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Olight i1R 2 EOS $7.95 Delivered @ Olight Store


Got this last time when it was just shipping fees.

Awesome little light, used almost everyday

Taken from the website


Color will be randomly selected

● Fast and convenient charging process by Micro-USB charging

● Light and Tiny as your pinky finger

● Delivering 150 lumens output with a soft, well-balanced beam

● Twisting the light head to control the ON/OFF and mode change

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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    Thanks OP, picked one up!

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      Can't find pickup option though - shipping only.

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    Not Working for me.

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      Me neither, the "Register / Log In & Get" button is unable to be clicked on. I tried registering an account to see if that would help, no dice. Help?

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        Could be your ad blockers. That’s what caused me issues last time

        • Thanks, working now, not sure if it was the ad blocker or not.

  • can this be used as a bike light?

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      To warn other yes but not as a headlight. 150 lumens is not bright

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      Wouldn't recommend unless emergency

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        I agree. Just got mine delivered today. It's really tiny (4 cm). The usb charger port is the old Samsung mobile type and not c port. Even though it was free, it was not worth the shipping cost. You are better off with using your mobile torch.

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          I 100% disagree and wish I got my partner to order one so that I had two. It is worth well above the $7.95 shipping cost. These have amazing light output for such a tiny device. I had to get under the house to sort something and this little thing was amazing. Low beam while crawling along and the hig beam for around the area I needed to sort. Had it in my mouth! Have used it for a few other little things like close inspection of inside PCs……..

          Amazing device and highly recommend for anyone looking for a tiny torch with excellent power output. Oh and rechargeable. Standard USB charge port is great as lots of those around.

          Oh and the build quality is also excellent…….all aluminium and not plastic.

    • what is the ideal lumens for a bike light.? 200 or 400?

      • 800+
        I like these niterider lights https://www.99bikes.com.au/light-front-niterider-lumina-micr...,
        but there are probably cheaper alternatives.

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        400 lumens is more than enough.

        If you want to ride at night along streets or shared paths with no street lamps, then perhaps a brighter light of 600+ lumens may make you feel safer.

        If you're riding a mountain bike out in bushland in the middle of the night, then yes 800+ lumens to light up the night…

        • To expand on the mountain bike answer - best would be two lights that are 1000+ lumens each for night riding. One wide-angle floodlight on the handlebars so you can see a large area, and see shadows/texture. Then one more focused light for your helmet so you can look in any direction and see what's going on.

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      Given that the efficacy of the LED is 110lm/W (which is approximately the current average), the tiny 70mAh battery will be enough for only ~11 minutes of 150 lumens light intensity. Unless you're cycling for only 11 minutes, this light is definitely not enough. The advertised 6 hours runtime is around what you'd expect for the lower 5 lumens brightness.
      So this is really only just for finding things in the dark; so something you might have on your keychain or in your car.

      Depending on the conditions you ride in, the brightness you need would vary. When buying lights, beware that MANY lights are advertised as having MUCH more lumens than they actually have. If you buy from reputable sellers, they are honest, but most lights from Aliexpress, eBay and many from Amazon will lie about lumens.

      I use a 1500 lumen light (which is actually 1500 lumens), and I sometimes want something brighter because I often cycle quite late in the evening and like to cycle faster than is safe, heheheh.
      But if you want some good value light for casual cycling, then I'd recommend this 600 lumen light (yes, it actually is 600 lumen as advertised):

      It's more expensive now than it used to be, but still excellent value for money. Its price fluctuates a lot so if you wait a couple of days it may drop a bit.

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      No. Go for a dedicated bike light, or grab a full-sized torch and a specialist mount for it.

      I recommend the RN800 from Olight hile it is on sale

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      Look for something like this…
      Less than great for safety, guaranteed to toughen you up.

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        Oh those were the days. One Dynamo on the Front and one on the back for good measure!

  • Already got a tip 2 se but this would be good in the car

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    I'm trying to work out what use this is and whether I should get one (it's not free - don't want to waste $8).

    I have a good torch in the car for emergencies which has that disconnect the terminal thing to ensure it always works.

    I could put this one on a keyring but it is really any better than the light on my phone?

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      Brighter than a phone LED, handy if attached to keys and it's faster to turn on than fumbling around with a phone (at least for me)

      • Get a motorola phone, karate chop twice and the light turns on/off. There are probably apps to do the same.

        • Yeah it's fun but also the chop doesn't work half the time and occasionally activates unintentionally. Also have to agree that phone lights pretty much always suck. Fully in favour of that kind of usability feature though, most phones just have nothing innovative.

          • @BargainTeebone: The phone light is enough to use indoors at night for me, probably not so useful for anything outdoors / farther away in most cases. I've had the lumintop 650 lumen mini flashlight on my amazon list for a while, I'll probably get that next time it's on sale.

            • @Ghosticle: I'm actually in a similar position to you - I have the Rovyvon Aurora A5 on my Amazon wishlist but could never justify the price.

              $7.95 for a light like this is much more palatable for me.

            • @Ghosticle: Which Lumintop 650 lumens torch? Liteshop has min 15% off all torches at the moment

              • @Wilkshire13: LUMINTOP Tool AA 2.0 - It seems to be cheaper on amazon including the battery. But there are some nice ones in that link so I have some deciding to do now!

    • Agreed

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      Its brighter than your phone, quicker to use. And a backup if your phone dies

  • Thanks Op! Got one also. Hopefully it will show up.

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    Curious as to why you would need to use it "almost everyday." Searching for things as night? Saving electricity at home? Just curious.

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      Night shift, some paths i go don't have light, especially my backyard or when I dont want to turn on the main light because it's too bright just to get water

  • Nice. Thank you!

  • Anyone having problems ordering? I've created an account and logged in but the Buy button still says "REGISTER / LOG IN & GET". Signing out and signing back in throws an error on https://www.olightstore.com.au/customer/account/loginPost/ too. I've turned adblock off and tried incognito as well.

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      I don't know about the signing in problem, but check your cart after you hit the grey button to order. It populates the cart but it was not immediately apparent anything had happened, at least to me.

      • Thanks cannibal, the cart has nothing in it. I managed to get the order through using Edge.

  • Don’t need it. Ozbargain website but it’s cheap. Damit, okay I get 1. ¯\ (ツ)

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    Okay I think I figured it out. The REGISTER / LOG IN & GET grey button ISN'T a button. You can't click it. Instead, click the "Register" link at the top right and create an account that way. After you've registered, "I1R 2 EOS GIFT FOR FREE" should appear automatically in your shopping cart.

    I tried Firefox and Chrome without success and eventually got it to work in Edge. What a website.

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    $32.95 normal price 😂

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      Yeah a bit of an exaggeration there. They normally sell for around $20.

  • Registered, logged in, nothing in cart. Seems like an email harvest scam.

  • sorry, just a thought, how is it that normal AU shipping is 7.95, while buying something from china the shipping would only cost a few dollars?

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      Australia post monopoly

    • Australia post monopoly

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        Australia Post has a monopoly on letter delivery but not parcels e.g. we have companies like Fastway operating.

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      In short, there are international agreements in place that oblige developed countries to deliver mail from developing countries cheaply.
      China is classified as a developing country. Also, China has mail subsidies in place to encourage exports.

      The topic is covered a bit here https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/459085

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      You're not paying it for shipping, you're paying for the product. It's just another way of doing business.

      For example, I sell something worth $3 and say free product but charge you $7.95 for shipping. The real shipping could be $3.95 so I still make $1.

      Nothing is really free :)

  • I have this light. It's great as an inexpensive keyring light. It's tiny, weatherproof, has two brightness levels (5 lumens and 150 lumens) and a rechargeable Li-ion battery. I paid $20 for mine, so $7.95 is a bargain.

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      you had me at I paid $20, and at $8 its a bargain… thanks mate.

  • copped one, curious and same use case as many, backup and im attracted to the rechargable aspect.

  • would this be a good reading lamp for kids in the car?

    • Not really. From what I've read, 25 to 50 lumens is a good amount for reading but this torch only does 5 lumens at the lower level. The light is quite a harsh white, slightly blue. And you have to hold it; I'd look for something you can clip on to what you're reading, and with a warmer colour.

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    What's this? Not sure what it does, but it's free, so got one. Thanks op!

  • Thanks I bought one.

  • was impressed with mine from the last giveaway in August. nice packaging, comes with USB cable, covered charging port! (that last one's very important to me)

  • Thanks OP! This could be quite useful.

  • ……and another torch for the drawer. I usually find torches so paying $7.95 is stretching my wallet! Being rechargeable and tiny makes this an interesting one. Into the cart it goes. A nice stocking filler with Christmas around the corner :-) Thanks OP & Olight.

  • My order is still sitting on processing, anyone receive theirs yet?

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      mine just got shipped yesterday

      • yeh just got notification mines being packed