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Samsung 43-Inch 'The Serif' QLED 4K UHD Smart TV $995 @ JB Hi-Fi


REally want to buy this to replace the old. 2020 QLED, 100HZ with great speakers.

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  • Waiting for the 55”

  • I wonder if this has Advertising built in…

    • Yes, it does. We have one and I was surprised to see it..it’s small but you can see it as part of the app list. Kinda annoying, I ain’t paying for this…

      No sure why you are downvoted for asking such a good point…

    • Huh what advertising?

  • Good tv BUTi have to say I'm pretty disappointed how all these companies managed to literally privatise, copyright… Sound! Before this 2020 tv I had a 2016 samsung 4k uhd TV that had bitstream(pass through called these days) meaning, whatever you'd watch, TV, games, external video source such as Android box, DVD player bluray etc. You would get that RAW, direct audio sound as it's from that device played, uncompressed, unprocessed, unfiltered and they all sounded levelled and amazing on my 2.1 soundbar for example. What I get now? An absolutely piece of SH!T because for example Samsung (probably all other brands did also as they're all same) have sold ALL the rights for sound to Dolby, atmos etc. And they all benefit from it but you, why? Well it's like this, I literally lost my subwoofer now, no matter what in the world I do I can't get 2.1 to work and they're all happy about it:))) Coz they want me to go and blow minimum $800 on the most basic soundbar to get pass through option or get anything 5.1 or 7.1 or 9.1 so atmos, Dolby would allow me to get some sort of a decent sound. Yes, my soundbar and woofer were sounding so walls would shake, now same as inbuilt TV speakers, re$$$$$$tricted :) need a 2020 sound system for basic sound lol. Be warned :)

    • Yep its a joke. Year by year Scamsung took away different audio feeds starting with DTS. Then other companies followed suit. I'm guessing it's because of HDMI 2.1. So you have to buy all new gear to support EARC if you want to passthrough all audio. I bit the bullet anyway now and got full surround Atmos setup. I guess that's what they wanted.

      • No way. Companies like LG love to fill niche roles like that. If you had serious audio equipment there's no way you'd put up with a TV funnelling you into their crap.

  • should i buy? is this the best for $1000?

    • I got it as I needed something good under 50 inches and didn't want to blow 2-3k on a TV. It's a great TV, it's all good but blacks are a bit grey as (again, so sad to say this) they're cutting corners giving you frame lit, not back lit tv. 80% less LED lights. Paid same money 4 years ago for 4k uhd 40" that had better black and backlit lol, instead of getting more for your money you're getting less and less. Blacks are now premium LOL! 🤣

  • Did anyone check Samsung edu store?

  • $974.35 @ Samsung Partnership Program

  • 43" $974.35
    55" $1,364.35

    above per EPP
    price update 14.12.20