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Nvidia Shield TV Pro $279 + Shipping (OOS), AOC 24G2 23.8" 1080p 144Hz IPS Monitor $249 Delivered @ Shopping Express


Excellent prices for these. Shield price only beaten by the $269 with Commbank $30 Cashback deal. AOC 24G2 is $10 cheaper than the multiple recent $259 deals.

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Nvidia SHIELD TV Pro 16GB 4K Streaming Media Player - $279 + Shipping - OOS

AOC 24G2 23.8" 1080p IPS 144Hz 1ms FreeSync Monitor - $249 Delivered

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  • For streaming, (Netflix plex) watching tv and general light use, vodafone TV, all day every day @ 72 bux.

    For gaming, GPU intensive apps or you just want to be outright cool, NVidia shield pro.

    • +1

      Also you can run your Plex server off a NVidia Shield

      • Yes

    • you cant buy the Voda TV since July though… Chromecast w/ Google TV for $99 will have to do

      • Chromecast w/ Google TV for $99 will have to do

        If you are eligible Chromecast w/ Google TV can be cheaper

    • @wisc - Can you still get Voda TV? I thought they discontinued them.

    • +20

      I don't agree. I upgraded from a Vodafone TV to Nvidia Shield (non-pro). The AI upscaling feature is a game changer for anyone without a high end 4K TV that has a top of the line chip. It has transformed my TV experience. Another advantage is that the Nvidia runs native 4K content a lot smoother than the Vodafone, and is able to produce better video and audio (e.g. Dolby vision, Dolby Atmos). It's really a matter of personal preference.

      • +1

        Agree with all of the above.

    • +4

      Except the voda TV struggles to play any high end Audio or video by Plex. If youve got a nice home audio and tv setup youll need a shield to make use of it

      • This. You need a high end LG, Samsung, Sony TV, etc. or a Shield to make use of 4K UHD REMUXes through Plex. Chromecast and Vodafone TV won't cut it.

      • +1

        Vodafone TV screwed over people with hard drives. Update early this year or late last year where you can only play FAT32 format. Which means 4GB or under for any file. Go it for my folks and then they couldn't play anything. Had to copy over everything and reformat it. Definitely can't do any 4K stuff now. Shield is the only thing thats safe and constantly updated for the better. Rather pay double or triple the amount than go through the hassle of having to buy another box constantly, even the Chinese android boxes keep having issues because they're cheaply made and can't update software. You're right, to decode Atmos and DTS-X you need a Shield. Some Android boxes do it but the quality of the sound is much less.

        • using it for the basics is fine.

          netflix, plex, TV etc

          for more intensive apps(i should have added IE cpu intensive decoding) shield.

          i stand by my original statement.

          besides the latest update stuffing up sound, the voda tv has pretty much covered 100% of my needs. (I must not be a very power user though, its for the bedroom TV)

    • 4k A.I upscaling is where it's at

  • +2

    Is there a code? Comes up as 349 for me.
    edit never mind, 4pm….

  • That's an awesome price.. might have to go in on this.

  • +2

    I am unsure if Shopping Express is AU stock as they are not listed as one of the retailers on Nvidia website

    • +3

      I bought the non-pro version from them last week, it was AU Stock with AU figure 8 cable sealed in box. AU warrenty.

      The pro version, which I also own, is a global package in that it includes an ac adapter with 3x modular plugs (au, UK, euro). So unlike the cylinder version, the pro is not region or country specific.

    • +1

      Hmm..good point. So what's the implication? Hassles when claiming warranty?

  • 9pm which timezone is it?

    • AEDT, edited post

  • I presume Nvidia SHIELD TV Pro means it's the 2019 version?

    • Would also like to know if it's the older one

      • +2

        Look of the remote is also the latest model.

    • +1

      Yes, if you see "pro" it's 2019. The Toblerone remote is another giveaway!

      • Thanks for the confirmation

  • +2

    If I have a PS5 do I need this? Or will this offer any additional utility to justify the expense?

    • +2

      Its Android TV so you can load things like Kodi and other streaming apps, PS5 is a bit more locked down.

    • As below you can run android apps which is useful, think emulators, Kodi etc. But if you're running Plex the $279 is probably better put towards a PS5 is my thinking - someone pls chime in if I'm missing something.

      • +1

        Depends on desire to have the best streaming Experience. E.g the PS5 is alot more locked down and does not output Dolby Vision, so if you use Netflix or Disney+ then you wont be able to get the best experience using the PS5

        • Thanks I didn't consider that. It's strange the latest consoles don't support it, maybe they will patch it in. I guess you need a 4K UHD BluRay played to get Dolby Vision at highest quality?

          Edit: ahh I see Dolby Vision rips are floating around for a while now - but they are huge!! 40-60GB per movie

  • Is this a grey import or Australian made?

    • +2

      China Made, AU stock.

      • +1

        I've a 2014 SONY HD TV (don't ask me why!)…will the AI upscaling in Nvidia have a noticeable improvement for watching Netflix/Prime/Plex etc?

        • +1

          Hd? As in 720p tv, for the price of the shield your can get a 42" full hd tv.

          But the shield will definitely upscale stuff better than your tv will, has some of the best upscaling out ATM.

        • If you're playing 1080p high bitrate content to your 1080p screen then you'll see little benefit.

          If you're playing lower resolution content, on YouTube, plex, or other streams you will.

          If you had a 4k panel you'd see quite a noticeable improvement on most sub 4k content.

        • What tv box are you using now?

          • @ash2000: I'm using 2018 vodafone TV which I think doesn't have upscaling

            • @hechesspee: OK, no, I don't believe it does.

              Maybe your voda box will surfice with your 1080p panel unless of course you want to run a plex server.

              • @ash2000: Yes I do…..got a life time plex pass during last sale :)

                • +1

                  @hechesspee: Omg. Easy decision. Get it!

                  Even if you upgrade your panel to 4k in the future, the shield with out perform its native Android tv many times over.

                  You're also buying into the most refined version of Android TV on the market and also the most regularly updated.

  • So does that mean this is the latest model or there is a newer one?

    • +2

      It's the latest. See above comments

  • +6

    The shield has completely blown my expectations. My favourite purchase this year. Huge recommendation.

    • Do you run Plex server on it? Because that's my prime motivation for getting it.

      What's your experience so far, in regards to Plex server on shield?

      • +1

        Plex server works without fault. I only have a 4tb drive connected to mine, but serves media to all household devices and tvs without issue.

        • Can you recommend me a NAS+storage? Mainly for plex/media/photos

      • Loved it so much that I bought plex pass!
        My primary motivation was so I could use Steam link with it. I think I've used it for that reason once, otherwise it's a simple plex machine.
        Now I want a bigger hard drive, and then a NAS! Dangerous business.

  • Shield still coming up at $349 for anybody else?

    • Yep. I've been mashing F5 since 3:59:59

      EDIT: out of stock :(

    • +1

      Yep same. 349 still

      • add to cart and it changes to $279. quick!!!

        • Bugger

    • Add to cart to see the discount

    • Aaaaand it's gone :(

  • +1

    guys the price is still $349 but when you add to cart it changes to $279. just picked one up. thanks!

    edit : total $292.65 with delivery

  • Got the standard version a month ago and will be selling it (few issues with high bit rate local 4K still not resolved). Bought this instead.

  • Everyone talks about Plex, but if you wanted to use Jellyfin can it be installed on here?

    Edit: found the answer, which is no. There is a client for it, but the server can't run on the Shield.

  • Didn't go through. 2 minutes in and no stock.
    You can still add to cart… but no stock.

  • All stock gone.

  • aaaaaanddddddddd gone O_O

  • Keep trying guys. I just got one.

  • Hope they have more in stock :(

  • They will.. at $349 I assume

  • +5

    For those who missed out you can get similar overall price with ebay 20% off code + 10% shopback tonight.

    • +2

      The cheapest eligible shield pro for the 20% discount is $405 ( typical price jacking) . So that takes the upfront payment price to $324.

      Take another 10% off through cashback and you're down to and effective price of ~$292 .

      Great price.

      • +2

        Which is what i just paid on this deal including postage and some 1% payment fee. It was my backup plan if i missed out.

        • +1

          Another 3% cashback if you use ebay gift card purchased from Shopback

        • Here's how I ultimately paid for it.

          20% discount makes it $324
          10% cashback makes $292
          Used Swap Celebrations ebay gift card(https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/583545) to get around $32.5 discount (in the form of 6500 Woolworths reward points)

          In total $260

    • +1

      thanks! finally got one!

  • Can anyone comment on what the GameStreaming quality is like with a GeForce GPU?

  • Monitor deal is live

  • What benefit does this have over the new google chromecast with google TV?

    I've got an 82" Samsung NU8000 (less than 2 years of age) & the main reason for considering the shield is that apparently something like this device provides native Dolby ATMOS if you pass it through the Soundbar directly - can anyone confirm this?

    There is always a really annoying noticeable lag between sound coming out of my Samsung TV into my Samsung HW-K950 soundbar. I've read that you'll need to pass-through the media boxes directly into the soundbar to eliminate this issue.

    Does anyone have any experience of this with the shield? Thanks peeps!

  • Shield TV is coming back again at 10PM AEDT tonight it seems per the BF page.

    • Where do you find it?

      • +1

        Shows here under the 10PM timeslot.

        • Wonder if they have more stock as it is coming up as OOS.

  • For the ones that received it, did yours have preloaded AAA batteries in the remote?
    It says brand new stock so I was curious.


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