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[Android] Stardew Valley - $7.49 (Was $12.99)


Lowest price on Android ever? Anyway, great prices for this fun game if you don't already have it.

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  • Nice game but multiplayer functionality not supported on Android.

  • Upvoting because Stardew Valley, but personally I'd grab it on a console or PC.

  • I've never played this but it seems like it's the perfect game for a mobile device… surprised by the other comments!

    • There are a decent amount of controls, especially when using tools. Your hands cover up a lot of the screen so that's why PC/console is recommended, so you can always see everything.

      • Ah I see. I wonder if it works with external controllers… either way I bought it today (haven't launched yet) and plan to play it on a large screen phone so should be good fun.

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          Although not exactly the same, at one point I'd paired an 8bitdo controller with an iPad and played a bit of Stardew Valley that way.
          Assuming should be possible on an Android device.

          • @dzf: Hope so. I have an 8BitDo SN30+ from a previous deal ready to go once I open my android phone for Christmas.

  • Great game i have this on the switch