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[Plus Rewards] Nvidia Shield TV Pro (AU Stock) $299 ($269 with Commbank $30 Cashback) + Delivery (Free with First) @ Kogan


Cheapest price ever with $30 Cashback

  1. $20 off $100 Spend at @ Plus Rewards (Membership Required) - $4 for first four weeks
    Cancel subscription from Paypal right away.

  2. Pay with Commbank card Spend $100 Get $30 Cashback

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    This or apple tv 4k?

    • Want to know the same!

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      I have both. Shield for natively playing big high bitrate movies and built in Chromecast. AppleTV for user friendliness and Airplay. AppleTV can help with integrating Sonos too if that's of benefit to you.

      Obviously if you're invested in Google or Apple's ecosystem that would help you decide.

      • Thanks for the info. I'm just looking for a better streaming and entertainment experience with Android. I'm sick of my TV's crappy performance and lack of decent HDR. It's an android TV and I've always owned android phones.. do you think the NVIDIA shield tv non pro is a good product?

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          I should have also mentioned the Shield (both pro and non-pro) have exceptional AI upscaling capabilities to make lower definition content look good on a 4K TV.

          I had the non-pro for a few weeks. It is very good for everything except playing big 4K files on Plex, where it stuttered during playback. I upgraded to a Pro and that seems to have improved things greatly - although I only tested it for a few minutes. I believe the extra RAM in the Pro makes a big difference with Plex.

    • +1

      This thing is the best of the best. The Rolls Royce of Media Players

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    $269 i would definitely bite. But no CBA card.

  • Link says the price is $319?

    • $319 - $20 from Plus Rewards = $299
      $299 - $30 cashback from Commbank = $269

      • Thanks for the info. What is plus rewards though?

        • +1

          It’s subscribing to newspapers like Herald Sun. And they have rewards for their members which is called Plus Rewards. Subscribing to the newspaper is $4 for first 4 weeks ($1/week). This includes Plusrewards membership. Where you can redeem $20 voucher.

      • plus $4 = $303/$273

  • Would this be a big step up from a Xiaomi Mi Box S 4K?

  • Sorry for rookie question, can anyone pls guide me how can I cancel subscription from PayPal.

  • +1

    The pro is the best out there

  • Is it still useful if you have a new smart tv like q80t ?

    • +1

      Not sure about the higher end models, but my Samsung RU7100 from last year has mediocre software support. Apps like 9Now and 7Play sometimes don't work very well so this would probably be more reliable in those sorts of cases. Plus you get some added functionality such as the AI upscaling (this may be built into the Q80T but not sure if it'd be as good), and Plex media server.

      If you need only Netflix and Prime Video (or similar) and don't care too much about software updates, I'd just stick with the Q80T. If you have a PC to stream to the NVIDIA Shield and want to use it's media server and various other functions, I'd say it's worth grabbing one.

      Then again, might be worth waiting a couple of days to see if there will be any better Black Friday deals on it. Hope this helps!

    • Depends, really. The Q80T's USP is the support for 4K 120Hz, which is good if you want to game on them, and this can stream Geforce Now or Stadia or anything that works, or even from your PC if it's powerful enough, but streaming obviously comes with lag, and that will really ruin the 120Hz experience. So, really you're going to be gimped one way or another. Gaming will still be great, just as long as you keep things casual

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    Mostly for watching Netflix, prime and ps5 when it arrives. Wondering if the AI upscaling will yield better results than native Samsung’s. Good idea to wait a few days and see. Thanks both for your input!

  • Could someone please explain me how would this compete with Google TV? Google TV is also running Android TV and cost only $100 without any discount.

    • See below

      • Thanks mate..

  • So what does one use all this additional grunt and connection options for? $100 Google TV seems to play 4K just fine for me. Are you meant to install android games on this or..?

    • Ethernet connection
      USB port for local playback
      Ai upscaling
      Are the main extra features I see

      • Thanks, yeah seems a lot, I think they have Toslink for digital audio too. Not sure what the remote is like but on the new Chromecast being able to program the remote to switch off the display and change volume not needing another remote is pretty amazing.

        • +1

          the remote feature is called CEC. I'm sure the shield remote can do that.
          check on google.

          • +1

            @daft009: Yeah, it can. It's pretty much standard for anything that connects over HDMI.

            • @jkart: The Google asks you to set the TV manufacturer during configuration and has an IR blaster at the top, I've no doubt CEC works but I assume that standard is not manufactur specific and wouldn't ask or require you to set the display it's connected to, this may actually be replicating remote IR profiles. Either way..

              • @peterpaoliello: Maybe for if you have an older TV < 2005 ish that doesn't have it. I can even do the reverse and use the LG TV remote on the shield…

                • @jkart: I've 2020 model Epson 4k home theater laser projector, but yeah maybe not compatible. Cheers for the reply.

  • i subscribed to the link but no coupon code please help what did i do wrong Thanks

  • If the Shield is able to transmit 3D signals then I'd be all over it in a flash. 4K capabilities are meh to me really.

    Anywayz, anyone knows any streaming hardware device that does support 3D?

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    futu online ebay (jacked) price is $405

    code PLUSBF20 makes it $324
    $300 shopback ebay gift card 3% off save $9
    after 6pm tonight shopback 10% cashback $32.4

    $282.60 for local stock

    then you can claim an ebay price guarantee against kogan
    5% off kogan price $15.95 + difference in price $5 gets you a $20.95 ebay voucher

    $261.65 for local stock

    • Kogan is AU Stock.
      Do ebay provide price guarantee if coupon codes are used?

    • Just adding Woolworth currently have around 9% off ebay gift card

      • if you can find them in stock

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    Leaving this here as well
    Bonus tip:

    Buy 3x $100 Kogan gift cards with 3x CBA cashback offers to get $300 in gift cards for $210. Brings the price of Nvidia Shield Pro down to $239. Now, if you use plus rewards then it will be $219. if use this coupon code then it will be $214 (and $4 for plus rewards]

    • But it's only one cashback per card. you'd need 3x cards!

      • +1

        Yes need 3 cards to work it out :)

        • Handy though if you have family members with commbank cards.

          • +1

            @ash2000: I have a couple of family members with it. They weren't going to use it and I thought this will be a good idea.

            Would work nice for Nintendo Switch bundle as well

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