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Samsung 48" FHD 100hz Smart TV UA48J6200 for $799 (RRP $1399) @ Harvey Norman (Pickup)


I've been tracking this TV all week and just confirmed the price with Harvey Norman. It was already on offer for $995 earlier (and still is at Good Guys) but looks like Harvey's got a flash sale of $799 for this weekend only.

The same TV is being offered by Good Guys and JBHifi also so I'm sure you could price match there. This is cheaper than the current Bing Lee and Exeltek offers too!

Oh and the TV is great as per the reviews. Full model number is UA48J6200AWXXY. It equates to the J6300 US model if you want to look it up on Rtings.

Edit: offer available online too, but with shipping extra.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • Nice first post Op and great research.

  • Damn this is an awesome deal, I got this TV for 1200!!! It's a great TV.

    • Second this guy. Solid tv, great picture. Only negatives i have is it start up straight away, but takes a while before you can change channels, volume, source or anything. Just takes a couple of mins to warm up so to speak. But this seems to be the normal now. Noticed new LG and Panasonic tvs do the same.
      Also there is often a little menu lag when browsing USB HDD, not massive, just a little lag.
      They arent big negatives at all, and easy to deal with, just a slight annoyances on an otherwise perfect tv.
      Definitely recommend.

      • totally agree

      • Hi since your are using this TV, this is valuable first hand experience. What do you mean by saying "seems to be the normal now" if I may ask? There is another mate down the page commenting that it'd take 10secs before you can change channel or reduce volume - that sounds like a deal breaker to me. Does it still do that? Or you update some firmware and it doesn't do it anymore?

        • It still does it, htink it always will. Tried turning off 'instant on' and disabling smart hub from opening on boot but still have that 30 secs or so at the start where you cant change channel, volume, input (anything) until it catches up to itself.
          By this seems to be the norm now, i mean majority of new tvs i have used have all done this. Happens with a new UHD lg i was using this morning, and a new Panasonic i was using this arvo. So probably will just have to suck it up.
          Just would be nice to have an option to have it just sit on a samsung logo and not fully turn on until its ready for use. But like i said, very small annoyance for an otherwise great tv (i love it). You get used to it aswell and get used to turning down the volume before turning it off etc.

        • @tekkrohnz: thanks heaps mate!

      • to warm up so to speak

        Boot up. As in pooters bootin' up.

    • Is the sound good? Lot of TV's these days which make sound bars a requirement 😐

      • its not great. I bought some microlab 6Cs to go with mine and thats worked great.

        • Could you comment on that "takes 10sec before you can change channel or reduce volume" experience? I was about to place order and then found this deal breaker..

        • Don't worry about it. It's the OS booting up. All TVs are powered by computers these days, so they can't just boot up instantly. You'll get used to it, it's not bad.

  • Nice. is 48inch too small for living room? (of course it's personal preference but I'm looking for others input)

  • I paid less than this a few months ago from jb hifi. Great tv no complaints.

  • Why is there a zinger burger on the TV?

  • +2 votes

    Isn't this cheaper with Bing Lee via 15% ebay coupon?

    • Bing Lee Ebay only offers free click and collect or in store pickup. Here is what I have when I keyed in my postal code "There are no stores near you that carry this item. Please try a different postcode or address."

      • Only if near a BL. None in Vic.

      • I wanted to buy a westinghouse rangehood & i am near 2 bing lee stores in albury & wodonga & i got the same message plus we don't deliver to that area ,apparently i can only do click & collect at sydney store ,unless i am doing something wrong

    • I believe you are correct.

  • That was the same model that Costco had for $590 by error a few months ago - a few lucky punters picked one up before they corrected the price.

  • Are HN still doing $25 discount on sign up to newsletter?

  • Any current HN coupons?


      Picked one up yesterday from Chadstone VIC store and they gave me a $50 coupon, i think it was because its a very energy efficient TV.
      They also gave me 4 additional years of HN warranty for $90, this is added to the existing 1 year manufacturer warranty. Original warranty price was over $300 but they discounted it heaps because the TV itself had a big discount i think he said. HN warranty is new for old also.

      So basically upgrade to 5 year warranty for $40 if you take the voucher into consideration. Very happy with the TV and the deal

  • Do Samsung TV read .mkv files via direct input of USB? I know panasonic tv do as I have one.

  • Not a great TV, very slow processing anything
    There is no mobile control app like the LG.. I am going to sell mine and go back to LG
    When you turn it on you cant reduce the sounds or change channel for about 10 seconds, sometimes the TV just doesnt want to respond but you can see the red light flashing

  • Hard to up-vote when it was cheaper in the past

  • Good price, but I'm pretty sure this is NOT a 100Hz TV. Samsung's "Motion Rate" is not the same as refresh rate, it's typically double the refresh rate from what I can tell which would make this a 50Hz TV.

    @Ricey79 is right about it being slow. But I'm happy enough with it and this is way cheaper than when I got mine!

  • Didnt Costco sell this for $590?

  • Does this have a downloadable Plex app ? Thanks

  • Ok to fix on extendable tv wall mount?

  • could someone tell me if this tv is a true 100hz tv, or whether it is still 50hz due to their motion rate branding?

  • Just got one from harvey norman Chadstone, was looking for a 48 inches samsung TV for a while, thx. fit everything I need.

  • Is the web browsing seemless and reliable? For example watching tv shows through the channel 10, 9 and 7 apps?

  • Bought it today for 719 AUD from Harvey Norman.

  • Getting an error stating 'This product is currently out of stock.'

  • You get an $80 gift card. Stock is getting limited. OZbargained!

  • +1 vote

    Just bought one from Chadstone (Vic). Only four left now. Got the $80 gift card too :-)
    Is going to be sad to say goodbye to the faithful 1998 Panasonic now though!

    • Hi Hen

      I brought one from Chadstone yesterday and did not receive a gift card, could you tell me how did you get one?


      • Store I called said you got one. Not sure if its all stores.

      • Not sure really. I bought instore rather than online, don't know whether that made a difference. I did spend some time umming and arring before committing. Didn't get to hear about the gift card until quite a way into the longish discussion. There was a tiny sticker on the display tv I noticed afterwards. I hope you can claim yours in retrospect.

        • Thanks, I will go to talk to them tomorrow, is the sticker on the demo TV?

        • @wangchaoalan:
          Yes, I recall seeing a small sticker on the lower right corner of the demo set. Didn't take much notice of the details on it sorry.

        • @Hen: thank you Hen , I went to the Chadstone store today and state that I did not received a gift card whereas a lot of others did. Without any hesitation, the assistant gave me one $80 gift card. It should be part of the deal. For those who brought the TV and did not receive one, I suggest to go back to store and require one

  • Thanks for posting.
    Bought one for myself and one for the parents.
    They back ordered it at the same price. The $80 gift card is because they claim the VEET certificates on your behalf for purchasing an energy efficient appliance. Much like when you get solar panels.

    • Could you claim by yourself?

    • Is the gift card available at some stores only? Melbourne city Harvey Norman flat out denied there was any other bonus other than the $799 price and I asked two different salespeople.

      • I ordered mine from nunnawadding store. Perhaps just ring and ask to speak with the manager of that area.

        • Is there any sales rep on OZbargain we may ask for clarification? It does not seem fair if VEET cert. is applied on behalf of customer but the benefit remains with retailer.

  • Anyone manage to get videos to play on this TV? I just got it and have my external hard disk plugged into my router and when I try to play it on my TV it says "Please check your network connection". There's no problem with the connection since the internet is working fine and the TV can obviously find the files on my harddisk via Wifi.

    • Not too sure about this, however , why dont you plug the disk directly into the TV?

      • That's plan B - but I'd like my other devices - laptop / idevices - to access the disk as well so am hoping there is a way to get this working before resorting to direct plug in.

    • Bought this on Sat, the best option we found was to use the App with the phone on the same network (wifi switch).

      • the Samsung App? Doesn't this mean you need your videos on your phone?

        • You can stream straight from youtube or you can select media (on your phone) to present.
          Yes, in this case you would need the video on your phone (or tablet)

  • As a FYI to anyone who bought one, going to settings and making the motion flow or whatever they call it custom, turning the settings right down gets a much less artificial looking image.

    Message me or respond to this if you want details on the settings.

  • If you back ordered:

    Have you been notified to pick it up yet?
    The salesman(Nunnawadding) told me a delivery was due Tuesday. I haven't heard anything yet.