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Amino Z Whey Protein Isolate WPI 1kg $29.95 Delivered (+$5 credit) / 3kg $69.95 Delivered (+$15 credit) + 25% off @ Amino Z


Thank you everyone for the overwhelming support for this promotion! We unfortunately have exceeded our stock allocation as of this morning and have had to end this promotion prematurely to avoid lengthy backorder delays. All orders placed will be fulfilled within the promised time frames. Thank you again to everyone! - Jay

I've been inundated with requests to run this deal again. So here goes (with something extra):

1kg for $29.95 Delivered + $5 back in store credit (Usually $34.95 + Delivery)
3kg for $69.95 Delivered + $15 back in store credit (Usually $94.95 + Delivery)
Plus 25% off any other Amino Z branded supplements (that's the "something extra") :)

Coupon code: OZB-BLACK (add in shopping cart)

I've done another video today outlining product info and a mixing demo (sorry for the below average editing!): https://youtu.be/6QPMuORIyB8

Update (27/11 12.17pm):

  • As of 27/11 12.09pm, this deal now excludes Choc Coconut and Coconut for new orders only. If you have already placed your order you will not be affected. The discount will no longer apply to new orders on these flavours. This is because we have sold high volumes of these flavours and wait time could exceed 12 weeks for any new orders. All existing orders will be fulfilled within the promised time-frame.
  • As our sales have exceeded projections, we may need to restrict other flavours soon to avoid unacceptable delays in fulfillment.
  • Some flavours are on backorder. New stock for new orders will be produced and shipped within three weeks. If you have already ordered this and did not receive a backorder notification, then stock has been reserved for your order. Please check the product page before ordering.
  • Many flavours are still in stock.

A quick breakdown of the product:

  • Available in: Chocolate, Vanilla Creamy, Chocolate Coconut (like Bounty), Banana, Strawberry, Choc Orange (like Jaffa's), Chocolate Banana (New!), Chocolate Mint (New!), Coconut Ice Cream (New!) and Unflavoured
  • Please note we have limited availability in Chocolate Mint and Chocolate Banana flavours
  • Per serve: 29.1 - 24.4g protein / 0.3 - 0.9g fat / 0.4 - 3.4g carbs (varies between flavours)
  • Protein is grass fed, added hormone free, ultra and micro filtered and cold pressed
  • All natural flavouring and sweetener. We use stevia and no artificial flavours.
  • Soy free - we use sunflower lecithin instead of soy lecithin (which is common in whey proteins)
  • 100% Australian made
  • Backed by our 110% guarantee. Try it and if you don't love it, we'll give you 110% back (in store credit) or a full refund (including delivery). As I mentioned in the video, we offer this so you can try the product risk-free. If you've opened it up to try it we're not going to make you send it back either.

Some other notes:

  • If you're after 3kg, you can choose a 3kg size OR 3x 1kg sizes if you want to try different flavours. We pack these into 1kg pouches so either way you'll receive 3x 1kg pouches. To do so, just add in multiple 1kg options (eg. 1kg Chocolate, 1kg Vanilla, 1kg Chocolate Coconut) and then apply the coupon code in cart.
  • To view the full nutritional panel, just click on the "NUTRITIONAL INFO" tab on the page and then select the flavour.
  • Store credit is assigned as "Z Points" to your account within 24 hours after your order ships. It can then be applied to any future order that you place.
  • Best before dates will be 20-24 months away. We turn this product over very quickly so all current stock has been produced recently.

As an aside, THANK YOU to everyone who has supported us on here and also to everyone who took the time to email me with product feedback - it's the only way we can improve! We have already made several product improvements (the scoop was a common one). And we're in the process of implementing various other improvements and new flavours too. We also now have the amino acid profile published.

Any questions please ask!

Amino Z (Owner and Deals Guy)

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This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • Can definitely say that the Chocolate Coconut tastes legitimately like a Bounty.

    Have previously Ordered Banana and Strawberry flavours and the taste is good.

    Would recommend!

    • Awesome - Thanks for the support and upvote Yuddenator123!


      • No worries also thank you for adding the Amino Acid Profile based on my comments from last time!

        If anyone is interested I believe Leucine: 11400mg per 100G is generally well received in the Protein / Supplement Industry.

      • Last time there was whey protein on sale 5kg for $29 because the exp dates were the same month or already expired. It’s not the case with these ones is it?

        • +1 vote

          Best before dates will be 20-24 months away. We turn this product over very quickly so all current stock has been produced recently

        • +1 vote

          Correct as mentioned by Kas below (thanks Kas). This is fresh stock, not shortdated. It's our own product which we want to give you the opportunity to try at a competitive price point.


      • Hi Jay I have just received my order today. The Choco Banana flavoured bag is leaking so about 1/3 of the bag has been leaked. I can’t use the rest of the bag as the leak is at the bottom so each time I try to open it from the top it starts leaking. I have contacted Vanessa at your end and sent her photos of the leak. Is it possible to send me a new one? Thanks

  • Great deals. I got one last time and I'm looking to buy another one today. My reviews:
    - Everything mixes well with water, milk, or any liquid you want
    - Chocolate and Vanilla taste very good, but Strawberry not so much
    - Packaging is bad, the seal wrapper are easily damaged hence it can't be closed
    - Also experienced some delay on shipping(not Aminoz fault) but just pointing that the courier is not the best

    • I previously mentioned an issue with the courier and Jay and the team are more than happy to switch to Aus Post for example.

      • Oh yes good point also - you can choose which delivery service you would like at checkout. Or if you miss it, just shoot us over an email and we can do it manually.

        There are some area's that some do not ship to (eg. Aramex/Fastway don't ship to PO Boxes).


    • Thanks for the feedback didaswiwaw and I greatly appreciate your support.

      Feedback noted in relation to the packaging - this is something we're currently working on, thanks for the note here.

      In terms of delivery, we are finding delays with both Australia Post and Aramex, both of which are experiencing delays due to the surge in online trade with COVID19. We can offer a pickup if you're in the Sydney area (our store is in Caringbah), but otherwise we'll have the order out within 24 hours.

      Thanks also for the upvote!


    • +1 vote

      I had the same experience for the pros you listed but not the cons.

      Creamy Vanilla is delicious!

      • Awesome glad you enjoyed the creamy vanilla! Thanks for sharing and for the support exa, it's greatly appreciated.


  • I'm gonne give it a go….

    • Awesome! Thanks pyramid. We do have our 110% Guarantee (mentioned in the video) if you're unhappy with it for whatever reason.


  • +3 votes

    I have gained 2.5kg of muscle since purchasing my last protein from the deal below.


    Went through 2 x 2kgs protein now onto the 3rd bag. Is that good or am I not gaining fast enough?

    • +3 votes

      Hey that's impressive Homr (and thanks for your past purchase).

      This is a tough one to answer as everyone will gain muscle at different rates and there are many factors to consider (diet, lifestyle, sleep, training experience, exercise regume, genetic makeup etc). Though supplementing with protein correctly will assist greatly, it will not be the sole factor in determining your success.

      That deal was 3 months ago and 2.5kg of lean muscle in 3 months would generally be considered a very respectable rate of muscle gain. Well done.


      • +2 votes

        Thanks for your response Jay.

        I actually lost 3kg during the covid period between March - September due to gym closure and restaurant closures so didn't eat well either. So its good to get the gains back.

        Will be purchasing more from you guys. Gonna get 2 x 3kg packets

        • Yeah I don't think you're alone there, the gym closures in particular had a huge impact.

          Oh also worth noting, that deal you referred to was on our WPC. This one is on our WPI - the macro's are better and this would be better suited post workout. There is nothing wrong with WPC, just WPI is better.

          Anyway thanks and I appreciate the support!


    • 2.5kg of muscle gain in 3 months is insanely fast. and no, there will not be a noticeable difference between WPI and WPC.

      • Apologies in advance if this is a silly question as I'm quickly commenting while doing work, but how do you determine your muscle gain in weight as compared with overall weight gain (or shift from fat to muscle)? Do you need some smart / body composition scales?

        • There really is no easy way to quantify your muscle gain.
          smart scales and all other 'quick and easy' methods are notoriously inaccurate. Most accurate methods would be DEXA, BodPod and underwater weighing which all cost a pretty penny.

        • Agree with KimKh. Smart scales are your most cost-effective bet, but depending on the brand / reputation of scale, it can be inaccurate from time to time. Doing a Dexa Scan once every few months is a good way to get some indication on what composition the weight you carry has.

          I personally use a combination of my withings smart scale, measuring tape (though this is infrequent), my trusty bathroom full length mirror & my strength increases in the gym.

  • +1 vote

    Hi Jay,

    I am going to order one, could you please briefly explain difference between Concentrate and Isolate? Thanks… love your video…

    • +2 votes

      Thanks in advance Kas!

      In a nutshell - Isolate is a higher quality protein which has a higher protein percentage and a lower carbohydrate and fat content. It's a higher purity protein.

      Hope this helps.


      • Thanks Jay…

      • Jay - As someone who finds it hard to gain weight / muscle due to a fast metabolism and probably not eating enough throughout the day - would the extra carbs and fat content in a WPC be more beneficial to someone like me or is an isolate generally the way to go for post work out?

        • Post workout, if you're training for muscle gain, I'd recommend a WPI for faster absorption and to help facilitate hypertrophy/recovery after a session. You ideally want nutrients as quickly as possible and fat does slow down absorption.

          During the day, it would be much of a muchness and WPC would be fine. But while WPC has more carbs and fat, you're going to want to get more from other sources if you have difficulty in gaining weight.

          Hope this is of help.


  • Hi Jay,

    Not sure if i'm stupid or blind, but how do i use my store credit from the previous deal or is this not eligible?

    EDIT: Never mind, just blind.

    • +2 votes

      Haha - don't worry you're not the first! I think we'll have to make this a bit more obvious, but for anyone else who reads this, it's in the payment section where you select to use your Z Points.

      Thanks for the order!!


      • sorry but I can't see it either…..

        Do you have to be a z member??

        Edit: Found it, its "Spend your points" in the payment method where you enter your credit card details in

  • As always Jay and Aminoz come through with the goods. This mob know how to treat their customers. For those who regularly purchase supplements, the club z subscription is worth it.

  • The amino-z preworkout is great! Any chance you could do a non-stim version? Would love to have those ingredients without the stims as well.

    • You're in luck! Chiara just released the non-stim one https://www.aminoz.com.au/amino-z-non-stim-pre-workout.html.

      It says backorder as the stock isn't in the system, but I'm pretty sure there would be a minimal delay on this. Let me check the ETA for more stock once I can get in touch with her and I'll update you.


      • You guys rock haha I've been buying the last few months (also signed up to the Club Z for the family) and after my orders I kept giving feedback for a non-stim version! This is so awesome!!!! Just let me know the ETA on that please.

        Now my other request was if you guys could make a blended WPI/WPC/Casein protein haha.

        • Good news - Chiara is actually making it right now, so stock should be available by tomorrow on the non-stim.

          The blended protein - that's on the list of considerations. We haven't made firm plans on this, but we are considering it. Appreciate the suggestion!


  • Sorry, whey to much for me.

  • What was wrong with the scoop? Speaking of scoop, the scoop in the beta alanine is huge (holds around 12g)

    • Our old scoop was too small for the serving size, so we had to have a larger scoop.

      Also thanks for the note on the beta alanine, I'll pass that on and we'll have to source a more appropriately sized scoop.


  • +2 votes

    Hi Jay,

    Do you deliver to Australia Post parcel collect location address? in that case you have to send it via auspost? Thanks…

    • +2 votes

      We sure do. If you input a parcel collect, it will automatically be sent by Australia Post by our system.


  • Is this for a specific age group or just for body builders?

    • +1 vote

      This isn't for a specific age group and certainly not only for bodybuilders. This is a milk derived high protein/low carb/low fat protein shake. It is greatly beneficial following exercise to help facilitate recovery. Generally I would recommend it for training, but you can also consume during the day if you are looking to increase your protein intake.


  • Hi Jay,

    Looks like a great deal! I was just wondering if you guys do heavy metal testing for your WPI, I could only see heavy metal testing lab results for the Stevia.


    • Hi sdeals - thanks for the query! We have the following tested for the WPI ingredient: Protein, Moisture, Fat, Lactose, Ash, pH, Scorched Particles, Density, Standard Plate Count, Yeast/Mold, Coliform, E. Coli, Staph. Aureus, Salmonella, Listeria. Heavy metals we do not I'm afraid.


      • Hi Jay,

        On the site, I can see that a test was conducted for heavy metals on WPI in November 2019. Do you know if you will conduct any future tests for heavy metals on WPI? If you do, do you know when that might be?

        • +1 vote

          Hi jnair. This would have been an older batch which was tested.

          I haven't had this query before, but I've added it to the list of things to do. We're looking into getting NMI testing done, but will also look into heavy metal testing for future batches. I cannot say for certainty just yet if we will proceed, but we will definitely consider this as I think transparency is very important for our range.

          Thanks for sharing, I do really appreciate the feedback here.


          • @aminozcomau: Thank you for your response Jay. Adding those testings to your products can add a lot of value as it helps the customers trust the quality of the product especially given that there's a lot of media out there warning consumers of heavy metals found in some protein powder.

            I know testing can be expensive, but I personally would be willing to pay a higher price for a product that has been tested.

            • @jnair: Thanks for that feedback jnair, that's helpful and I'm going to be looking further into this. I agree it can only provide additional value and confidence in our brand.

              I'll be discussing this with the team further next week once everything settles down.

              Thanks again!


  • If you’re sensitive to milk or whey you might try rice and pea protein instead.

  • Thanks, order 3KG - Looking forward to trying out the flavours.

  • Purchased 1kg Choc Mint, 1kg Choc Coconut, and 1kg Banana.
    Keen to try the preworkout but it's a bit expensive at $30.

  • +3 votes

    Bought this last time and the flavours were great, they mix well with both water and milk.

    On a side note, one of the three bags I ordered had a tear and about 10% of the content fell out (due to AusPost delivery).
    Jay sent through a brand new bag + a free shaker as an apology, I did not expect to receive one but they did anyway.

    I sound like a shill but this is a good product offering at a great price. Very good customer service, would not hesitate to buy from here again.

    • +3 votes

      Thanks for the support Jr64 and sharing your experience. Glad you're happy with the product, and also thank you for letting us know about the issue so we had the opportunity to fix things up for you.


  • Purchased Choc-Banana, Strawberry, Creamy Vanilla. Just exploring the flavors :)

  • As nonsensical and as much of an oxymoron as it sounds, the 'unflavoured' one actually has a distinct taste that I'm a fan of from when I last ordered.

    Might stock up some more, cheers Jay :D

    • Oh great. Yeah maybe we should reconsider that name? It is just straight WPI - we don't add any flavour into it, so I guess it's flavoured like WPI :)

      Thanks for the support Stoibs!


    • I feel the same way about pea and rice protein, it tastes kinda oaty. Great in a smoothie.

  • not sure if anyone has asked this question before, is this ok for weight loss as well? i will still be going to gym like twice a week for cardio/weight lifting though.

    • I'm sure Jay will chime in, but 100% fine for weight loss. Its WPI, mostly protein, and no matter what your goal is, protein is vital in any form of diet

    • +1 vote

      The benefit of this protein is that it is a very pure source of protein with very low carbs and fat. With weight loss, you're ultimately looking to expend more calories than what you consume. This can be an effective tool in helping you to do so (as one serve will be around 100-125 calories in water, a bit more than that in milk).

      This protein is ideal post workout to help facilitate recovery. But if you're using it as a source of protein throughout the day, then this can also be beneficial to your weight loss goal, especially if you are using this to replace a higher calorie meal.

      But just as TilacVIP says - protein is a vital nutrient. Just ensure this is used as a supplement to a healthy and well balanced diet.

      I hope this is of help.


    • It’ll help make sure you don’t have any protein shortfalls, which is good for diets and exercise.

  • Great to see you have added the flexibility of having multiple flavors when purchasing 3/5kg since the last deal. Great to have the variety!
    I currently have ~20kg backed up but when the next WPC deal comes out I definitely wanna give AminoZ a go. Also will be on the lookout for some more pre, pitty I don't use WPI and could of got some with 25% off with this deal.

    • Thanks for the upvote and also the feedback knobbs. Yes a number of people requested the option of different flavours, so we took this on board too.

      Just as an FYI, you can get 25% off the pre workout if you like without purchasing the WPI.


  • Ordered 3 last time. I don't actually have large amounts so it's going to take a while to get through. Highly recommend the company.

    • Thanks for the last order gnarkill! And also I greatly appreciate the recommendation, thanks!


  • How safe is it for people with celiac disease? (gluten related)

    Am in need for some new stuff for sure.

    • +1 vote

      Full disclosure - I am no expert here. But this product is gluten free, so if you are unable to digest gluten it will not be an issue. The only allergen contained within this product is dairy. The coconut flavours also have tree nuts (coconut) contained within the flavouring.

      Hope this is of help.


  • Between now and 4 months ago, did you change the blend of the chocolate orange? Tastes the same but the texture of the powder is different. It's still nice, the previous one feels thicker?

    • Thanks for the question Geminist. We may have used a different protein as we hit some major supply issues with COVID19 combined with the wharf strikes in Sydney.

      Everything else would be the same however.


  • Are the ingredients 100% Australian? It can be 'Australian made" from imported ingredients.

    • Thanks for asking - the Ingredients are imported. Organic Cocoa (in the chocolate flavours) is from the Netherlands and the flavouring and protein is sourced from various locations including Europe and NZ. We've been hitting a number of supply issues lately so we're sourcing the protein from where we can.


  • I bought choc, vanilla, and strawberry in the last deal.

    I have almost finished the choc, about halfway through strawberry, and haven't started on the vanilla. I'm not too fussy on flavours so don't really care, but the chocolate is really good and the strawberry is also quite nice, but IMO you've got to like your strawberry milk in the first place to enjoy this one.

    The packaging is not great and I make sure I transfer to a different container. For me I have a few old protein tubs at home and I just dump a bag into the tub and use that as you normally would.

    Creatine is also fantastic but again the packaging is a slight drawback. No dramas though, just dump it into a suitable sealable container and all good.

    Will definitely be ordering some more stuff this time around.

    • Thanks for sharing kayjf. The packaging is something we are currently working on - I agree it's not the best and can be improved further.

      I am however glad that you enjoyed the flavours and also the quality of the powder.

      Thanks for your support!


  • What is the shelf life / expiry of these products? I am looking at either banana or nonflavoured 3kg.

    I am currently have some WPI which I am using but still have about a 6 weeks of supply.

    If they have an expiry of say around 6 months or more, I would be tempted to get a a bag or two.

  • Sorry op, not sure what I am doing wrong.
    I have added 3 x 1kg and shipping with fastway ($9.99) and applied the coupon, but total is coming to $88.63 instead of $69.95.
    What am I missing?

    Subtotal $104.85
    Discount (25% off any other Amino Z product) -$26.21
    Shipping & Handling (Standard Shipping (Order Under $120) - Standard Fastest [ETA: 26th Nov-10th Dec]) $9.99
    You will earn: 78 Z points
    Grand Total $88.63