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Redmi Note 9 Pro 6GB/64GB Grey $267.19 + Delivery (Free w/Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


Hello all got this notification from camelcamelcamel this morning. Seems like a pretty great deal better than the current Kogan and previous Amazon UK deal. Terrific value phone, plus allegedly Amazon UK will honour any warranties.

Appealing Specs:
5020mAh battery
Headphone Jack
Dedicated Micro SD slot
Sidemounted Fingerprint sensor

Network Bands:
2G bands GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 - SIM 1 & SIM 2
3G bands HSDPA 850 / 900 / 1700(AWS) / 1900 / 2100
4G bands 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 20, 28, 38, 40, 41

Edit: Talked to Amazon Live Chat, 1 year warranty on this phone.

Edit 2: The Camel has spoke again, it is now $1.95 cheaper, if you were waiting for another price drop this is it.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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    This is great price for semi flagship phone

  • Good price. Some may prefer this over Poco X3 NFC due to better build quality.

    • I've personally already ordered the Poco X3 even though it's $100 more… Unsure whether I will be regretting it yet.

      • You probably will, there shouldn't be that much difference in price between the two as they have almost same hardware. Poco X3 has 120Hz display but plastic back, this is glass sandwich i.e glass back with aluminium frame.

      • Yeah, I had the X3 on order, but because it's Amazon UK they hadn't shipped, so I ordered this instead and cancelled the X3 order.

      • I bought poco x3 for my son during double 11 promotion, arrived today. cost $299.xx
        And placed order for this one today for my wife.

        The difference is $30.

    • I have both, I find the build quality to be approximately the same

    • Poco X3 NFC has Aluminium Frame Vs Platic frame on Redmi Note 9 Pro. Poco X3 NFC with 128Gb internal storage was on sale recently for $350. A much better specc'd phone for the price.


      Poco X3 NFC is currently on sale for $370

      • A much better specs on what? Again the SoC is mightily similar, Storage both use UFS 2.1 and same amount of RAM. The only thing difference is the 120Hz screen otherwise they are both LCD same size with HDR10 certification, plus the slightly bigger ultrawide camera.

        • Hardware improvements in Poco X3 NFC listed below. Definitely worth an extra $100. Also, there is a great selection of custom ROMs for people who like modding.

          1. Much better, smoother screen at twice the refresh rate - 120Hz
          2. Stronger, better quality aluminum frame
          3. Better CPU
          4. Better Wide camera
          5. Better Selfie camera
          6. Stereo speakers
          7. (Slightly) bigger battery
          • @vrsac: High refresh rate isn't anywhere great as people make out. A lot of content don't use that at all. I have switched from 60hz on Pixel 2 to 90Hz Pixel 5 and it's somewhat noticeable but most of the time, unimportant. Don't get me wrong, I have 144Hz 1440p MSI monitor for gaming so I'm not unused to high refresh rate, it's just not that much of an impact on a smartphone display. If it instead has an OLED screen, that's more noticeable.

            Sure about the frame. At the same time glass back is more premium feel than plastic back.

            Incremental CPU advantage that you would be eyeballing for difference.

            Incremental camera upgrade, hardly matter with GCam port when original sensor is good enough. It's not 50% bigger sensor or anything.

            Agree on speaker.

            You really want to go about battery? They are average value, your real battery can be smaller or bigger and since the rated capacity is so close, someone Note 9 Pro may have bigger battery than your Poco X3 in actual capacity.

            ROM support is the same on both.

            • @Bigboomboom: I agree with your points, however those incremental upgrades do all add up.

              Also worth noting that the Poco is 128GB and this is 64GB which adds to the price too.

              To each their own, but as someone that plays games I feel it's worth the bit extra for the Poco just so I know it'll last a bit longer for what I'll use it for.

              • @mangobango: You can get a Poco 64gig for about 335 delivered. Thats what Im leaning towards at the moment.

                • @PAEz: Is that through Amazon ?

                  • @chrisie: No, sorry, should have said.
                    Its from gearbest…..

                    • @PAEz: Thanks
                      Would be happier to buy from someone local or Amazon but defiantly not Kogan.

                    • @PAEz: Looks like $305 incl shipping, not $335? (unless prices are pre-GST).

                      Either way, if you're looking to get this, I'd recommend getting the 128GB from amazon. If you use suncorp gift cards then it brings the price down a bit to make it even more comparable.

                      Plus you get 2 years warranty on it, doesn't look like this one comes with warranty (shipped from HK).

                      • @mangobango: Prices are pre GST.

                        • @chrisie: Ah yep, figured.

                          So for an extra $24, you get 128GB plus warranty from Amazon.

                          Small price to pay for more piece of mind (assuming you have access to the gift cards).

                          • @mangobango: I dont have access to suncorp gift cards.
                            An extra 64gig is worth nothing to me, dont need it. Plus I have a spare 64gig sd card.
                            I dont put much stock in warranties, although Id trust one from Amazon more than most places.
                            And Im already pushing my limit if I get this phone. Was hoping for around 250-280 for a phone, but the poco is very tempting

                            • @PAEz: Yeah that's fair, definitely go for this one then.

                              Cheaper at TobyDeals though.

                              Gray is almost out of stock but there's a decent amount of Blue left.

                              Can probably use CART3 for extra discount too. EDIT: Use TOBY10 for $10 off, $319 in the end.

                              • @mangobango: Oh thanks for that, thats tempting.
                                The 10 off would be nice but Ive heard soooooo many complaints about TobbyDeals that I dont know if Id risk it. Got scammed recently and now Im even more cautious. Gearbest have always done well for me in the past, no issues.
                                …..it is tempting tho.

                                • @PAEz: Yeah that's fair, to be honest most of the issues people have are them showing "In Stock" when an item is out of stock and then takes a long time to ship.

                                  Could always use PayPal and get a refund if anything happens, but may as well go with your gut feeling :)

                          • @mangobango: Just of the subject do you know when the Redmi Note 10 Pro is due to be released , maybe soon ?

    • Don't forget the Moto G9 Plus 6GB/128GB specs in between the Redmi Note 9 Pro and Poco X3 NFC, price in between as well at $320 JB/TGG etc.

      Edit: Here is a comparison https://www.gsmarena.com/compare.php3?&idPhone3=10217&idPhon...
      the G9 plus is a big, heavy phone - maybe too big?

  • Bought it, Note 8 battery can't last a day.

    • half a day for me now … mid to heavy user loll

    • Bit off Xiaomi phones had the same ghastly thing happen to my Note 4.

      • If Note 9 turns out to be same poor battery performance wise, this will be my last Xiaomi.

      • Yeah my Note 3 also has the same thing, though it only happened fairly recently - until then the battery was doing okay

        • It is because the security and software updates suck. My Note 4 got jack all updates then when it did killed battery performance. Similar thing happened to Xiaomi A2 lite and the A2 (full fat), my A2 UI is very slow and I don't have dodgy apps. Xiaomi is very sloppy with their code. A3 software updates is even more of a disaster.

        • Got Xiaomi RN4 and a RN5, medium+ user, battery in both still like new.
          What am i doing wrong? (lol)

  • 395 PPI. FYI.

  • Just need 128gb! Good price.

    • I am curious to understand why? My thinking is save the $30-$40 and buy the 64GB and put in my 256GB SD card I bought for $20.

      Am I missing something in terms of better to have higher ROM built in?

      • ROM storage is faster than SD, this might not matter in some situations. Also, in my experience, SD cards are prone to dying.

        • Can apps be installed to sd if ROM is full?

          • @Pusdi: Most apps that are not system apps should be installable on the SD

            • @Parth71: Ah thanks, good to know. Where did you get a 256GB sd so cheap? Does it have fast read/write speeds?

              • @Pusdi: One of the deals that came around, I got it for my DSLR as a back up but never used it, I will plug it into this phone…There are always deals on SD card coming around. I meed the memory only for my podcasts so not fussed about speed etc.

  • I canceled my Poco X3 order (the item has been in Germany for 4 days now without any sign of movement). Got $10 promotional gift from Amazon on top of the refund. Then I purchased this one.

  • Anyone recommend a regular sized phone around this price?

    • I know what you mean. This is too big, especially with protective case. I wanted these specs in a smaller size. I like the idea of one handed operation, and easy to fit in pocket. I'm buying this cause I couldn't find what I want at this price point. I often use my phone in bed and sometimes drop it on my face. This beast could knock my teeth out!

  • I am trying to toss up between the Redmi Note 9 Pro or the Poco X3 NFC.
    Guy's which one should I get ? Help me decide !

    • Go with whichever cheaper. 120Hz gimmicky is only so much, money in your wallet is more important.

      • Yes I tend to agree with you , with 5G phone coming out and expecting the price to drop I see that this will be only an interim phone so why waste the extra money on the Poco .

      • 120Hz gimmicky is only so much

        I was looking at videos comparing the different refresh rates, even as someone who plays games it does feel a bit gimmicky.

        Can notice the difference if you slow it down to 0.25x, but in real world use it doesn't seem that exciting.

        I'm still getting the Poco for the slightly better processor, but RN9Pro is a great buy at this price.

      • The display also has 240Hz touch sampling rate, which means great response time in gaming.

      • I think 120 hz is totally worth it even for normal browsing and scrolling. I cant go back to 60hz phone after i used poco x3 for two days even though the battery drains faster

    • The Poco has been as low as $280. I will wait for that, I need two phones. Just overall you are getting a lot more specs with the POCO X3.

      • Specs are almost identical with the Poco X3 having a 120Hz display is all.

        • Snapdragon 720 vs 732G
          No weather shield vs weather shield for Poco
          Stereo speakers

          The only spec better on 9 Pro seems to be the Bluetooth APTx and AES

          • @Parth71: SD720 bs SD732, both of which are on 8nm with CPU slightly overclocked on SD732. GPU is same Adreno 618.

            Weather shield is gimmicky, both aren't IP67/68 anyway. IP53 on the Poco X3.

            Agree on stereo speaker. On the other hand Poco X3 has plastic back while Note 9 Pro is glass back, and general build feel cheaper on Poco X3. Personally stereo speaker isn't a big point for me, I'm fine with almost single speaker on the Pixel 5 since the under display speaker is tiny but the other one is loud enough.

            This has dual SIM + SD card rather than Hybrid SIM/SD on the Poco X3.

            • @Bigboomboom: Fair points, I might think about getting one each. Been stung in the past with the same model and then some things not working. Like bluetooth connection on my Oneplus

    • If you play games then go with the Poco.

      If not, then the Redmi will be more than enough, especially for the price.

    • I had the same decision to make. Went with the Redmi Note 9 Pro.
      If you're not using it for gaming then it makes sense to go RN9. Battery lasts longer and it is a nicer build and slimmer. The refresh rate difference is apparently barely noticeable (unless you're gaming).

      Very happy with the RN9 Pro.

  • Oh… great price… tempted now.

    Have they fixed the dust in the camera issue ?

    • dust in camera issue

      I haven't seen anything but all posts on the issue I can find online are at least 70 days old. That's pretty much all that's holding me back…

      edit: I've cancelled my Poco x3 order and am ordering this one now, some Reddit posts are claiming allegedly the camera issue was fixed after the first batch of phones. So shouldn't be an issue, if it is I believe Amazon UK with do a return and refund in the warranty period.

  • I have a budget of $300 for a new phone. This one looks like a great candidate, but a bit scared of Xiaomi's custom OS. If I get it, can I flash it and install a custom ROM? If yes, which ROM you recommend for this?


  • Can someone tell me what's the warranty on this phone ? 2 years ? Can't find it anywhere.

    • 1 year warranty compared to 2 years on the Poco X3. Just talked to livechat. Was also guaranteed Amazon UK will fulfill warranty just as Amazon AU would, so besides longer shipping times should not be a hassle. Transcript below as proof:

      09:51 AM AEDT CG dharma teja(Amazon): Hello, my name is Dharma. I'll be glad to help you today.
      09:52 AM AEDT -: Hello Dharma would you be able to confirm whether there is a warranty for this phone?
      09:53 AM AEDT CG dharma teja: Thank you for sharing the details, please allow me a minute looking into it.
      09:54 AM AEDT CG dharma teja: - you will have one year warranty for this phone.
      09:54 AM AEDT -: Awesome that is good to hear and how does it work buying from the Amazon UK store?
      09:55 AM AEDT CG dharma teja: You just need to place an order, its good to go :)
      Amazon Global Store allows you to shop for items sold by other Amazon sites, at Amazon.com.au. While the items will dispatch from outside Australia, you'll pay in Australian Dollars (AUD) and all tax and import fees are added into the price, you see on the product detail page, at the time of checkout.
      09:56 AM AEDT CG dharma teja: Rest assured that you'll receive the same service you've come to expect from Amazon when you purchase from Amazon Global Store sellers.

  • Are cameras the same on both phones.

  • So tempted. However I couldn't fault my TCL Plex as a backup phone.

  • Note with Redmi devices you only get 1 version of Android updates where as other MI products you get 2 updates from looking at history.

  • I got this phone. Can confirm it is really good and a major upgrade from my pixel 1 unit.
    You can not find better for this price point. I would say its on par with other $400 phones. (spec wise)

    • Specs seem better than A51 .. especially the exynos crap .. i've very tempted to replace my Galaxy Note 8 and my wifes Pixel 2 XL with it.. (mainly due to both having battery drain issues)

  • Got this for $300 mid year. Coming from Amazon, this is a great deal. I liked how it came with a protective case. Photos are fantastic. Face or fingerprint unlock is fast. Regular updates. Battery life is outstanding. Mi apps can easily be hidden away.

    Cons so far, speaker volume and position, occasionally freezes in Chrome when typing (could be an app bug).

    For a sub $300, plus the Amazon safety net, I think it's easily the best buy going around.

  • Does anyone else get "delivery date pending" status after placing an order?

    • same thing happened with Poco X3 order from Amazon UK, it will ship eventually.

    • I got that, I also got a lot of errors with coupon codes etc but still the order went through.

    • No need to worry. I bought heaps of stuff from Amazon UK and they were almost all like this after placing order. After a couple of days status would change once they charge you. Your order is definitely placed successfully.

    • 3-4 weeks shipping time is the only thing holding me back on this. I'm using a painfully slow Moto G2 as my Moto G6 plus died.

      Currently holding out for a good Black Friday sale on Australian stock. Hopefully with 24 month Australian warranty and 128GB version for around $330 incl postage. Am I dreaming?

      • Where from though?

      • Have a look at the Moto G9 Plus as I said above. Specs are similar, my G6 died as well. I like the stock-ish android and didn't want to wait for shipping. $320 pickup from JB/TGG. :)

        • Very tempted, but I have a tendency to drop phones out of pocket etc. Broke the side of G6 Plus screen plus camera glass.

          The gorilla glass 5 is appealing, and from what comparisons I could find, the camera on the RN9 Pro produces better photos too.

          Think I will wait and see what pops up in the sales tomorrow.

  • This or Oppo A52?