, less 10% off the current price (current meaning whatever price it is when it ships).

      What I normally do is buy on S&S then cancel it once the item ships. Maybe you're right, you could cancel after ordering but I always waited till shipment confirmed.

      • good tip! always wondered how S&S works

  • This one just only 72.7g of Protein / 100g… normal Isolate include 88g-90g / 100g

    • In my experience 72.7 is pretty high

      What products have 90% protein?

      • Probably unflavoured ones.

        • As well as it depends on the processing used for WPI, Ion exchange generally have higher protein content but more denatured fractions. But really its only a couple of % difference generally. The reason why this is lower is because its a combination of WPI and WPC. As well as for the flavouring etc. Again really the difference is not huge. just take a few more grams and you are fine.

        • Yes, unflavored got 90g

          see this below deal, better than this

    • This isn't an isolate?

    • This is a isolate/concentrate blend. As to ratio I have no idea.

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    Ordered! Thanks OP!

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    Much love OP.

  • see this below deal, better than this… also higher protein %%%

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    Thanks OP! Can anyone comment on the expiry date of this pack? I still have 2 bags to get through from the last black friday sale hehe.

    • Would like to know expiry aswell if anyone recieved theres already

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    You're a champ OP. I ordered two: Extreme milk choc and banana.

  • Would this have stevia in it?

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    They use whey powder in coffee satchels in the supermarket, I guess getting wheys easy, but if you want pure whey suck on a breast, or buy some in the baby isle.

    But if your serious on price, and tomfoolery.

    • You don't get pure whey from breast milk or from baby formula. Very misinformed.

      • Just like the placentas the most unrich nutrient for regrowth.

  • cheers Op, went with extreme choc, worth the extra $10

  • Thanks OP! My Double Rich Chocolate for $104.01 with S&S just arrived. Don't forget to cancel S&S ;)