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3% off Amazon Gift Cards @ PayPal


3% off Amazon Gift cards on PayPal Digital Gifts

Starting Friday 27th 8AM

PayPal Digital Gift Offer Terms

  • The offer is only applicable to Amazon Cards valued between $5 - $1000. Offer is not valid for other Amazon Gift Card denominations.
  • Offer is valid from 8:00am 27th November 2020 until 11:59pm 30th November 2020 or until supplies last; limited quantity available.
  • The 3% discount is limited to 1 digital gift cards per person.
  • Offer is only valid for the PayPal account associated with this email address; this offer is non-transferrable, not redeemable for cash and not for resale.
  • Offer may not be combined with other coupons or discounts on PayPal Digital Gifts website.

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  • Is it instant delivery?

    • Paypal is hit or miss - sometimes instant, sometimes on hold for hours. If you don't need more than $500 and have access to Suncorp Rewards I would buy from there instead.

  • Hm. Buy a $1000 gift card to save $30.

    If I was buying a ps5/xb/high end pc gear, sure. Otherwise I'm not sure it's worth the effort.

  • 3% is pretty weak.. surely PDG can do better..

  • Normal price if you have AAMI / suncorp account

  • If you pay using these gift cards on Amazon, can you still successfully use cash back services like CR/SB?

    • Yeah, still eligible for Cashback

      • I hear mixed responses on this? Some people say it is and others say it isnt?

        • You can, reps are very clear about that.

          • @Punkboy: That is what i had initially heard and then on some cash rewards bonus credit deals posted here, people started to say gift cards arent eligible and i think the rep confirmed it. Maybe its only for the special bonus credit deals?

            • @lonewolf: As coxymla says, it's probably due to confusion between account credit and gift cards which are applied the same way when you order. If Amazon aren't giving you credits and refunds, then you'll be fine with gift card cash backs.

              • @Punkboy: Maybe thats the confusion then. I wonder how to tell the difference when i go to check out, I think they both appear under the same area? Can you select to use gift card but not account credit when checking out?

                Also not sure why someone negged my vote for asking a question. Ozbargain has really got some weirdos these days.

        • Cashrewards T&Cs say it's eligible

          Purchases paid with gift cards are eligible for cashback.

        • Mixed responses are probably due to confusion between account credit versus gift cards.

    • I only use gift cards on Amazon and can confirm I have received cash back from both CR and SB

  • For those eligible 5% off here

  • Can get this through Macquarie bank by opening an account. Unlimited unlike Suncorp or this and available all year. No deal.

  • Pls, bring back Catch 15% or TCN 10% off. I missed a lot.

  • Can’t u get the same discount, unlimited as well through Suncorp rewards (or others similar)?

  • I'm hoping someone can clarify whether or not it is possible to apply this gift card to a preorder for my PS5? The Amazon GC Ts & Cs are a bit sketchy as it says:
    This Gift Card can only be used to purchase eligible goods and services available on Amazon.com.au, and cannot be used on Amazon websites in other countries

    The words that are throwing me are "eligible goods"

    Appreciate any feedback as I've never tried GCs as a payment method on my Amazon account.

    • You should be able to apply your gift card balance to any pre order. I think that clause is only there to prevent buying gift cards with gift cards, I've yet to come across a product that isn't eligible.

    • I pre ordered my PS5 with amazon initially on my credit card and changed my payment method to gift cards. Since they don't charge you until it ships you should be fine.

  • Can you load up your amazon account similar to the apple store with gift cards?

  • How is this a bargain when it's the same price through Suncorp year round and Suncorp is free to access as you just need to setup a free bank account.

  • same as suncorp rewards

  • Does cash back work if you make payment with an Amazon GC?

  • Dose it works on Amazon us?

    • No, only on Amazon.com.au. But works on Amazon US/UK products purchased through Amazon AU.

  • Looks like you can apply a gift card balance to an existing amazon order 🤔

    • Yes, I preorder one PS5 and have not been charged. Now, it is time to save 3%. not bad !

  • Any chance of another 15% off Google Play gift card?

  • Customer service at PayPal is so crap now I can hardly get help.

  • For those who have Australian Unity health insurance, it's 4% discount already taking into account credit card fee. Can pay by Amex.

  • Do you still get cash back at Amazon when paying with gift cards?

  • Don't forget HCF Rewards does this as well.

  • just FYI, 3% is quite accessible anytime according to OZbargain gift card wiki, so I don't quite understand why the high vote

  • Remember the days when we used to snag 15-20% off gift cards from eBay…those were the days…

  • got 1 thanks

  • Anyone got their voucher yet?

  • Is it just me, or does the Amazon logo look like a dick poised to enter the 'O' in Amazon? Now that I've seen it, I can't 'un-see' it.

  • Anyone ever had issues with these coming through as a cash advance when using a credit card? Haven't bought from here before.

  • ordered my giftcard at 4pm yesterday and 12hrs later still hasn't come through. waste of time if wanting it straight away.

    • Same here. Got an email a couple of hours after my purchase at 6:45 last night:

      For your protection, delivery may take longer than usual. This can happen when you've placed your first order with PayPal Gifts, or you used a new payment method, or your order was a large quantity or amount. In rare cases, delivery may take up to 24 hours when we need more time to complete our review.

      • I got the same email at 6pm. when live chat open I'm going to cancel it, as I have no need for it anymore. my item is now out of stock. Anything I do with PayPal has 2FA that should be enough to validate its me and not this garbage of waiting.

        • Just received mine…finally!

        • Did you have any luck canceling it? I tried to cancel it but they replied that the Gift Card is unrefundable

          • @KDOZ: I've had to raise a dispute for it as chat are way too slow. I would be disputing it with them. No where in the t&cs before purchasing it does it say non refundable. Did you open the email and redeem the giftcard? I haven't yet its just sitting in my inbox.

            • @bigpun: I raised a dispute before I received the code, then at like 8am this morning (16 hours after I ordered) I received the gift card and they replied to the dispute saying that it has been delivered and that we can't refund the Gift Card. I haven't used the card yet either

            • @bigpun: I guess the only thing I can do now is pray for another 12% Cashback on Cyber Monday or something to use my gift card on.

              • @KDOZ: I'll let you know how I go as I'm not going to accept that its non refundable.

                • @bigpun: I'm still waiting for PayPal to come back to me on this.

                  The T& C's that is linked in the shopping cart under the buy it now for Amazon gift cards is routed to page that mentions nothing about refunds which the supervisor at Paypal agrees with me. Apparently there is another T&Cs on their website that does mention it but thats not the one stipulated on the purchase page.

                  The amount of times i have had to explain and send them the links, the screenshots is beyond a joke. I accepted the terms and conditions based on the one listed in the buy it now as per the agreement before i hit the purchase button.

                  Looks like they have cancelled my giftcard now, but still waiting on the refund to come through.

                  From what the supervisor was telling me, they dont have any process set up for refunds/cancellations of giftcards on their end and needs to go to their 'products team' to figure out how to do it.

  • Keeps giving me an error when trying to pay. Says that the seller can't accept Paypal payments at the moment.

  • Lol at everyone who downvoted my comments, meanwhile just placed another $300 gift card on Amazon from Suncorp and got it within 5 seconds.. another 5 seconds to apply to account and done. pd using a credit card so +points too. And custom amounts too.

    • I would usually use suncorp but they have a max limit of $500. Never again will I go with PayPal again to save $25

      • It depends I guess. It's $500 a month. So do you need to buy something that's $1000 now, or just general purchases. If it's the latter, it's now 28 Nov just 3 days to the new month..

  • Not working. Can’t pay.

    • Yeah had the same bloody error all day yesterday, and again this morning too. Between this and the 15% off JB cards @ Coles, purchasing discounted cards to buy bargains elsewhere is become a pain in the ass and more effort than it's worth :(

    • Doesn't accept paypal payment stupid