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Uniden UH45 80 Channel UHF Handheld Radio 3 Pack $48.45 (C&C / Delivery / Free Delivery eBay Plus) @ The Good Guys eBay


Original Coupon Deal

Pretty much same price as JB Hi Fi $51 Deal

but have the 5% discount on top and delivered for eBay plus member (JB one is currently awaiting for stock and delivery fee is $5)
or free pick up in-store

Note that the current deal in Aldi is a UH35 (3 pack) $49.99 while this is UH45
which has a micro-usb rechargeable port, kid-zone feature and backlit LCD display

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    These are good.

    I have the more powerful 1.5w ones. In real world usage they don’t go any further and the batteries run down in 20 minutes. Should have got these.

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    Breaker, one-nine, breaker, one-nine, This is Christmas Carol

  • The voucher gives me $2.55 off but total price comes to $53.45 ($5 for postage). Am i missing something?

    • eBay plus member get free delivery
      Otherwise you can also select pick up in store

      • +1

        Fair enough. Still seems like a good deal. Our local Aldi were sold out of their radios.


        • Yea, a lot of feedbacks said a number of Aldi stores don't even have stock at all this morning (when store opened and the special buy starts today)

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    Anyone tried these 4wding

    • +65

      Yes, they were bloody hopeless. I should have got a Hilux or Landcruiser or something. These things couldn't even tow my jetski, let alone my camper.

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      Works well for recoveries and small close convoys only. You ideally need something with an antenna sticking out of the car for decent range.

  • Interested to know if these would work roadtripping with multiple cars if anyone has any experience?

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      Sure, they'll also work even if no one has any roadtripping experience whatsoever.

      They're 0.5W units though, so the range is really short from car to car. If you're within a few cars of each other they'll be fine, but if you start pulling some distance or taking some turns or are on undulating terrain, you'll lose each other quickly.

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      depends on the size of the convoy. I have 5w in car radio and 2 x 2w GME handhelds to hand out to other drivers without.

      The 2w handhelds work well maybe 3-4 card apart. The 2w started to crackle out maybe 3-5ks out. And that was reasonable line of sight on the landsborough hwy

      These little .5 and 1w units would really only be good if you are directly behind and/or in front of the convoy cars.

      • I've used 0.5W units a few cars apart. They worked OK, but not much more than that.

        Antenna position makes a difference too. If you keep them down at the centre console where the handbrake is, the antenna will be surrounded by the metal body of the car and have reduced range. If you keep it on the dash the signal can more easily pass through the windows.

        Something like this Baofeng BF-T1 programmed to UHF CB frequencies is a viable alternative. Bear in mind it's not type-approved, but at 0.5-1W output and a little stub of an antenna, I don't think anybody is going to care. It has a built-in rechargable li-ion batt and recharges over micro USB.

  • Pretty sure postage on this deal is $5 unless you have Ebay Plus (which should then be included in the title).

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    What are people using these for?
    Thinking of getting these for my kids for fun but hoping there are some other good ways to use them once the kids get bored of it

    • battery life & range would be the key I guess……

      Channels: Up to 80
      Range: Up to 3km
      Battery Life: Up to 20 hours - 3 x AAA Batteries per Walkie Talk

      • +1

        I'm more wondering what sort of use people have for these?
        Is this more for going camping/hiking where there's no mobile phone signal?
        I'm thinking if I'm driving with a few other cars, wouldn't I use call them on my mobile instead of using this and be limited to the 3km range?
        I think the kids will like this as a novelty but trying to find some additional uses for these to justify the purchase

        • +1

          camping and hiking predominately , also for traveling in a convoy car to car. you can get fined for using your mobile in a car especially if you are a P plater.

          But you can use these devices as our laws does not stipulate we can't (ill wait for someone to prove me wrong)

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          I'm thinking if I'm driving with a few other cars, wouldn't I use call them on my mobile instead of using this and be limited to the 3km range?

          Assuming you're within range of each other (it won't be 3km unless you're at sea or on hills with nothing in between), 2-way radios allow for more spontaneous communcation between cars compared to making a phone call.

          You can quickly say "hey guys wanna stop at the servo in 200m for a break?" or "should we stop at the pie place or keep heading to the pizza place?" or something like that and everyone in the 3 cars behind you can hear and respond immediately, as opposed to you having to call 3 other people.

          That said, if you're convoying in areas with good phone reception, you can use an app like Zello to give similiar functionality.

    • I have one of these dinky little radios and recently used it to summon assistance to the main gate at Maralinga which was outside the range of Vodafone and Optus. Worked really well despite the low power. Building sites and security guards use UHF, so you might get some entertainment there.

      They're cheap enough to keep the kids entertained for a while too.

    • +1

      a) Family communication while camping in places where there is no mobile phone reception.
      b) Neighborhood area family communication if/when don't want to give the little one a phone.

      • Thanks, purchase now justified!

    • +1

      DONT give them to kids

      1) Its super annoying when using UHF CB for its intended purpose to have kids just playing around

      2) there is some horrible / filthy people on UHF you dont want your kids hearing!

      • You can just pick a random channel out 80 plus it has ‘kids mode’ which let these walkie talkies communicate with each other only and not other devices (im pretty sure that how it works)

        • +2

          kids mode might solve them hearing other stuff but they still transmit

          also learn which channels are ok to use, there is 80 but lots have purposes that dont allow there use

          eg 1-8 / 41-48 are repeaters which will broadcast much further distance and should be avoided unless you intend to use a repeater.
          31-38 / 71-78 are repeater inputs and should NEVER be used.
          10/18/40 are commonly used channels that are always busy

          It can be surprisingly hard to find a clear channel sometimes, UHF is used by a lot of people including businesses.

          • @macmanluke: Yeah i failed to mention that I didn’t literally mean any channel. I meant a random channel that is not dedicated to something specific. Thanks for clarifying.
            I have had this same model for a year and they work surprisingly well for their price and their appearance.

          • @macmanluke: Good info

  • +1

    Anyone able to compare with this?


    I don't think I will need 3rd unit. Do 1w vs 0.5w really make a difference rangewise? Mostly for camping trips.

    • I haven't used this specific oricom unit but in general, more than 0.5w drains the battery very fast.

      I have 1.5w handhelds and only ever run them at 0.5w

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    If you intend to use this units on the road then it's handy to know which channels to use and which to avoid:


    Most of the time you'll find people listening on 40.

  • +5

    Thanks op. Got it for $41 using agterpay code.

    • Thanks, got two sets…you can use the PAY4AP code for max 5 times.

      $41 for 3 / $13.67 each might be cheapest it’s ever been.

  • Missed the Amazon units from a few months ago, they were some good spec ones

  • whats good for a car convoy, something that can easily reach someone 500m away

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    These are great for use on cruise ships to keep track of the kids (if cruise ships ever become relevant again).

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    Got it for $46 using: MYPLUSLNZFCPT5QM

  • Can you buy an extra walkie-talkie of same model and add it to the same kids channel? We would need at least 4

    • I believe yes, because they are also selling UH45 individually
      so probably as long as they are all set to the same channel they can communicate

      • Thanks

  • Hey guys, wondering if these would be suitable for rock climbing and being able to communicate to the belayer down below? Should only be up to 30m vertical, but will potentially have some rock in between so most use cases would be while there is no LOS. Also does anyone know if these have a hole for a carabiner or lanyard to be clipped?

    • 30m would be no problem. No LOS in that situation should be fine too, as the signal will bounce around. They're cheap enough to try… if they don't work out (not loud enough, too dainty, etc), just give them to someone's kids for xmas. :)

  • +1

    Costco is currently have a sale for UH35, 4 pack $57.99, if anyone with membership is looking for an extra device

  • Thanks OP, just got one!

  • Anyone else received a call saying these are out of stock and delayed by 2 weeks?

  • can anyone recommend rechargeable batteries for this kit?