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[eBay Plus] Bose QC35ii $249, Sony WH-1000XM4 $299, AirPods Pro $249, AirPods 2 $99, Galaxy A51 $379, Apple Watch 3 $249 @ eBay


More ebay sales have been announced.

Here's the confirmed list of Plus-exclusive Black Friday deals:

Daily -

Item Sale price Quantity Time Promo code
Apple AirPods (2019) AU$99 400 12pm, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm PVHDD82
Apple AirPods Pro AU$249 400 11am, 1pm, 3pm, 5pm PVHWC80

Friday November 27 -

Item Sale price Quantity Time Promo code
Nintendo Switch (Neon) + Mario Kart 8 Deluxe bundle AU$349 1000 12pm & 5pm
Bose QuietComfort 35 II AU$249 660 12pm & 5pm PTWQO66
Sony WH-1000XM4 AU$299 500 8am PTWHJ66
Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 AU$399 300 2pm PTWS067
Assassin's Creed Valhalla (PS4) AU$49 500
Assassin's Creed Valhalla (Xbox) AU$49 150
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War (PS4) AU$49 500
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War (Xbox) AU$49 150
FIFA 21 (PS4) AU$25 300
FIFA 21 (Xbox) AU$25 200
Thrustmaster T-LCM pedal AU$299 150
Nespresso Vertuo Plus White Round Top Coffee Machine & Aeroccino3 Milk Frother AU$209 250 PTWFD81
Air Jordan 1 W 'Lucky Green' AU$230 150

Saturday November 28 -

Item Sale price Quantity Time Promo code
Samsung Galaxy A51 AU$379 300 10am PBDAS64
Apple Watch 3 AU$249 1000 12pm & 5pm PBDFW63
Garmin Dash Cam 56 AU$189 300 10am PTSM94

Sunday November 29 -

Item Sale price Quantity Time Promo code
Xiaomi Mi 34-inch curved gaming monitor AU$449 1000 12pm & 5pm
Roborock S6 Pure AU$499 600 12pm & 5pm PWST91
Thrustmaster T.16000M FCS Space Sim Duo AU$179 150
Devanti 12L Air Fryer AU$99 300 4pm

Monday November 30 -

Item Sale price Quantity Time Promo code
Nintendo Switch (Grey) + Mario Kart 8 Deluxe bundle AU$349 500 12pm & 5pm
Fitbit Versa 2 AU$209 500 12pm & 5pm
Pre-order: Cyberpunk 2077 (PS4) AU$59 1000
Pre-order: Cyberpunk 2077 (Xbox) AU$59 200
Logitech G920 Driving Force Wheel (Xbox + PC) AU$349 150
Logitech G29 Driving Force Wheel (PS4 + PC) AU$349 150
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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        • I was able to add it into my cart and go to the checkout at the 10am drop. But I was too slow to pay haha.
          I assume it should work as it's a different code. Good luck!

          • @sdkfjhwef: Let us know if it lets you check out, I also did that in the last $99 Airpods deal but wouldn't purchase

            Good luck

            • @OCD Completionist: I was able to get them! (I think, it does say payment being processed but my card has been charged) I just stayed on the checkout page and clicked the buy button every 10 or so minutes to keep the page active and so it remembers that I put in my card details. I spammed the buy button when it was close to time and it went through. :)

              edit: it's now got an estimated delivery date instead of the payment processing message

              • @sdkfjhwef: So which option did you pick? Buy another or add to cart?

                I've already purchased it previously so it doesn't seem to show me the Buy Now button

                edit: congrats

                • @OCD Completionist: Ah yeah, I saw the buy another button too.
                  At 10am I picked add to cart and then I went into my cart and went to check out. Then I stayed on the check out page.

                  I think if you're able to have it in your cart and get to the check out page then you should be set for the drop after!

    • Yes

  • +1

    I've got the normal airpods in my checkout ready for 12pm, will I lose those if I go for the Pro's in 15 mins?

    • Please do let us all know.

    • -2

      I got both already

    • +1

      Gives error if you leave normal airpods in checkout. I suggest to choose one

    • I left $99 one in my cart from mobile app, and successfully got pro $249 from laptop browser. and went back to see the mobile check out cart, my $99 is still there. now the question is will I be able to process that on 12PM. trying to buy it one for my cousin and one for my father. will let you know how it goes at 12

      • How did i go?

        • it was pre loaded in my cart, but it says this seller does not have that many left. still in my cart, will try spamming pay now button at 2 PM.

          • @Jadeja: how did you go

            • +1

              @ozbargainerlife1: OMG, It worked. finally, spamming confirm and pay now button. money deducted from my CC but payment shows pending on ebay. fingers crossed.

        • OMG, It worked. finally, spamming confirm and pay now button. money deducted from my CC but payment shows pending on ebay. fingers crossed.

  • Of course eBay wanted me to re-enter my security code…

  • paypal was slow, missed the pros while paypal loading

    • +1

      a tip for next time, have a card pre-loaded. I find that's always faster :)

      • like on paypal?

        i think all my credit cards are linked there already, unless you know a better way?

        • +1

          So if you go to the top left and see your name/account name, select 'Account Settings', then 'Payment Options' and 'Add Payment Option'. Beforehand, the only way to add a credit/debit card was during the checkout process, but it looks like they've updated that now (about time).

          Try that and just add a random thing in your cart (don't pay unless you want it). If you're in the checkout section and see your credit card there, then you should be all good - select that for the next drop instead of PayPal

  • +2

    It was asking for my secure code again for my credit card even though I'd just updated it this morning in my account.

    So I lost that round.

    • I think it will ask you always whenever you use it.

  • I literally managed to fill everything out in 20 seconds, and it sold out.

    • +1

      try 5 seconds

  • Airpods Pro sold out in less than a minute, cool.

    • less than a second not a minute

      • Haha yeah, it certainly felt that way!

  • I think you cannot buy the airpods pro if you've bought them before. I can't see any buy it now or add to cart button and I see this on the top:

    You have purchased more than one of these items.

    Can anyone confirm?

    • can confirm, can't purchase if you've bought before from the previous drops.

  • Airpods Pro for sale same price $250 at Amazon!

  • I got lucky on the Airpods Pro, managed to enter my secure code again, then add the discount code then hit pay.

  • +1
    • Missed after going through all their deals this morning haha urgh

  • +8

    Is Ozbargain site starting to slow down or is it just me?

    • same for me

    • +1

      Something is wrong with the interwebs in general. Since last night been getting slowdown and DDOS checks with Cloudflare. All browsers. Home and work.

      • Yeah seems like everything is grinding to a halt.

        WFH + Black Friday?

  • +1

    Managed to get the AirPod Pros now time to get the regulars for my sister.

  • My heart never beat as fast as when I was checking out the pros haha. I missed out on the last $99 airpods drop a few months back and missed the 9am drop (as they changed it from 10am and I was asleep). Didn't think it was possible to even get them but here we are, finally :) Good luck everyone else!

  • Curious to know if the Airpods Pro on eBay are genuine AU stock?

    • +1

      Yes, they have always been genuine from titan_gear and other reputable sellers.

      • Awesome thanks, got mine this morning :-)

  • +4

    Fk Ebay, just bought $249 airpods pro from Amazon

    • +4

      Wish they would do $99 for standard Airpods too :D

  • Can I just spam confirm and pay for the next drop?

  • +2

    Quicksilver Beach Towell $14
    Code: PTWH19


  • So I stupidly bought the airpod pros without hitting the apply coupon button.. Any chance the seller will refund me?

    • ebay plus = free returns
      so the answer is yes

    • yeah. See people do this each time, ask the seller and they will do it… pretty quickly too usually. Also I noticed that some one else comment Amazon Prime members can get airpods pro for the same price .. less hassel.

  • +7

    Everyone having a productive day at work yeh? Hope your boss is happy with that ;)

    • +10

      boss also f5ing on the page

      • 😂😂😂😅

    • Told them and they are joining…ozbargainers!

  • +1

    do we have the link for the Switch yet?

  • How are people actually getting these codes? I've been looking for a watch 3 for a bit so I'm really hoping I'll be able to catch it on the 2pm drop. Will they likely give you a choice of colour as well?

    • Good luck selecting a colour it will be sold out if you go that extra step.

  • +4

    Ozbargain getting hammered? Super slow and wont load

  • does anyone have a link to the switch page?

  • not even 5 seconds? wow

  • Gone in 5 seconds

  • How quick are people getting the Airpods

  • +1

    How quick are people getting the Airpods, I can't even add to cart

  • +1

    Boom. Gone in 5 seconds again. That insurance plan thing is such a hang up

  • I swear it was gone in 2 sec….

  • how… how the actual (profanity)? god damn it… paypal let me down on that one… by the time it got back it was sold out…

  • +1

    Spaming the pay button finally worked for me this time! My son will be happy!

    • what does it mean?

  • +1

    Its all drama I guess. This time I didn't even see them in stock.

    • +1

      that's because you blinked

  • +1

    so fast…are these bots or what

  • +2

    BOOM Approx 1.2 seconds! 🤣

  • +2

    yeah that was insanely quick

  • +2

    Boom. Gone in 5 seconds again. That insurance plan thing is such a hang up

    • …even bought a $1 cable a few minutes before to hopefully save credit card details so I don't have to add CVV again. Got into my cart but out when I clicked pay

  • got payment processing…does that mean i've got them?

    • Dont stress mate… Mine had same but now fully processed! GOD BLESS YOU ALL FOR THESE POSTS :)

  • I got it in my card with gift card apply for full amount. Do i just leave it here and come back at 2pm or do i need to do something so the cart won't expire?

    • Leave it in your cart, don't try to do anything with that browser on ebay until 2pm.
      Potentially open a second window, ctrl-h, and you have 2 checkout windows where you can spam the pay button right at 2pm.

  • +1

    Spamming the pay button from 11:59 and was lucky enough to score a pair. Mrs will hopefully be happy :)

    • congrats.. but how do you have that in cart? it was oos before

      • managed to get them in my cart from the 10am sale, but missed out. I just kept the page open with them in my cart and spammed the pay now button until it processed.

    • Was doing the same but no luck. It even broke my checkout page unfortunately.

  • Yeah man this is nuts, i got fiber to the home 1000meg a second and i cant click quick enough to get a set.

    If you cant beat them join them, how do we get our own ebay bots?

  • +1

    it was pre loaded in my cart, but it says this seller does not have that many left. does it mean I can still try on next drop ?

    • +3

      Yep! Just don't navigate away from the page. I click the pay button once every 10 or so minutes to make sure the page doesn't go inactive. And spam once it's close to time. It's worked for me a few times :)

      • ok cool.. will do that, cheers

      • trick worked. thanks heaps,

    • Interested whether this is possible too. Shows in my cart but with none left. Just F5 my cart at 2pm?

    • Yes I think so.

      Question is do we need to keep clicking for 2 hours to keep the checkout alive?

      edit: answered above me, thank you

      • I left my laptop on sleep since the 10am drop and the cart didn’t go inactive.

        • I think I made the mistake of using paypal. Others are saying use credit card.

          Will the paypal pre-auth go dead?

          • +1

            @DingoBlue: PayPal is useless for these deals. When you try and click confirm and pay at the drop time it will ask for you to authenticate PayPal again.

            • @Huh: thanks.

              I just switched it to a credit card and the checkout is still good

      • I'm not 100% sure if it is required.. but I always do just in case! And it's worked for me so personally I would recommend it.

      • I'm not 100% sure if it is required.. but I always do just in case! And it's worked for me so personally I would recommend it.

  • Woo, got a switch! Even had time to sign in to both eBay and PayPal. Everyone must've been going for the AirPods?

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