[Orders Cancelled] Free Pair of Men's Boxers Delivered @ Step One

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Looks like code is generic. Free boxers for everyone! (thanks Scatman00 and others for confirming)

Changed to new code. (thanks Hintswen)

Update: All orders cancelled with unique 50% off code provided to those who used the free code

Code 29%OFFCHR for 29% off multiple pairs if anyone wants.. Seems generic. (thanks Mario1234)

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Step One
Step One


  • Can we do that we lotto numbers till we get the ones we want?

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      That wheel is weird, after you've spun it a few times and it stops, if you stare at the centre it looks like it's turning.

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        How much weed did you smoke before looking at it? πŸ˜‚

  • Will we still need to pay shipping? Any other conditions like only valid with purchase of 58 other pairs?

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      Just ordered a pair. Shipping was free.

      • Same. Thanks for the deal! See if we get one or not.

      • Hope I get mine would really like to try a pair.

    • nope completely free

    • "Your order is free. No payment is required."

  • Looks like you only get one chance. I didn't get the way the instructions were written and now I can't spin again

    • incognito

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      You get as many chances as you want, just refresh the webpage right before the wheel stops spinning or use incognito.

    • Try using incognito

    • I've played 10 times using incognito, never got the free pair, so I just used the generic code. :/

    • I just kept opening tabs and spinning till I got a win.

  • doesn't work for me

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      Use the same code above. U get 29$ off

  • If using safari on phone clear website cache in settings

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    Use this URL https://stepone.life/pages/wheel and keep doing incognito or else it won't work.

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    Got a pair after 100 spins thanks OP

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    Thanks OP … Got one πŸ‘

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    Generic code….?

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      Yep, same for me.

    • Thanks for confirming everyone. Edited post.

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        remove the post now, so they dont have a clue lol

    • Legend!

    • Where do you put the code?

      • Once you click "check out" on the right look for "Gift card or discount code"

        • Thanks for that. I didn't realise you had to go and choose the product. I thought it was still on the spin the wheel page.

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    guess they didnt think this one through…

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      A quick lesson in promotions, courtesy of ozb.

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      β€œOne step” at a time

  • I tried 3 different sizes and couldn't get them to stop riding up. They were very comfortable, but rode up terribly on me.

    • I got 2 sizes. The smaller one which is a little tight does not ride up on me oppose to which I would think fits me better rides up. Maybe try a smaller size?

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    This is not going to get honored for sure.

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    Someones long weekend about to be ruined thanks to OzB.

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    Mad, just got one for free and free shiping.

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    Yep can confirm same code for me too. I think someone will be shocked after returning to work after the weekend to see all the free orders!

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    Ok, what is step two?

  • Ty OP

  • Seen the ad for this so many times. Let's see if I can get one to try out their hype.

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    A similar thing happened when they were running a promotion before. OzBargain found out about a loophole and every man and his dog ordered a free pair. The company reached out to us and asked we cancel our orders because it was going to seriously hurt their small business. I assume this will happen again here, free stuff is awesome but don't want to ruin someone's business.

    • Batteries?

    • If they keep making the same mistake, may be they deserve it

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        So because they don't have the best web developer they deserve to take a huge loss? There has been nearly 8000 clicks. Assuming that even half of those clicks used the code that's a loss of $116,000 (with 1 pair = $29). That could be enough to put a small business out of business. They don't 'deserve' it. Wake up to yourself.

        • -3

          are you Joking?

        • +1

          I totally agree with you and look at this, you’re doing the right thing but people still negative vote you. Shame on you people. I think we all lost our humanity after all πŸ™„

          • @behindmyego: Thanks! Glad I am not the only one with a bit of humanity. Sad seeing the people who have ordered 10 with 10 different emails.

          • @behindmyego: I never was a human, maybe that's why didn't buy it πŸ‘½

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        I hope most do cancel their freebie pants, but the company mustn't be that hard up as they seem to able to pay for extensive TV campaigns.

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          I was going to say the same thing - they have been bombarding us with those silly ads in almost all channels, all programs - even programs meant for preschoolers .. Where do they get the money for those ads. Honouring a free pair could work out to be cheaper and give good publicity / repeat business.

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      Per his post last time β€œ Obviously, it's a flaw which we have fixed, we don't have an IT team so we have learnt a very expensive lesson!”

      The lack of IT team strikes again but I think they really do need to sort themselves out if they say they have learnt the expensive lesson and still do it again

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    Just a heads up that I noticed in the terms and conditions that it mentions something about taking and keeping a screenshot of the code.

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    I ordered a pair with a zip and paid $2…hopefully, as a paying customer, they won't cancel my order.

    • That was smart.

    • I'm afraid they cancel zip order as easily as others .

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    Thanks op. Ordered one. But guys, I started feeling bad about it. It’s just someone trying to make money and stay in business but we are taking advantage of it πŸ™„

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      Yeah I agree. I legitimately spun a 'free pair' code before seeing this. So I ordered a pair too, but now I do feel bad.

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        I actually emailed them and told them to cancel my order. Hope they see it.

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          Negative vote for doing the right thing? Thanks guys..

  • I placed an order. Will see what happens.

    Thanks OP!

  • what is the link for the boxers?

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    Apparently I have to go to jail??????

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    Thanks op. Ordered one. But guys, I started feeling bad about it. It’s just someone trying to make money and stay in business but we are taking advantage of it πŸ™„

    • Bro, I think you just exposed your throwaway…

      • Nah, just thought it was funny to copy his message without having to type my own tbh

        • I’ve got the copy rights of that comment πŸ˜‚

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      Why did you copy and paste my comment? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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        Great participation

      • Plagiarism!!! Report!

    • Ya thats right … what to do now ?

      • I emailed them actually

        • Done … cancelled after reading Gregs (founder) reply on another post.

          • @ChipsChicky: Well I’m trying to do the right thing and cancel the order and people here neg vote on my comment.

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              @behindmyego: You did the right thing … it gave me a feeling of looting rather than a bargain … if your heart and your brain ain't on a same page, stay away

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              @behindmyego: Your probably right , but no one likes a big fat dobber.

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    Greg didn’t learn his lesson from last time…

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      He mentioned, he ain't have a IT expert …. Cancelled mine … learnt that free things can waste your 20minutes 🀭

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    Yeah reading his post I'm not that hard up to try and milk them for free shit.

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    While I expect they will request people cancel orders as per above comment, I feel just from watching their really really bad ads these days, justifies a free one :P
    But Im ok with cancelling the order also, I have 7 pairs already from several months ago - I like them :)
    So much nicer than bonds, tradies, etc.

  • $2 for the briefs with the fly option. Coupon appears to max at $29.
    Thanks OP.

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    Just in case anyone wanted the FREE signed photo:

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      Lol, I was expecting them in boxers

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    inb4 promotion cancelled due to getting ozbargained LOL

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