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R5-3500X | Asus TUF RTX 2060 Gaming PC [B550/16G3200]: $928 + Delivery @ TechFast


Short sharp Black Friday/Cyber Monday contender to consider in the sub $1000 category, with the 3500X and a guaranteed Asus Tuf RTX 2060 6GB Gaming GPU. Effectively drops the price by $70 on the previous 3500X/2060 systems with a Zen 3 onwards-ready board. Upgrades available on all lines, including return of R5 3600 (if you bought the 5700 XT deal and wanted to upgrade to 3600 please email [email protected] - upgrade price has risen as buy price has jumped due to short supply). Housed in the Leaper Air Mini RGB MATX case which has a really small footprint, nice and compact.

Ryzen 5 3500X | Asus Tuf RTX 2060 6GB Gaming PC: $928 after 3500X-2060-BFCM

  • Ryzen 5 3500X 6c/6t processor (R5 3600 upgrade back available)
  • Asus Tuf RTX 2060 6GB Gaming GPU
  • Biostar B550MH motherboard (Zen 3 onwards compatible for futureproofing) (MSI B450 Mortar Max motherboard available for those looking for a higher grade MB (Zen 2/Zen 3 compatible)
  • 16GB 3200MHz RAM (brand/model may vary, upgrades available)
  • 240GB 2.5" SSD (brand/model may vary, upgrades available)
  • 550W PSU (upgrades available, Gigabyte 650W 80 Plus bronze PSU $79)
  • Leaper Air Mini RGB MATX case

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  • Is there an option to upgrade to a better B550 motherboard? The only upgrade there is a b450.

    • +1

      In short yes, but it also requires a case upgrade to an ATX case as they're ATX boards. I didn't offer it because we try to keep BF deals relatively straightforward due to volume, but we can offer the new Lance-V 3 RGB fan case and a Gigabyte Aorus Elite B550 via invoice post purchase of this system as it is, for $210.

  • Not a bad deal, what is the delivery time on this one?

    • +3

      Our regular 14 business day estimate during peak time. We've scaled massively in assembly and testing so we're fully prepped for moving large numbers.

  • How should I go about if I wanted to buy the 5700 XT but with the R5 3600? Could the option be added/ how much extra would it be in that bundle? Thanks.

    • +3

      There aren't enough for me to add it back in on that specific, very popular listing for people to go cart blanche on during BFCM, but if you buy the 5700XT deal and email [email protected] straight after we can issue an upgrade invoice for you.

    • I assume it will be an extra 129 similar to this deal for 3500x -> 3600

      • It's 159. Not really worth it.

        • You are correct, the 3500x from my rough break down with the build cost under 200, the upgrade cost for 3600 at 159 would be more than 70% of its price which is definitely not worth it.

  • Thanks guys, I jumped on the RX 5700 XT deal. Emailed for the upgrade for r5 3600.

    • Thanks! The team will reply with the invoice.

  • +2

    @techfast. I know this is a big ask, and I am probably being lazy, but any plans to have mini itx builds in the future. I am focused on the Coolermaster NR200 case. I don't have the physical space for the big bad atx, so would love to get a sweet deal on a small baby pc.

    • I second this.
      Just something very low key (no rgb led) to sit in the lounge

    • +2

      We get asked a lot so I'm very much aware there is demand particularly in the OzB community - we did have plans for it at the start of this year, but they got COVID-rekt. Not possible now in the current supply environment but is on the radar for next year.

  • When are the rx 5700 xt pics shipping bro I bought one yday? Estimated delivery time?

    • Same as these, within 14 business days šŸ‘

      • Just messaged you for a r5 3600 upgrade :). And also with the cpu upgrade would it still be delivered within 2 weeks? Thanks man

        • It's not delivered within 2 weeks it's shipped within 2 weeks.

      • Just messaged you for an important order issue please getback to me asap please:)

  • The 5700XT is a much better deal. Anyone buying this 2060 should upgrade the power supply which leaves ~$80 difference. I know some people like/need smaller cases but you're paying a high (relative) price for it.

    Although I guess it depends on the games you play/resolution. The 2060 will struggle with some 1440p gaming whereas the 5700XT will do 60 fps in most games.

  • Hi Luke,
    Instead of Biostar motherboard, why not offer the MSI B550 A-Pro instead?

    • +2

      1) doesn't allow us to hit this price point and 2) there's note the stock available we need at short notice and 3) we physically don't have the SKU space for another line of mobos at the moment. We've added at least 20 new boards to our lineup this year already.

      • Oh okay. All good.

  • Does everything have to have pretty flashy coloured lights? or can you turn them off, or save a few $ by buying other hardware without it.

    • +1

      You can disable the lights by holding down the RGB button on the front panel. The fans will still spin.

  • Is the 16gb ram 1 stick or 2 stick dual channel?

    • CL16 ram?

    • 2 sticks. The brand/model may vary. Allied TaskForce is a common model at the moment which is CL16

  • Can anyone who's purchased techfast builds in the leaper air mini vouch for the case quality/build?

    Is it bottom mounted PSU?

    Does it have much room for expansion? Only really need room for say 2 HDD either 2.5 or 3.5inch.

    Also is there room for a PCIe wifi adaptor? Sad to say, but no way I can accommodate ethernet. :(

    • +1

      I'll leave others to comment subjectively on the quality/build, but the PSU is top mounted, there are 2 free expansion slots but room is limited in the case as it is very small form factor. A 2.5" drive will fit either under the GPU or behind the solid side panel. There won't be room for a 3.5" under the GPU. A PCIE adapter will fit with the B450 Mortar mobo but there is not a slot low enough on the B550.

      • Great, thanks. Looking at upgrade options and I noticed the b550 wifi matx for $99. This may just resolve my issues regarding room for wifi adaptor.

        Are you able to disclose brand/specs of the b550 wifi?

        Specifically need to know if it's wifi 6 and if it has BT. I have wireless headphones so need BT also and most Intel ax200 wifi 6 PCIe adaptors will include BT.

        Also would be good to know if it has 2 or 4 ram slots for upgradeability.

        • I just added it yesterday, it will be the MSI Pro VDH WiFi if ordered today 27 November, after that it may vary. That doesn't have those features but does have a low enough slot so a small PCIE card should fit fine in the bottom slot.

      • Hey Luke, thanks so much for all the replies. Fancy the coincidence, I actually picked up a 2nd hand budget tier 3500x/1650 that was bought in May 2020. It's in the leaper mini case.

        I'm super happy with the build, but for the life of me cannot figure out how to turn off the front LEDs on the fans. I have the remote and I can switch colours and settings, but there's no way I can turn off the LEDs and yet keep the fans spinning.

        Is there any way lights can be turned off but keeping the fans spinning?

        • Try holding down the RGB button for a few seconds.

  • iā€™m kinda surprised that rtx 20 series don't have much price drop. The price history shows that 2 years ago your 2600+rtx2080(as a new gpu at that time) + a free game was $1400…

    • Not enough supply of rtx 30 series for expected trends

  • +1

    Is there going to be some black friday Rtx 3080 deals from techfast?

    • Not at this stage. No availability.

  • Hmm, very close to pulling the trigger. Will there be any similar deals tomorrow from techfast?

    • Not sub $1000. Got a higher end ripper coming today though.

  • Hi Luke,

    I received my pre-built pc desktop last weekend, however, after I connected the pc to the monitor, there is no signal at all. The HDMI cable is fine, and I connected to the video card, but still no signal.

    I contacted you via [email protected] and [email protected] this Monday, my email is [email protected], so far, I haven't got any reply and response, I tried to contact you by phone line, however, it is closed. So I was wondering if you can see my comments here, could you help me with that, it is really disappointing when you received a brand new PC but it can't work. # Luke

    Thank you.

    • I just checked both inboxes and can't find the emails you're referring to, so that would be why you haven't had a response. The last email from that address was on Nov 16. I'll get someone to call you now!

  • Hi Luke, do you include the M.2 screw in the box too, even if the system has not been configured with an M.2 SSD?

    • +1

      Yep, it will be in the accessories box.

      • That was fast. Thanks!

  • I would definately buy if it had different case, msi forge or any other case.

  • Luke please give a different case in this deal, thanks.

  • Is this good enough for cyberpunk 1080p 144hz?

    • With no one having played the game yet, it's impossible to say definitively either way

  • Thank you @luketechfast! Just ordered.

    My first computer from you after heeding a trusted friend's recommendation.

    Hope it'll all go well :)

  • Thank you @luketechfast :)

    I just ordered the 5700 XT deal and emailed for the upgrade to the R5 3600.

    Shouldn't be any issues?

  • Looking to buy first gaming PC instead of PS5, Would this last me a few years playing RDR2 on ultrawide 1440p at 60fps?

    • +1

      No, a 2060 graphics card isn't adequate if you want to run at higher settings.

      You probably want a 3060 Ti deal, which one or more shops will hopefully start posting soon (or at minimum a 2070 super or 5700xt if potentially willing to make small graphics setting compromises). Price range will clearly be higher than this though.

  • Received mine this morning in Sydney — the delivery is actually quicker than I've anticipated.

    I've picked the default case (Leaper Air Mini) and MB (appears to be Biostar B550MH). It's indeed quite a cheap & nasty minimalistic built :) I went with the RAM & NVMe upgrade and there isn't even a mounting bracket for an extra 2.5" drive, and as Luke has commented it would have to go behind the motherboard or under the GPU.

  • Hey @luke - do you have anything similar to this at the moment?

    • Trying, hard to get a hold of mid tier gear atm.

      • Thanks, just bought the i6/3060ti deal