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100% Cashback with AliExpress (Capped at $10) @ jamjar (New Users)


Hey OzBargainers,

Happy Wednesday! With all the sales happening, here is an offer we want to pass on to you all.

The Offer

  • Register at www.joinjamjar.com.au or download the app (jamjar). Be sure to complete your registration by verifying via email and or SMS as instructed.
  • Make any purchase with AliExpress
  • You will receive 100% Cashback capped at $10 for New Users Only
  • The offer is valid from now 25th NOV 2020 until 23:59 AEDT
  • Limit of 1 transaction per new registration
  • Read store Terms and Conditions before making your purchase
  • Your Cashback will be tracked at standard rates for all and you will receive a bonus amount up to a total Cashback totalling 100% (capped at $10) that will appear as a separate Cashback within 7 days.
  • Bonus Cashback will initially be set as 'Pending' and change to 'Approved' when the transaction is marked as 'Approved'

If you have any questions reach out to [email protected] or via our chat onsite.


What is jamjar?
jamjar is an Australian owned and operated Cashback business.

Do I need to link my account to jamjar?
NO! You only need to link an account to earn Cashback in-store. We use BSB and Acc No to process withdrawals.

How much do I need in my account before I can request a withdrawal?
Once you have $10 or more of 'Available' Cashback you can make a withdrawal.

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  • "New Users Only".
    Is this referring to new users of Jamjar or Aliexpress?
    If Jamjar, what's considered a new user? Does this deal have to be the first cashback redeemed to be considered a new user?


      Hi There,

      This is referring to new users to jamjar. You qualify if you have not made a transaction with jamjar before also.

  • this company changed their whole domain (was plastiq.it) because of ozb. the power of ozb :p

    'JamJar' still doesnt sound right for a cashback website. thought its like some jam supplier. do you wanna consider changing it again? πŸ˜‚

  • Do you get the $5 signup bonus as well?


      This offer is for AliExpress, Should you transact on any other Merchant you will get the $5 Bonus (First transaction Only)

  • No thanks, keep your cashback plastiq.it, I mean JamJar…

  • Wanna create new account, but phone verification is not works.

  • Missed out on Black Friday coupons so gave this a go. Hopefully no problems tracking and withdrawing.

  • aliexpress coupons don't invalidate cashback…do they?

  • I am new jamjar user, did an order on Aliexpress on 25 Nov, i can see the Aliexpress cashback did get tracked. I have not seen the bonus cashback, and its now over 7 days. anyone else receive their bonus cashback ?

    • +1 vote

      Hey LG-13, Thanks for the feedback. I just confirmed with the team that it is all being applied today :)