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Topping MX3 DAC with Amp + Bluetooth $151.44 Delivered @ Shenzen Audio


Headphone + stereo amp with subwoofer out and Bluetooth, most of you are probably aware of this one

New weight:475g
Power input:DC24V/3.75A
Signal input:BT/USB/OPT/COAX/AUX
Headphone output:13.5mm
Speaker output:Banana jack,BLT output
Subwoofer output:RCA
Display screen:Orange LED

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    USB IN:44.1KHz-96KHz/16Bit-24Bit

  • Any one have one? Good reviews?

    • Yep, bought one from here last time at the same price. Shipping is quick from China, but slow once it hits Australia.

      Product is great, no complaints. Have mine running KEF Q150s and a REL Tzero. Works well for the home office.

      Also if important to you, the unit has 'auto on/off standby' on the optical port, so i use a Chromecast Audio to stream and turn on the unit. When streaming stops, it auto turns off.

      • Does it do DSD?

        • No idea, i'm a simple Spotify and Tidal kinda guy.

        • No. It doesn't. Look for the MX3 Pro

          • @xiangtan: There is only Topping DX3 Pro and Topping MX3.

            MX3 has DAC + headphone amp + speaker amp.

            DX3 Pro has only DAC + headphone amp.

            DX3 Pro has better components so is more expensive.
            Others have reported high noise-floor with MX3 on both headphone & speaker amps.

            • @thebadmachine: Sorry. Typo. Yes, DX3 Pro of course

              • @xiangtan: Yes and since this is deal for MX3, I assume people in comments needs the built-in speaker amplifier.

                But if headphone amp only is ok, then DX3 Pro is definitely much better product (but also costs more).

                Another option with DAC + headphone amp + speaker amp is SMSL AD18 $187 Delivered.

                From Audiosciencereview:

                While the headphone amplifier was a highlight of the Topping MX3, it is not so at all with SMSL AD18. As such, I don't recommend getting the AD18 for its combination of DAC and headphone amplifier.

                Where the AD18 pulls ahead is in power delivery for speakers. I expect its real life performance to be good bit better than Topping MX3 due to its heftier power supply. I think both use the same 24 volt input so I might test the MX3 with the AD18 power supply to see if I can get more juice out of it.

                TLDR: MX3 has better headphone amp, SMSL AD18 has better speaker output.

    • I would also consider the topping D50 but its an extra $100. No complaints, and sound quality is onpar with my schiit bifrost and valhalla combo for only a fraction of the price.


    How does this compare with Audioquest Dragonfly?

    • It doesn't, it's better lol. Full fledged headphone and speaker amp dac vs the most shilled usb dac in the market.

      There's no way a usb dac can "do justice" since it's running on 5v. Higher impedence headphones need to have that power for voltage swings and what not.