Samsung TV Has Lost Picture but Retained Sound - Repair, Fight or Replace?

We bought a then OzB favorite Samsung UA48J6200 television in 2016 from this deal:

Recently the picture disappeared whilst watching a program, never to be seen since. There’s still sound, we can turn it on/off and change the channel (so the remote still works) and play dvds via the attached DVD player (again, black screen). I’ve done all the tests unplugging, holding power button, changing powerboard, hdmi cables etc as instructed on the Samsung website, via (automated) chat and via phone chat with real person. No change. Harvey Norman said to contact Samsung. Samsung say there’s nothing they can do (mentioned ACL & was escalated to management for review, but no change in outcome). Of course it’s well out of the 12 month warranty, but is four years a reasonable life expectancy for a tv?

So where to from here? Repair? ACCC? Or should we buy another tv during Black Friday sales? Won’t be keen to replace with a Samsung though 😠.

Advice gratefully received


  • Personal opinion of course, but I don't think you have much leg to stand on with it being 4 years old. It was never a high end expensive TV, closer to low end for a Samsung.

  • four years a reasonable life expectancy for a tv?

    It's not good but it's not unheard of either.

    As for your tv, could be as simple as a loose wire, or broken pin, I wouldn't know the cost to repair it regardless but it wouldn't hurt to keep asking, maybe get some quotes.

    As for not wanting to replace with another Samsung, I don't really get that. Statistically they're among the most reliable, you should be aware that your own personal anecdotal experience is just that.

    There are millions out there with Samsung TVs that are very satisfied. Anything good can break, anything bad can last a very long time. If even 0.1% of a million people had a problem with something, that's still a thousand people, but there's 999'000 who had no issues in that hypothetical.

    I've had a bunch on Soniq's in the past because they're cheap, one lasted less than a year & I couldn't have been bothered chasing the warranty as it was only temporarily used, another lasted about 4 years until I turned power saving mode on & that killed the picture, another has lasted well over a decade, I think 14 years? Still going fine.

  • accc will not act for you. you need to complain through consumer affairs and then go for mediation before you can go to court. read the consumer law principles or ask someone at consumer affairs the law.

  • Did you show Samsung the receipt? I wonder if they made the decision based on the price you paid or if they looked at the model number J6200 (mid range).

    I had a 5 year old TV refunded by Samsung but it was the second highest model in their range and cost $2000.

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      Yes, they did ask for the receipt, and yes, after the ‘review by management’ they did mention price as one of the rejection criteria (age, price, warranty).

  • Buy a new one. The financial and emotional cost of fighting is not worth it compare to getting a new one with newer technology.

    We ozbarginer can get worked up thinking we should get more out of what we paid for, making us feel less satisfied the once bargain we obtained. Remind yourself you scored a great bargain, and go score another great one

    If there is any condolence, people pay much more for a phone these days and upgrade them every three years. Your TV lasted 4.5 years. That's 50% more than how long phone is supported these days

    • Thanks NeutralName. Yes, I think it’s due to reading outrage of others in the past that’s worked me up. Good advice

  • Just a suggestion. If you are planning on replacing it vs repairing, consider offering it to a TV Repair Shop or someone you know who dabbles in electronics repair. They may have the know-how & skills (as well as the willingness to dedicate their time) to repair it, which will save it from the electronics recycling bin, and they'll likely take it off your hands for free.

    Recently, my neighbour mentioned that he was replacing his TV. I asked why, was because of the same symptoms as yours, and he let me take it off his hands. Cosmetically it was in excellent condition, and after a bit of troubleshooting and forking out for a replacement board, bam, back in business, and I was able to repurpose it.

    • Great suggestion. Cosmetically ours is in perfect condition. Pity you’re not in Vic! By the way, do you have an idea of how much that repair might cost at a repairers? Could I do it myself (no electronic experience)? I’m all for making goods last as long as possible; don’t need the latest & greatest

      • YMMV. Try googling for any nearby TV Repair centres. If you find one or more, give them a call, provide the model & describe the fault over the phone. They may have a good idea of what the fault could be & provide an estimate over the phone, or they may ask for you to bring it in for them to inspect. If they do suggest for you to bring it in, confirm whether there is a diagnostic fee, as this may be the make or break between it being financially viable to repair or not.
        Free inspection & quote is ideal, as you know what cost you're up for & you can weigh up your options. This is where it might pay to ring a couple of different repair centres if nearby, as their policies & terms may differ.

  • I recently had a picture problem with my old Samsung TV. It wasnt the black screen but red and green with OK sound.
    I took the back off, disconnected the Tcom cable and cleaned it with metho before reconnecting it.
    It fixed it and its been working perfectly ever since.
    I didnt have a clue what I was doing and most of the millionaires on ozbargain told me to toss it and buy a new one but a couple of people pointed me in the right direction. After a Youtube video it was easy.
    It might be worth a try.
    My TV was older so will be a different model.