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Boost Prepaid $158 | 12 Months Expiry | 110GB Data | Unlimited Talk & Text | Overseas* | @ Cellmate


A great price with free delivery anywhere in Australia. Works out $42 less than going directly through Boost. Apply coupon BOOSTA in cart to pay $158. Payment methods accepted include PayPal, Afterpay, Latitude, and Zip. If you require the SIM urgently, please select express postage at an additional charge. Only while stocks last. Please stay safe, and enjoy :)

  • 110GB data (30GB + 80GB bonus).
  • 12-month expiry.
  • Unlimited calls & text to standard national numbers.
  • Unlimited international calls & text to 25 selected countries + 1200 standard mins & text to 30 selected countries.
  • Stream Apple Music data free.

300GB for $241 also available here.

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  • Can this be used to recharge an existing boost account, or is it a port out/back in kind of deal?

    • +3

      It's a starter kit, so you'd need to port out and back in.

      Optus were doing their $30 sim for $5 delivered.

      If that's still an option with them, I'd do that, and port back in

      • +1

        Can we use cheaper other brand $2 sim to port in and out?

        • I guess you need to activate that $2 Sim with any plans and only you can port in

      • That Optus Pre-Paid deal is back on for Black Friday: https://www.optus.com.au/prepaid

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    Can i port from Telstra to Boost and use this?? Im old and need to ask things i never used to have to ask

    • +3

      Telstra to Boost can be a hassle. I have experienced this last year. First please check with boost people. Best is to port out to cheaper plan from amaysim ,kogan, catch then to boost.

    • +2

      I just ported from Telstra to Boost tonight for the $300 starter kit. I had to do it via Live Chat, even though their instructions said call, once I called I was directed to Live Chat. You will need to keep your old sim card in the phone so they can message to confirm your number. My biggest issue was waiting half an hour to have an agent respond, but after that it only took about fifteen minutes to complete.

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    Am I understanfing correctly that I can buy this now and it just needs to be activated before Feb 1 2021?

    My current plan coincidentally rubs out on Feb 1 so I was thinking of buying this now and activating it in a few months?

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    Can i get full 110 GB if i activate in march?

    • +1

      Same for me. My boost expire at end of March 2121.

      • +25

        You should be good for the next hundred years then.

        • yup mate 🤣. Not sure if such a plan even will even exsist or even if anyone alive now would be alive in march 2121

      • Sorry typo. should be 2021

    • +2

      Hello. To get the full 110 gb the sim must be activated before 1st Feb 2021

  • +8

    Please please please just sell recharges at discount. This port out port in thing is annoying AF! But I won't let them win. Bought one.

    • +8

      Exactly my thought.. I am on $150 plan and even though this one is a better value, I am simply going to recharge ($150, 80GB) via their app to avoid the hassle of port out, port in. 80GB data has been enough for me anyway.

      • I am in the same situation, due to recharge. But what is unclear to me is do you keep your current excess data if you decide to recharge on another 12 month? I have plenty of data available still. In the T&C it does state you go if you recharge on the monthly plans but does not state anything about 6/12 month recharge plans.

        • +5

          I did a recharge on Boost this month but there is no data rollover. Only 80gb.

          • @AppleLime: Silly question - does the recharge commence from when the recharge isprocessed, or the expiry of the current 12 months? I'm assuming the former (as it's better for them), but was curious and just looking at the boost website couldn't tell. Best for us is obviously the latter, to achieve that manually is either delay until the last day to recharge…or set up auto-recharge.

      • +1

        Yeah, I moved to Boost back in December last year for the same plan and thinking to just recharge it without all the porting out and porting back in again. I also don't run out of data so I don't see the point of more data since I won't need it.

      • Do you still see the $150 recharge option in the app? It looks like they've removed it to me

        • $150 still there as an option for me and I connected December last year.

        • Yes, I still see it as an option. I haven't recharged yet but hopefully it should work.

    • who do you port out to? reading other comments say you port out to any other carrier sim. do you actually buy any of their cheap plans just to have it active? or do you just get a @4 sim port over so your number is on that network and port back into boost? thank you

  • My boost is expiring next month can i recharge this plan?

    Else what other option i have?


    • +2

      Read the comments before yours.

  • Edited

  • So you don't get bonus data if you activate after first of Feb next year?

  • eSIM capable. ?? Google only had old articles says no, anything changed yet?

    • +1

      Hello. BOOST is still not esim capable

  • +2

    $159 for $200 starter kit, $241 for $300 starter kit express delivered at cellpoint

    edit: why am I getting downvoted for notifying ozb of a better deal if you need the sim urgently?

    • +2

      its $10 extra for express in this deal.
      $1 extra at cellpoint. save $9 (5.36%).

      I guess people here are not interested in the best deal?

  • +2

    Any recharge deal?

    • Seems there's never a recharge deal. Existing customers are schmucks.

  • Rep, any idea how long it'll take a typical order to process/send to Melb? I'm cutting it a bit close with my old plan (6 days left)

    • +1

      Hello. Standard postage takes around 10 to 12 business days minimum. You can select Express postage for an extra $10.
      When we say Express Postage its not by Australia Post. For Express postage we use Startrack or Toll Priority service which delivers within 48 to 72 hrs.
      Customers who have used our express service would vouch for the speed at which the parcel has reached them

  • +1

    What's the situation with receiving SMS while abroad?

  • Can you get an esim with boost yet?

  • can I port out to Aldi then use this deal?

  • thanks, bought one!

  • I am on the same boat as majority ozbs here.
    In summary, if you are on 80gb plan and you bought last year, nov/dec. It means your plan will expire soon. Therefore, your option will be:
    1. Recharge 80gb data, pay $150
    2. New SIM, inc port in/out, 110gb, pay $158
    (Allow $5 optus sim card to port in / out)

  • Showing up as OOS when checking out