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eufy Floodlight Cam White $199 (RRP $299) Delivered @ Amazon AU


Just a got a camelcamelcamel alert about a price drop on eufy Floodlight Cam White only. Its the lowest its ever been as per camelcamelcamel.

Black is still $239 as posted on this deal thanks to relentlessM8 OzBargain.

Link to the Black Eufy Floodlight Cam: Amazon

Black Eufy Floodlight Cam $199 at Bing Lee (Thanks to taker312)

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  • Wow better than TGG commercial. I have 2 of these. Pretty good unit.

  • Fantastic price, was about to buy one last night!

  • Does this need homebase?

  • Some sketchy reviews on the Eufy website, ie. detection not working, and the opposite as well, detection going off when its' not supposed to?

    • Never had a problem with mine. The sensitivity can be adjusted within the app.

      • Cool..bought one.

        • Electrcian install. I got the black version, which seems in reviews works better than white. sorry

          Do you have any other Eufy products? I have two cameras, that now work ok, since getting the Floodlight installed it's like set up an active connection and stabilized the other issues I was having. So in short, this could remedy any other problems by getting one. And I guess it depends on your connection and location also.

          It's an overall good product, I'm just not sure about the white ones, due to reviews, as why I went black. I have it in the back yard and the neighbour like it's as she does not have to turn her back light on anymore when hanging washing at night.


  • Thank you so much! Bought another 2. I have one working for over 6 months without any problem. My Google Nest Hub Max can connect it to stream the video.

    • Do you need an electrician to install it?

      • I think so, as it's hardwired.

        • I have an existing floodlight. I reckon taking it out and putting the connection on this and installing wouldn't be so hard.

          • @dealsucker: I wouldn't if I were you, leave it to a licenced electrician. Your house may not have a safety switch and it could be very dangerous. I have learnt the hard way trying to change a broken bayonet light fitting myself when I was younger..

      • Yes you will need an electrian for certification purposes.

        I had mine installed by an electrician to replace a flood light - in theory, it was literally just a remove (floodlight) and replace while taking all the proper precautions (eg. turning off mains power etc). In the end, I chickened out for the sake of $100 to have the electrician do the exact process as I understood it to be, having observed him.

        $100 for piece of mind and certification.

      • I did it by myself. It's quite simple to replace the old floodlight with this.

    • I haven't been able to get my nest hubs to stream the video, always gives me error.

      Did you do anything to make it work?

    • Is their a way to extend the stream all night? Like my Hub only streams for a few mins.

  • How is this brand compared to Arlo?

  • Buying my first home soon. What’s is the ozbargain general best/optimal setup to go with a system. 5 bed house. 2 yards. We have all iOS devices. Just throw a few names and I’ll do my research. I don’t trust google reviews and recommendations

  • Does it suit Roof mount or it's only wall mount ?

  • anyone had success with Eufy and geofencing?
    I find it so hit & miss that it's annoying to keep on.

  • Bunnings sell.same model if want to save another 10% with price beat. Available as special order


  • how does this compare to ring floodlight?

  • So this stores footage locally on sdcars inside camera but you can also access it over wifi and the app?

    Is that right.

  • Does it support cloud storage ?

    • There's no cloud storage at the moment. But I read it some where there are future plans to integrate with Homebase so you can either have cloud storage or local storage via Homebase USB slot.

  • Does it have inbuild siren?

  • Anyone know if it can do RTSP?

  • It would be better if it connected to the homebase

  • BTW trying to find out it has a siren as well like in Swann & Ring flood lights?

  • I have owned a ring doorbell since they were first available.

    I recently bought a Eufy Floodlight and 2 camera bundle with homebase 2. (July 2020)

    I too was thinking I would be swapping across to Eufy for everything.

    However, after using the Eufy floodlight I am quite disappointed. Eufy advertise and have the feature of motion zones - which ring also has - and what I will say on the floodlight product is that this does not work. Motion alerts are received all day from tree movement every day it is windy - and the motion zone has been set to exclude the view of the tree. Various people have posted similar comments online. I end up turning off the alerts on these days which kind of defeats the purpose. I was hoping a firmware upgrade would fix this - so far it has not.

    The wireless cameras likely don't have this issue as more development seems to be going into them (since they likely sell more).

    I am starting to think it is hard to compete with a company Amazon squired for $1 billion dollars, and perhaps paying a monthly fee is not so bad for a product which works as advertised.

    I ended up buying a Ring Floodlight camera recently to replace it - although I have not installed it yet - based on my experience I would not recommend this product if it will be imaging if a tree etc is in the field of view. Learn for my experiences.

    • I have no trees in view of my garage do you think it will work alright besides the tree issue?

      • yes, i think so. The real issue is that the motion zones do not function at all. If you do not need to set up motion zones you should be fine.

    • Dahua IVS. check IPCAMtalk.com

      These Eufy/Ring are just toys for small boys.

    • there is this feature in ring where you can link your door bell to flood light. e.g if motion detected at door bell, flood light will start recording as well, and if it's dark, it will switch on the light. quite cool in my opinion.

  • did anyone tried price match with JB or TGG?

  • The black one is available now for $199.

  • Thanks OP and taker312.

    I rang OW 1300 number to price beat Bing Lee, black colour, got it for $189.05 in store pick up (in VIC).

    The guy on the phone yesterday said they only got 1 stock left which I bought, but not sure if this is only for VIC or nationwide.

  • Ordered one at Bing Lee today, it's coming from another branch. $179 using latitude pay.