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[eBay Plus] Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 (6GB/128GB, Wi-Fi, T870) $759.99 Delivered @ Sydneymobiles eBay


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+ Shopback 10% off from 6pm to 10pm today only, makes this a great deal, new tablet below $700

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    I cant enjoy this deal, these constant Android price drops piss me off. Devalues every single persons purchase and makes resale value plummet.

    • Devalues every single persons purchase and makes resale value plummet.

      Resale value is only relevant if you intend to actually.. sell it after a period of time of use.
      I intend to use my devices till they no longer are fit for purpose

      • if you buy at this price its a steal, if you bought at retail or close to it. you got shafted

  • Tempting with cash back. Was gonna fork out for s6 lite for $382.5 (using price match Amazon and using JB 15% giftcard deal)

    But this tab s7 uses snapdragon and Super AMOLED.

    • +1

      S7 uses LCD screen, the 7+ has the AMOLED screen, but more expensive

  • +2

    We need midrange with AMOLED screen.

  • thanks o.p. was looking for something to replace the old ipad air

  • Added to cart… clicked cart…. and was showed as sold out

    • 8 in stock today… Go!

      • Code no longer valid. Thanks for heads up though.

  • +1

    Thanks very much for this! I was about to purchase from JB/Bing Lee/Harvey for $800, then found this. Didn't manage to get the 10% cashback, but $760 is still a great price. Fingers crossed it doesn't go too much lower tomorrow haha

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