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Bonus 3000 Points When You Download App & Shop by 9/12/20 @ Woolworths Everyday Rewards


How to collect your Christmas gift:
Step 1:
If you haven’t already got the app, download and log in to the Woolworths app
Step 2:
Link your Everyday Rewards Card and boost your 3000 points offer
Step 3:
Shop to collect your points by Wednesday, 9 December* - the Woolworths app is here to help

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  • I got 1000. However it does not appear in the app.

    I just had to go on chat with them, They told me to delete the app, unlink my card and start again. I said no so they have agreed to add them manually.

    Does anyone see anything in the app?

  • Shop how much? And does it have to be through the app itself or does any purchase in store count too?

  • I did. It was in the offers section. Mine was for 3000 points.

  • I got targetted as well but i already downloaded the apps and linked to my acct, unsure why i am still targetted

  • Hmm, which app are they referring to? I assumed the Everyday Rewards app but now I think it may be the Woolworths app? They should just have one!

  • Well this is really odd. If I click on the "boosters" in the Woolworths app it loads all the same boosters as in the Everyday Rewards app PLUS the 1000 points off. It still does not appear in the Rewards app though. Looks like a bug.

    • Woolworths app. Click into your points if you have already linked your rewards card and you will see it.

      • Yes, I described above what happens.

        • I think I had a different experience to everyone else too. I had to click on the "more" icon at the bottom of the woolworths app, and then click on "everyday rewards" in the list that appeared. The 3000 points were in there and ready to boost.

          I did not have an "offers" section or a "boosters" section.

  • I got 2000 points.

  • Bit of a pain to activate.

    Open Woolworths App (not rewards)
    If your rewards card is already linked, click your balance at the top of the app
    Here should show you the points offer to activate

  • Got this offer too. So no minimum spend and can shop in store or online?

  • I got this offer too, but for 1000 points. My card was already linked and frequently used, especially with the 10% insurance discount

  • thanks! got it on only 1 of my accounts..better than nothing

  • Woolworths is a sh..tshow; multiple apps, different credentials for each.. try and reset a password and wait 10 minutes for an email..

  • got 3000. i'm already all linked up. shopped today. wonder if i'll get anything

  • I keep getting errors linking my WWR to WW App…..

    • Same here. I rang Rewards customer service and got it sorted out in under 10 minutes. Worth doing for 3000 points.

  • you can shop online or instore with this offer

  • No luck for me. Offer didn't appear in the app, I went onto live chat who told me that it's a targeted offer. If you don't receive an email, you're not eligible.

  • Great deal. Got 3000 despite already having the app and have it linked to my rewards. Easy money

  • Got targeted for this as well. 3k points next shop before 09/12. Already have $260 towards Christmas shop, but an extra top up will be nice :)

  • Thanks OP. Got the 3000 as well. Already had both Woolworths and the everyday rewards app. I unlinked the rewards card and linked it again. And it appeared in seconds.