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Black Friday Sale - 50% off Meguiar's Hybrid Ceramic Spray Wax $22 @ Repco


This is seriously cheap.

There are other good detailing deals online as well, e.g.:

Bowden's Own Wheely Clean $13 (reasonably priced)

The usual Ultimate Wash n Wax $17

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  • Really, so spray on rinse and dry, no elbow grease needed?

    • Yes. It actually works. Not sure how….

    • 1st time - spray on and wipe off….
      Next application - spray on hose off.

      Just finished my first bottle…its ok, not anything amazing. You need to use a good pressure hose to wash it off as it sticks pretty good. Only do one side at a time as well and not if the car has been sitting in the hot sun.

      I'm waiting for 303 graphene Nano spray coating to be available here in Aus!

    • Nice. Cheap enough to try.

      This guy's put up a pretty detailed review here, including the results of applying it differently:

      TLDW : Dry application on a clean car yields the best results + durability at the cost of additional time/effort to do it this way.

      • I've tried the dry method. It takes a lot more muscle to buff it off because it's a very thick wax.
        It does work though.
        Subsequent applications I just do the spray dry method and that still works good

  • Any cheap tyre spray lol, bug window wash for $2.

  • It's not too bad, bought on a recent deal.

    Actually smells kinda nice too.

  • hydrosilex on 20% off in repco. i prefer that… better than this one

  • How's this compare to turtle wax ice seal n shine?

  • +1 vote

    TY, just ordered the 36 pack microfibers, 2x wheely clean and this - insane deal. Edge back on sale @ 50% off too!

  • Thanks OP. This is great stuff been using it for 2 months and i apply it once a month for awesome beading, epic lustre/shine. Pro tip. Apply dry for best results. Apply to glass as well to get beading on glass to improve visibility. No need for rainx, this product does it all. I Followed this dudes instructions: https://youtu.be/s1rMMrOqGTg

  • It's junk compared to Mother's Ceramic , too many artificial polymers (the meguiars hybrid)..it literally says it in the name (hybrid)

    See here

    For those who are lazy and don't want to physically apply stuff , something is better then nothing and the Meguiars is good for those who give their car a quick wash then spray the panels and rinse off.

    Do your own testing.

  • I have been using this,product for a while now and I think its pretty good for both the price and ease of application. Make sure you spray on and wipe off the very first time to establish a good foundation. For future washes just spray on and then rinse off from the roof section of the car to get a evenly distributed coating. Remember to dry with a good microfibre towel for the final shine!

  • How does it compare to the Hybrid Ceramic Detailer? Which is also pretty cheap?


    • Any detailer is really only for "touch up" between wax. The spray wax would last longer.

  • This stuff is great on bikes and great on plastic it's all I use now I foam snow my bikes (BOWDENS snow job) then apply this.

    Note to self don't buy another black harley.

    • I only use garden hose on bikes, I don't think it likes high pressure water.

      • Snow cannon isn't high pressure. Cannon drops pressure Alot plus I throw on my rain sock.

        But I'd certinally be careful with a 2000psi+ on a bike or even car for that matter. If it can strip mould/grime off a drive way it can easyly get under seals/or chipped clear coat.

  • For the price it's really good, but product to product, Turtle wax seal and shine from testing is the most durable sealant. It's the only Turtle wax product I use.

  • These are all great products but I'm lazy and I'd rather spend 60 seconds snow foaming the car with something like happy endings every month and know it has coated every surface on the car, not just the bits I can get to with a microfibre cloth.

    • Actually how good is Happy Endings compared to things like Seal n Shine/ceramic spray wax?

      • I doubt Happy Endings would have the chemical resistance of SnS however the ease of application and removal makes it a winner for me. Foam it on and hose it off and you're done. No wondering if you have missed a spot or having to buff it all off.

  • Any deals on snow jobs or happy endings?

    • Supercheap have 30% off Snow Job and Happy Endings atm, and I think Autobarn have 30% off from Monday

  • A previous deal here pointed to reviews that showed that this spray was the best for dust repellency. So depending on what exposure your car suffers, this might be the best for you (I just bought some).

  • Is anyone still waiting for their order to be fulfilled?

    I haven't heard anything from the Nunawading store…