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Step One Jocks up to 30% off Black Friday Sale


Step one black Friday sale.

Buy 4, 20% off- $20 per pair
Buy 7, 25% off- $16.50 per pair
Buy 15, 30% off- $11.90 per pair

Free shipping.

I know the OZB community detests these jocks due to the ads, however can't say I've wore a comfier pair of underwear.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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Step One
Step One

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  • +4

    Yep, great underwear, just cringe everytime i see an ad…

    • +2

      My legs are like tree trunks!! CHUR

  • +4

    oh no, clever advertising roll eyes

    best undies I have ever owned without doubt.

    • oh no, clever advertising roll eyes

      The most clever part, is the dude is likely type cast.

      With some Maori blood in me, and having lived in NZ for some time, I can assure you, "that guy" is out there, several times over.

  • +3

    Have about 5 pairs. Best underwear I have had. Ads are funny and different.

    Step one…..GET SOME!!!

  • Any Brisbane people want to split a 15?

    • +42

      I'll wear them week one and you can wear them week two.

      • +2

        Looking for someone else with 1 leg.

      • and I'll wear them week three - inside out and back to front

    • -1

      They'll be useless if split.

    • Yes I'm interested. Pmed you.

    • Edit. No longer interested sorry.

  • For those of you that have already got these, how is the sizing? Accurate? If you're in between sizes then better to go up or down a size?

    • +1

      Up, check the sizing guide

    • +1

      Go up a size. I had to send mine back and go up one

    • +1

      I also went up a size - had always been medium but returned and went to large for these..

      • +5

        Im a 32-34" waist and medium is very snug when you put them on but after a few minutes they feel like you're wearing nothing at all. nothing at all. nothing at all.

        • Agree with Laserface, my brother got the 15 pack in eofy sale.

          He got a 34 just to try and the rest 36. 36 suited him so he gave me the 34, I'm borderline 34 and they were snug for the first 15-20 then felt like nothing at all.

        • +4

          Stupid, sexy Laser face

    • +1

      Go up - I got a medium from the size guide but had to swap for a large

  • Good undies. Got 7 more. Thanks OP

  • They really push the whole thigh chafing thing. Is that the only reason why they are good undies?

    • +2

      Comfortable material, decent waistband and they don't ride up, which I guess plays into the anti chafing.

      Way better value than Bonds etc at these prices, too, for their premium stuff. I don't find Bonds anywhere near as good as they used to be.

      All subjective, of course

      • 100% correct about bonds - I'm looking for new gear, but I just want 1 pair to trial not min 4.

    • To be fair; how many functions are they supposed to have?

      All of them hold your gear safely; so chafing is this brands extra.

      If you're looking for RGB lighting or built in fan, you're in the wrong shop :p

    • Very comfy and dont ride up. Pouch for your junk is very comfy and dont need to adjust your junk heaps during the day.

  • Anyone in Sydney want to split 15 pairs?

    • DM me if you're north side

      • I work CBD or live North Sydney if somebody is keen to split Sydney. Would be ordering a heap of mediums.

        • If you're splitting your undies you probably need to buy more than 7 pairs.

      • im interested, cant pm u though.

  • Can't find anywhere to add a promo code from the last debacle…

    • Found it. Sweet. 7 pairs for $102.50

      Includes a fly front too 🙂

      • Whereabouts do you apply it?

      • Discount codes cannot be used during this sale

        )))sad noise(((

    • Scumbag company with only concern is their internet rating .
      They somehow managing to erase their late cheating deal from this platform .
      Probably bribed OP of that one to delete .

      • Late cheating deal?

        • gonna have to back this one up with some more info because my dealing with the company has been nothing but great and their product is the best on the market.

      • What's a late cheating deal?

      • +1

        I was OP of the “late(st) cheating deal”. It didn’t get deleted, just moved to forums: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/570388

    • Wanna share that promo code?

  • +9

    For anyone who hates fascism; please note that Step One advertise on Sky News After Dark.

  • +2

    Bloody hell i just got 15 pairs, oh well who would know they would do a black Friday deal on underwear…

  • If anybody in SA wants to split, PM

  • Anyone tried these? https://www.kmart.com.au/product/anti-ride-mid-length-bamboo...

    They look the same. Quality of the step one didn't last me too long

    • Going to grab a couple next trip to Kmart. At $8 I'm keen to find out.

      • Will be doing the same. Then I don't have to buy 15 pairs… Not sure my wife would want me changing jocks twice a day.

        • +5

          15? theres only 12 months in a year.

        • +1

          I grabbed a couple of those Kmart ones. Wore a pair to cricket at the weekend. They held up brilliantly, very impressed for 8 dollarbucks.

          They may fall apart in 6 months or not have the longevity of more expensive pairs, but at $8 and from a local Kmart, I'm willing to make the switch. Recommended.

          And thank (profanity) men's undies have finally swung back around to 9" trunks and other sensible shapes and types, after years of garbage chicken legged size grundies.

          • @LaTerrible: So you're the reason I couldn't find any in stock….

            I might need to lose some weight. Only small left. All large were gone in 2 stores I visited.

    • +1

      Yes i have tried those.

      If you're fat, or knock-kneed, the seam ends up like a saw after a few hours exercise.

      Otherwise; they hold you still well enough.

  • Haha, I've never seen an ad. Jocks are great though, best I've had since ex-officio stopped making their brilliant dacks.

  • Yeahhh alright then. If anyone in Melb want to split the 15 pairs DM me. I'll post yours to you FOC

  • we don't need low effort advertising, how do they compare?

  • +1

    Anyone in Perth want to split a 15 pack?

    • Pm? I might be keen

    • yep I'm in for 5 if you're organising.

    • I'm keen for 5 as well

  • Do we know how they classify thicker and thinner legs?

    • +1

      if your thighs touch when youre standing normally i would consider yourself 'thicc'

  • -1

    I hate the ads enough not to buy these.

  • Anybody in Rockhampton want to split a 15 pack?

    • PM sent.

  • -1

    I detest these because I can get 7 pairs of jocks for $8 at kmart.

    • Apples and oranges.

      • Yeah but who needs a $20 orange when a $1 apple will still feed you?

        • People with allergies to apples.

          I've had to get home from gym, or a jog, with blood pouring down my legs from chaffing tens of times, to know what to buy and what not to.

          If you know of a kMart underwear that can protect from chafing PLEASE let me know.

          All the ones they "advertise" at kmart that claim to do that, have sewn seams, meaning they're like little chainsaws where your thighs push them together.

  • Anyone in Melbourne West want to split a 15 pack?

    • Keen, but in Carlton. How far West are you?
      Pm me?

      • St Albans bro. I'll pm you. Thanks

  • Anyone live near NSW Meadowbank or CBD who wants to order 15 and split with me? I'll pay in cash if you order them.

  • My god others places on this site we spend 1,000 's like water in Lego but for daks everyone struggling for $180 ?


  • Keen to split a 15 pack. Melbourne northside 🤙

    • Hi will pm you

    • I would but never tried them so happy to grab a single pair if you don't overly want 15 or 7, PM me if interested.

    • I'm northside too. i just want a few pairs if anyones down

      • Did you find someone? I might try 2-3 pairs if I really have to at 30% off if we can find a split with someone.

        • No i didnt but im still keen, where you based man?

  • Split Canberra?

  • Split Brisbane?

    • PMD you

    • If anyone in Brisbane is interested to split 15 three ways (5 each) let me know!

  • Does anyone know if it's free returns? Or do you have to pay for shipping it back.

    • You'll need to pay for return shipping. However, if you use paypal you should be eligible for free return shipping - https://www.paypal.com/au/webapps/mpp/returns

      • Thanks for confirming. PayPal decided to lock my account (which I've had for 16yrs 🤦) to verify my ID during Black Friday sales lol thought I'd miss this sale but all good, they've sorted it out so will order now 😊

  • Was keen to try these after good reviews from friends, great timing to hit it.

  • Split sydney? (North Sydney or cbd)

  • Would anybody in Perth be interested in splitting a 15?

  • Split Doncaster, Vic?

  • Sydney, Parramatta area - looking to split a 15.

    DM me - looking to buy in next 24 hours

  • How are people doing splits?

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